In Cold Blood (Columbia Pictures) (1967)

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-IN COLD BLOOD IS FILM OF CAPOTE BEST-SELLER! Truman Capote's best-selling "In Cold Blood" first appeared as a series of articles in The New Yorker magazine and, shortly thereafter, was printed in a condensed version in an issue of Life magazine. The book was an immediate, spectacular best-seller when it was published as a hardcover by Random House. The critical acclaim, and the fact that it also was a Book-ofthe-Month selection, made Truman Capote's "In Cold Blood" one of the year's publishing industry giants, a book that is still in sensational demand. More recently, New American Library published their Signet soft-cover edition of "In Cold Blood," to establish a record sales of more than 2!/,-million copies. More than 8,000,000 copies of "In Cold Blood" have been sold to date, and the Columbia Pictures release is expected to just about double that figure! "In Cold Blood" is now being published in paperback with covers tied-in to the film advertising, for instant identification. Local promotion of Truman Capote's "In Cold Blood" can be the most important element in your campaign on the picture! Work with the New American Library distributor in your territory (see list on the following page)! THE AUTHOR One of the nation’s most important literary figures, Truman Capote— as an author and as a personality——has been the subject of numerous magazine articles and newspaper feature stories. Local newspaper files and the public library can supply a wealth of material on the author, for special use in displays and publicity. In addition, Capote has been making network television appearances to discuss the film version of “In Cold Blood.” PUBLISHER GOES ALL-OUT! New American Library, publishers of the paperback edition of "In Cold Blood," is distributing thousands of "In Cold Blood" shelf-stack cash register displays, window streamers (above), bumper strips and rack cards (right) to their outlets throughout the country—book and department stores, drug stores, newsstands, variety stores, etc. These are available to ''In Cold Blood" showmen, in limited quantity, as long as the supply lasts, by writing direct to: Exploitation Department, Columbia Pictures Corp. 711 5th Ave., New York, N. Y. 10022 New American Library and Columbia have also coordinated their forces for unique exposure on radio and TV. Specially written scripts were supplied to approximately 100 morning and afternoon women's radio and TV programs in major territories and the publishers donated copies of the paperback to these outlets to stimulate discussion. New American Library has prepared a one-minute radio spot for the New York, Los Angeles and Chicago areas, scheduled for prime time announcements next to special interest shows, such as women's programs, sports and news segments and has made its editors available to radio and video shows for discussions and interviews on both the film and the book. In addition, more than 1,000,000 New American Library paperbacks of various kinds, printed and distributed in January, carried half-page ads on their back covers for "In Cold Blood"'—book and film! The company also plans to negotiate, on a local area basis, for truckside theatre playdate banners. Note the manner in which the Cinema I, in New York, used the imprint space on the window streamer (top). Rack card, directly above, can also be used as a counter card or window display item simply by scissoring-off the triangular section below the dotted line. YOUR RADIO/TELEVISION PACKAGE! TV FEATURETTE! [6mm version of the sensational regular theatre trailer! As arresting on the home screen as it is on your advance screen! Television featurette shows how writer-director Richard Brooks brought the film to life, with a realism that has won him world acclaim! Order Television Featurette Direct from: Columbia Pictures Exploitation Department New York, N. Y. 10022 TV TRAILERS! 711 Fifth Avenue For use only in advance of opening! | One 60-second (A), two 20-second (1 and 2), two 10-second spots (X and Y)—keyed to the Truman Capote best-seller and its powerful adaptation to the screen by Richard Brooks! RADIO Three kinds, all on a single disc! M Review spots. television star! SPOTS M Narrated by Ken Banghart, with the excitement that nationally-famed news commentator brings to his broadcasting! M Narrated by Betsy Palmer, stage, screen and The Betsy Palmer radio spots are intended for use alongside of daytime women's shows. The Ken Banghart spots and the Review Spots should be alternated on the balance of all radio programming around "In Cold Blood." For use before and after opening! H Two 60-second (D and E), two 20-second spots (3 and 4.)— concentrating on the review quotes! Of these, one 60-second (D), and one 20-second (4) spot uses a female narrator for special ae ; Order Radio Spots from National Screen Service use on television programs aimed at women! Trailers Come in Two Packages; Be Sure to Obtain Both! Order Television Trailers from National Screen Service! SALAS A TLE a a Se aS ea Sv eS ASI SRT SSE SR CHRO RET Page 7