Landrush (Columbia Pictures) (1946)

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(Reader) FILM’S HEROINE ENJOYS BRAWL It is the usual practice to leave a scene for the last in which a fight occurs in the movie so that when the set is wrecked, it really is wrecked! However, the set was not the only matter director Vernon Keays had in mind recently when he left the wrecking of the town newspaper in “Landrush,” new Columbia Western starring Charles Starrett and Smiley Burnette at the ............ Theatre, for the last shot of the day. Keays was also thinking of Doris Houck, the feminine lead, and her elaborate coiffure. Doris obeyed orders until the “take” and then Bud Geary, the heavy, found himself in the middle of a miniature World War. When it was over, not only “the newspaper office was wrecked but Doris’ beautiful coiffure was utterly ruined, and Geary was much the worse for wear. “Gosh.— exclaimed Doris, “that was fun!” “What a sense of humor!” lamented Geary. Thrills Recaptured One of the most thrilling moments in the settling of the West, ‘the opening of-new ‘land to pioneering homesteaders, is excitingly recreated in “Landrush,” the new Columbia Western playing at the ........ Theatre with Charles Starrett and Smiley Burnette co-starred. _ CHARLES STARRETTSMILEY BURNETTE 5 s THE DURANGO KID |. THE WEST’S No. 1 COMIC LANDRUSH with DORIS HOUCK OZIE WATERS AND HIS COLORADO RANGERS Original story and screenplay by Michael Simmons Produced by COLBERT CLARK A COLUMBIA PICTURE LANDRUSH Mat 2-A Desperado Bud Geary (left) is relieved of some ill-gotten gains at the point of a gun by Charles Starrett, backed by Smiley Burnette, in a scene from "Landrush," Columbia's ‘Durango Kid' film at the Theatre. (Review) Durango, Smiley Have Rousing Adventure In ‘Landrush,’ Tuneful New Western Hit The Durango Kid and Smiley corral a herd of land-grabbing renegades and a screenful of laughs and songs in their new picture, Columbia’s “Landrush,” which opened yesterday at the neko a. Theatre. CAST Steve Harmon (The Durango Kid) .... CHARLES STARRETT Smiley ........ SMILEY BURNETTE Mary Parker ............ Doris Houck Jake Parker .......... Emmett Lynn Piaweing o)¢ 70.2 35s Bud Geary Caleb Garvey .... Stephen Barclay Savketts. 27%. Robert Kortman Bile. saree George Chesebro Sheriff Collins ........ Bud Osborne Ozie Waters and His Colorado Rangers STAFF Original Story and Screenplay by Michael Simmons; Directed by Vernon Keays; Assistant Director, William O'Connor; Director of Photography, George B. Meehan, A.S.C.; Film Editor, James Sweeney; Art Direction, Charles Clague; Set Decorations, George Montgomery; Sound Engineer, Philip Faulkner; Produced by Colbert Clark. A COLUMBIA PICTURE STORY (Not for Publication) Steve Harmon (Charles Starrett) arrives in Border Plain to survey the Spur, a natural refuge for a gang of desperadoes, which is soon to be opened to homesteaders. Steve finds that the gang is , after the town's newspaper edi|| tor who has been writing against the outlaws, so wearing the guise of the Durango Kid, he kidnaps the editor, setting him up in Smiley's (Smiley Burnette) carpentry shop, where the newspaper is turned out by hand press. The day of the landrush arrives, and the outlaws start a prairie fire. While the pioneers are putting it out, the crooks claim property on the Spur. But Steve swoops down on them and then captures the outlaw leader. Steve receives the thanks of the happy homesteaders and goes off to survey new lands for the government. (Running Time: 53 minutes) Copyright 1946 Columbia Pictures Corp. Starring Charles Starrett as the Durango Kid and Smiley Burnette, the West’s No. 1 comic, “Landrush” excitingly depicts some of the most thrilling moments in the settling of our Western frontier. Doris Houck has the feminine lead, with Ozie Waters and his Colorado Rangers importantly featured in the swing sessions. All the suspense, dangers and pent-up tension of that last minute before the mad dash for possession of new land have been recreated for movie audiences. In addition, the downto-earth humor and love for music of the hardy pioneers have also been recaptured. “Landrush” easily ranks as one of the most entertaining films in this popular “Durango Kid” series. Vernon Keays directed. Songwriter Smiley A very prolific songwriter, comic Smiley Burnette may be inspired by almost anything that happens, as he proved one day during the production of “Landrush,” new Columbia Western co-starring Charles Starrett and Smiley at the .......... Theatre. Director Vernon Keays pretended to be angry with Smiley for reporting back to the set late after a break in the shooting for lunch. -Within a few minutes, Smiley composed a song entitled “Don’t Be Mad at Me!” Directed by VERNON KEAYS (General Advance) Landrush,’ New Durango Kid’ Western, Stars Charles Starrett, Smiley Burnette The latest adventure of the screen's. top. action and fun team, Charles Starrett and Smiley Burnette, is coming to the Theatre when ‘‘Landrush” opens there on Advance reports on this new Western say that it recaptures for film fans all the excitement and pulse-pounding daring of the turbulent frontier days. The story of “Landrush” has Charles Starrett in the role of a government agent sent out to survey a parcel of land which is soon to be opened to homesteaders. He finds that a gang of desperadoes has taken unlawful possession of the territory, (Opening Notice) ‘Landrush’ Western Opens Locally Soon Land-grabbing renegades shoot the works, but they can’t stop Charles (Durango Kid) Starrett and Smiley Burnette, his comical pal, in Columbia’s “Landrush,” coming to the °....... Theatre on Doris Houck is the lovely heroine, while Ozie Waters and his Colorado Rangers sing out with Western ballads. Vernon Keays directed Michael Simmons’ original story and screenplay. (Reader) Star’s Door Knocker Once Was Horseshoe The door knocker at the home of Charles Starrett, the Western star, is a horseshoe, which once adorned the hoof of his famous movie steed, Raider. Starrett, currently appearing with Smiley Burnette in Columbia’s “Landrush,” which is now at the Theatre, had the old horseshoe silver-plated and mounted in the form of a knocker. He has two other of Raider’s horseshoes serving as bookends in his den. Durango Defies Law che “Durango. 2Kid=: Robin Hood of the range, turns kidnapper in his latest screen adventure, “Landrush,” currently playing at the Theatre! But have no fear, you followers of this stalwart Western hero. The Kid, portrayed by Charles Starrett, merely performs this act to save a courageous newspaper editor from the vengeance of enraged outlaws. Smiley Burnette stars with Starrett in the exciting film. threatening the incoming pioneers with robbery and murder if they persist in settling down there. Changing to his disguise as the Durango Kid, and aided by his pal, Smiley, Starrett breaks up the outlaw gang, uncovering at the same time the identity of its secret leader. Lovely Doris Houck is the heroine, and Ozie Waters and his Colorado Rangers harmonize for the musical portions of the film. Vernon Keays directed from the original story and screenplay which were written by Michael Simmons. Colbert Clark produced. (Reader) Sings Dentist Song, Gets Real Toothache Realism is the goal of every actor, but to Smiley Burnette, currently appearing with Charles Starrett in the Columbia Western, “Landrush,” now playing Ak thers. Theatre, it is just a pain in the neck, or rather the jaw. One day during the production of “Landrush,” Smiley was singing: his own tune, “Dentist Song” and picturing the agonies suffered in the dentist chair, when suddenly he stopped. “Ouch,” groaned the rotund comedian slapping his hand to his jaw, “Wow! I really have a toothache.” The scene was stopped and Smiley had his paining molar doctored! Starrett-Burnette Mat I-A Charles Starrett and Smiley Burnette, stars of Columbia Pictures’ “Landrush," newest of the ‘Durango Kid" Westerns now playing at the ............ Theatre.