Luv (Columbia Pictures) (1967)

Record Details:

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Ce Ad No. 404—288 Lines —4 Cols. x 5!/g Inches Also Available as Ad No. 501—455 Lines —5 Cols. x 6!/5 Inches LUV’ THOSE TEASER ADS! BW: Al RORIONY TIONG FROM @ovumeia Ad No. 101—51 Lines | Col. x 35% Inches Page 2 ata] hhilaricas Rage suceass araglks wp sareen COLUMBIA PICTURES Presents aJACK EMMON IN A MARTIN MANULIS PRODUCTION wy Starring BIER EIA'NE FAL + MAY NINA WAYNE aw EDDIE MAYEHOFF Screenplay by ELLIOTT BAKER Based on the play by MURRAY SCHISGAL Produced on the stage by CLAIRE NICHTERN Music by GERRY MULLIGAN Executive Producer GORDON CARROLL Produced ty MARTIN MANULIS Directed by CLIVE DONNER Filmed by PANAVISION® Color by EASTMAN COLOR €E('> Suggested For Mature Audiences ] q@ From the hilarious success that cracked up Broadway! JACK LEMMON's Be Sure To Substitute Correct Date In Ad Nos. 109 and 110 wJACK LEMMON RIER FAL Ad No. |10—51 Lines | Col. x 35% Inches AROUND : THE CORNER 6 TRY ANB thewniel MARE Org mie ‘ July 26 FROM @orumeia Ad No. 109—64 Lines | Col. x 4!/, Inches Ad No. 102—51 Lines | Col. x 35% Inches Ad No. 103—51 Lines | Col. x 35% Inches