Luv (Columbia Pictures) (1967)

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‘LUV’-DAY! An important objective of your advance promotion campaign should be to establish in the minds of the public that the opening day of the picture is "Luv-Day," with a variety of stunts reminding them of it! e At least a week in advance, spot placards in store windows, on fences, walls, etc., your boxoffice window and in your lobby, bearing copy: "Only 7 Days Till ‘Luv-Day!' " The large numeral on the signs are, of course, to be changed each day with final copy reading: “'Today is 'Luy-Day!'"' e Print the complete calendar month in which your playdate falls on throwaways with "'Luy-Day"’ (imprinted in red) substituted for the date on your opening day. Imprint credits at the bottom and distribute generally. e Your cashier should answer all phone calls with the message: ‘Only 7 Days Till ‘Luy-Day!'"' e Spot teaser ads in your newspapers indicating the specific number of days to "Luy-Day," and snipe all posters. e Have an attractive girl carry a poster around town bearing the ‘“Luv-Day"' copy, with the number changed daily. e Have a deejay tell listeners that guest tickets will be sent to those answering the phone by saying: "It's Only 7 Days Till "Luy-Day'!"" Theatre manager dials numbers at random. e Ask the Mayor to proclaim your opening day as city's official ''Luy-Day." <—ee Ree Eee ‘Luv’ That Logo! The title treatment, slightly adapted as shown here, can be used in an attention-getting stunt, worked with the co-operation of a local photographer. Simply build up, from plywood and compo-board, the letters of the title as shown, and invite couples to be photographed sitting on the letter “U’”—naturally, facing the camera! Photography might take place in a park or other cleared area, in which case amateur photographers might also be invited to make use of the unique photographic opportunity, or the stunt might be worked in theatre lobby. a ns ‘Luv’ That Title! It's "Luv," "Luv," "Luv' and never let 'em forget it! Start well in advance to get maximum exposure for the picture title with promotions that have every potential patron in your situation thinking "Luv," talking "Luv" and then enjoying "Luv!" It's a novel title and offers many opportunities for basic, down-to-earth exploitation: e Send three pretty bally girls through town, each carrying one of the title letters on a placard. e Make a stencil of the three letters and air-brush on streets of prominent crossings around town. Write the title in chalk on posts, poles, fences, etc. e Spot a classified ad in your paper: "'LUV'—If You Have Ever Been In, Are In, or Hope to Be in 'Luv,' See 'Luv' State Theatre." e Arrange with disc jockeys for a series of special broadcasts, devoted to songs with the word "love" in their titles, and dedicated to the motion picture "Luv." If this isn't feasible, then the routine playing of such songs on their programs could be accompanied by picture plugs. e Work with public library officials on special displays of books, along the same line—volumes with word "love" in the title — or on displays of books of plays, including the newly-published Signet paperback described elsewhere in this pressbook. Arrange for distribution by the library branches, and in bookstores, of a bookmark printed locally from an ad mat. e Use an ad mat to print your message on table tents, napkins, coasters, etc., in local restaurants. e Work with soda shop or drug store chain on a “Luv Sundae," whose ingredients are as involved as the counterman—and the price—might warrant. Main idea, of course, is that the "Luv Sundae" is too much for one person, just right for two... and with its purchase goes guest tickets to the film from the co-operating store (which buys the tickets in quantity, from you!) e Through arrangement with the proper authorities, change the name of the street your theatre is on, to "Luv" Street, for the duration of the playdate .. . and a newspaper publicity photo! e Work the always-effective contest in which radio listeners send in postcards with the word "Luv" written as often as possible. Entrants should note on the front of the card their count of the total number, for easier judging. The title is a natural for stores of all kinds. Advertising copy for newspapers and windows should feature copy: "You'll Fall in 'LUV' With Our Fashions," "It Will Be LUV at First Sight With a Ford," "LUY, Honor and Bring Your LUV Here for Dinner," etc. e Cut out of compo board large capitols of the letters L, U and V. Paint in brilliant colors and have three girls carry them around town, stopping at busy corners to "rest." e These same letters, or the title treatment with the cartoon figures, can be blown up, cut out, mounted and painted for use atop your theatre marquee. (1) 16mm and Television Featurette! (2) Regular Trailer! (3) Television Spots! It's called ''Labors of Luv," and it shows what Jack Lemmon, Elaine May and Peter Falk went through to make "Luv" on New York's Manhattan Bridge, at Niagara Falls and elsewhere! Funny? Sure! But so is "Luv!"' This featurette is available in 16mm for television showing. In color, of course! Your own audiences are your best r audiences for a picture like "Luv," and Et em S$ this National Screen trailer is the best © ce way to reach ‘em! Use it through sev \ | eral show changes; it rates its own Fun of Luv \ applause. Television spots that viewers can enjoy throughout the broadcast day, these "Luv" TV trailers — in color — should be planted to reach every type of at-home audience! They're fast and funny, and can become word-of-mouth favorites on their own, just as the film is sure to be! Order from National Screen. Page 10