Luv (Columbia Pictures) (1967)

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Lemmons In ‘Luv!’ Jack Lemmon, considered the finest portrayer of character comedy on the screen today, stars in "'Luv'' as a man who is a complete failure; he has never been able to persuade a girl to love him and, for that matter, has never even been able to hold a job. The role is vastly different from the brash, woman-chasing naval ensign he played in ''Mr. Roberts," for which he won an Academy Award. Lemmon also has been nominated for Academy Awards, for his performances in ''Days of Wine and Roses," "Some Like It Hot'' and "The Apartment." Along the lines of "'Lemmon's in ‘Luv!’ '' work the following: e A lobby or out-front still display of feminine stars of previous Jack Lemmon films (obtained from your own files, newspapers and National Screen Service), along with stills of Elaine May and Nina Wayne. Key line would be "Look Who Lemmon's in ‘Luv’ With Now." e Same display might be used in a contest, with advance patrons naming the Jack Lemmon films in which the feminine stars appeared. @ Elaine May's a brunette, Nina Wayne's a blonde. A "'blonde or brunette" controversy might be sparked by a disc jockey, newspaper or theatre write-in contest: "Jack Lemmon's in ‘Luv’ With a Brunette and a Blonde. Which Would You Choose, and Why?" Radio/TV discussions—with blondes, brunettes . . ELAINE MAY With Mike Nichols, now the famous stage and screen director, Elaine May won tremendous comedy fame on national television, on the radio, in night clubs and on Broadway. The team of Nichols and May also made bestselling comedy albums, and they might be revived by local disc jockeys with plugs for the picture. Nichols, incidentally, directed "Luv" when the Murray Schisgal play opened to triumphant critical and audience acclaim on Broadway. . and men! PETER FALK Peter Falk has won Academy Award nominations for his performances in "Murder, Inc." and ''Pocketful of Miracles'’ and he was Jack Lemmon's partner-in-skulduggery in ‘The Great Race." A winner of television's Emmy, Falk recently starred in the popular series, "Trials of O'Brien," as a fast talking lawyer with divorce troubles of his own. Check local television; if "Trials of O'Brien'' is being rerun in your territory, arrange for co-operative promotion of the star. ‘Luv’ the Book! "Luv" is one of three Murray Schisgal plays published by New American Library as a Signet Book for national distribution with the picture's release. The publisher's representatives across the country have been alerted to the release of "Luv" and will cooperate fully with showmen in promoting local engagements. Contact the New American jobbers and distributors in your area as early as possible in your campaign and work the following: e Provide the distributor with wrap arounds or credit cards plugging your playdate of the picture. e Tear pages out of a book, rubber stamp them with credits in red and distribute as advance teasers. Page numbers could also be used as a "lucky number" stunt, with guest tickets as prizes. e Have distributor provide copies of the book for presentation to critics and local VIP's and as contest prizes. e Have distributor provide copies of the book for presentation to critics and local VIP's and as contest prizes. e Use a one-column ad from the pressbook for a book mark and distribute via libraries, slip sheeted in magazines, etc. e Make photostat enlargements of pages of the book and attach ribbons leading to stills from the picture illustrating the described cation. e Arrange for a drama critic to review the printed play, and the film. Front cover of this new Signet Book is devoted (as shown here) to "Luv." Back cover emphasis is on two other Schisgal plays, which also are being made into a Columbia film, to be known as "The Tiger Makes Out." A SIGNET BOOK * T3219 + 75¢ MURRAY SCHISGAL KkKKKKK A smash new movie starring KA KKKK JACK LEMMON, PETER FALK and ELAINE MAY *kkAKKA triple triumph includingxXxk*k** THE TYPISTS and THE TIGER WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY WALTER KERR A SIGNET BOOK: COMPLETE AND UNABRIDGED HONEYMOONERS In "Luv," Jack Lemmon and Elaine May honeymoon at Niagara Falls. Still Nos. 22 (shown on publicity page as Mat No. 3A), 23 and 24 are scenes from the film at this location. Plant 'em with travel agencies, at transportation terminals, in hotel lobbies, etc. In addition, perhaps you can locate some local couples who honeymooned at Niagara Falls and have photographs and other souvenirs for lobby display? Or offer guest tickets to all couples who are wed the week before, or during, your engagement of ‘Luv’? Panel Talk The film’s title, “Luv,” is used by the play’s author as a protest against today’s misuse and commercialization of the real word “love,” to the point where it is now less of an emotion than it is a commodity. Play up this angle via a discussion program, on a local radio station, with a panel of educators, marriage relations experts, etc., during which they discuss how people demean the word and meaning of ‘love’ in their relations with each other, through divorce, etc. The film itself is a happy exposure of the lunacy that may sometimes be found in modern life, and love. ‘LUV’ THE PLAY! "Luv," the long-running, hit Broadway stage play by Murray Schisgal, has been translated into nineteen different languages and presented on the stages of 26 foreign countries. It received practically unanimous praise from critics and is still being played by stock companies across the country. Go after high school and college drama and writing groups in your town, playgoers' associations and others interested in what generally is referred to as ‘'the Theatre." e If “Luv was performed in your town, write to the mailing list of the producing company or group and, simultaneously, arrange for a special lobby display show ing localites as they appeared in the play, along with similar scenes from the film, with Lemmon, Falk and Miss May. If the play was presented by a college group, the school newspaper might be interested and film. e Print, locally, a simulated theatre ticket, with a line like: "Broadway's LongRun Hit, Now Ourtown's Happiest Comedy." Distribute at and away-from theatre, slip under windshield wipers in shopping center an dother parking lots. TENNIS, ANYONE? Let your local tennis enthusiasts take part in your promotion campaign for "Luv!" The word "'Love' is used in the game to keep score and the picture title will have significance to all players. Try for these: e Make up a rubber stamp and imprint tennis balls with the word "Luv" for gratis supply to players at local courts. e Hold a local "Luv" tennis tournament, with prizes to those players who win "Luv" games during the competition. e In a contest, award promoted tennis merchandise to those who can hit a tennis ball furthest with their rackets. Of course the balls used should have ‘'Luv' credits rubber-stamped on them. e Any romances on local courts that ended in marriages? Check clubs in town and invite as guests those who fell in ‘Luv’ while playing tennis. e Arrange for street bally, dressed like Jack Lemmon, to visit local tennis courts; sign on his back carries full credits. e Would sports good stores tie-up with you on basis of title, and their "tennis merchandise? Try it! Page ||