Luv (Columbia Pictures) (1967)

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Mat IE; Still No. 19 It's "Luv!" And it's Jack Lemmon and Elaine May honeymooning in the new Columbia Pictures comedy release in Panavision and Eastman color. Also starred are Peter Falk, as Miss May's first and future husband; Nina Wayne, as the girl both Lemmon and Falk fall in love with, and Eddie Mayehoff as the divorce lawyer who tries to handle property settlements. COLUMN ITEMS Martin Manulis, who gave Jack Lemmon an opportunity to display his talent as a dramatic actor in “Days of Wine and Roses,” is re-united with the star in his production, “Luv,” the Columbia Pictures release in Panavision and Eastman color. Lemmon, as the pathetic alcoholic, won an Academy Award nomination as best actor. In “Luv,’”’ Lemmon plays another pathetic character, a complete bungler. “Luv” is a comedy and Lemmon’s performance as the fey-like character has already put him in the Academy Award limelight. **k * * Tall, statuesque American beauty Nina Wayne, one of Jack Lemmon’s co-stars in the Martin Manulis production of “Luv,” the screen comedy based on Murray Schisgal’s smash Broadway hit, always surprises people she meets for the first time. Miss Wayne, who plays her second screen role in the Columbia Pictures release in Panavision and Eastman color, confounds people when, at first meeting, they hear her tiny, little girl’s voice. Nina’s trim, lissome figure is ideally suited to hen part in “Luv,” that of a gym instructor. * * oe Clive Donner, the English director responsible for “What’s New, Pussycat?” makes his Hollywood directorial debut with “Luv,” the Martin Manulis production for Columbia Pictures release starring Jack Lemmon. “Luv,” which was filmed in Panavision and Eastman color, is Donner’s second Columbia assignment. The widely-acclaimed “Nothing But the Best” also was piloted by him. * * * Murray Schisgal, the author of the Broadway smash hit, “Luv,’’ which now reaches the screen as a Columbia release in Panavision and Eastman color starring Jack Lemmon, visited the set during the filming and was presented with one of the company’s “I’m a Luv Bug” buttons. Delighted with the souvenir, he promptly asked if he could have some more. “*Of course,” Manulis replied, “how many would you like?” After scratching his head and thinking a moment, the writer replied, “About 15 hundred.” * * * With the writing of “Luv,” and its instant Broadway success, playwright Murray Schisgal became a name to reckon with in the international theatre. Since its Broadway opening in November, 1964, “Luv” has been translated into 19 different languages and presented on the stages of 26 foreign countries. Now, the smash stage hit has been brought to the screen as a starring vehicle for Jack Lemmon. It is a Martin Manulis production for Columbia Pictures release, directed by Clive Donner in Panavision and Eastman color. ok * ok Elaine May, who was Mike Nichols’ partner, now adds motion picture stardom to her other show business achievements. She co-stars with Jack Lemmon in Martin Manulis’ production of “Luv,” a Columbia Pictures release in Panavision and Eastman color. Miss May has already made her mark in the fields of screenwriting, playwrighting, stage directing and acting, both on the stage and in nightclubs, as the distaff member of the satiric comedy team of Mike Nichols and Elaine May. * * * Former baton leader Michelle Slaboda of the Los Angeles Rams band came out of retirement to teach the technique of the specialty to Jack Lemmon and Peter Falk for an imaginative band-leading sequence in a waterfront saloon in the Martin Manulis production of “Luv.” The comedy, a Columbia release in Panavision and Eastman color, is based on Murray Schisgal’s international stage success. * * * Camera hobbyist Jack Lemmon, star of Martin Manulis’ production of pale iy ae the filmization of Murray Schisgal’s Broadway Stage success, turned an expensive hobby into a profit during the shooting of the Columbia Pictures release in Panavision and Eastman color. Life magazine asked Lemmon to shoot a special photo, lay-out of Elaine May, one of his co-stars in the comedy, for an article on the actress. * * * A truly heart-rending scene accidentally was filmed for the Jack Lemmon comedy, “Luv,” a Columbia Pictures release in Eastman color and Panavision. It occurred on the second day of the Niagara Falls location. For this comedy sequence, Lemmon tests her love for him by tearing a mink coat off co-star Elaine May and tossing it into the swirling Niagara waters. The coat became separated from the wire to which it had been attached for safety, and disappeared into the rocks below. According to the film’s budget director, it was a “cheap mink” coat, and nothing to cry over. Publicly, that is! LRTI SSH TEE: CE ILE MADE AL SAREE INE AERIAL A NNER C0 Mat IF; Still No. 102 Peter Falk helps turn Elaine May glamorous in this scene from "Luv," new Columbia Pictures comedy release also starring Jack Lemmon, Nina Wayne and Eddie Mayehoff in Panavision and Eastman color. Falk and Elaine are wed, but he wants to divorce her for another girl. In "Luv," Falk has Lemmon taped as Elaine's second husband if only the two will co-operate by falling in love with each other. LERNER TES OREN ILS NR RAN TNR NRC ES THE CAST Pret eOOON oi ase ee Jack Lemmon Baie Paenile i 8 ios ic kl. aie Sige, Oe ee Peter Falk ee eee, ee, ae Elaine May Re eS ie en 0. oe Nina Wayne i itereey oOcanart 2... ea a Eddie Mayehoft ica oh ee ee Paul Hartman PP OMMACT RIG, = eco ces eat RAE. pe Severn Darden THE CREDITS Pp Ooo hacen dc, ee Martin Manulis Ln ee SS ae che Se ee, oe oe Clive Donner Re rOrNOINEbY es). <.tiele28% os AAR, Elliott Baker Based upon the play by oo... Murray Schisgal shage Pisy Froduced by oc, Claire Nichtern Director of Photography .............ececccccccces Ernest Laszlo, A.S.C. AUB cP eto Eee Ree ia IRE. 2 Gerry Mulligan Costumes Destemied boy co cienucs¥es ccc: sceossascel cea Donfeld PSIG aCe. 5 David Salven Unit Froduction Manager © -scivcccs...-.<.--.cceneserecc. cus Howard Pine DOUNG We VISCO 20 ie... ia... cas eccecse: Charles J. Rice Sound See... eee... cee William Randall, Jr., Jack Haynes Disiogue Gertie... eee eee Alan deWitt SCHph Supe weet ..:,..c:..... Sree eae... beens Betty Levin Make-up Supervision 0. Ben Lane, S.M.A Pit Seve a. et ee Virginia Jones, C.H.S. Producto Oesianet acd. tics soc Al Brenner Set Docordior 5... itor Se Frank Tuttle RCMOSIEANIONG.< 32-5. 6c ee Willis Holman DBE OIRN EMOCNS 6.0 Si. od, ee ee Geza Gaspar purr canon ee eee Harold F. Kress, A.C.E. Executive rogucor oe... ccxd. eee Gordon Carroll Color by Pathe A Martin Manulis Production Filmed in Panavision® A Columbia Pictures Release THE STORY (Not for Publication) Because nobody loves him, Harry Berlin is about to jump off Manhattan Bridge when he is stopped by Milt Manville, whom he hasn't seen since college. Harry's life has been totally ineffectual; Milt loves Linda, a gorgeous blonde gym teacher who will have nothing to do with him while he remains married to Ellen, an intellectual whom he thinks he hates. Harry meets Ellen and falls in love with her. With the help of Attorney Goodhart, Milt and Ellen are divorced. Harry weds Ellen, planning to study medicine while she supports him. Milt weds Linda, who promptly quits her own job. Realizing they still love each other, Milt and Ellen introduce Harry to Linda, hoping they will be attracted to each other. This trick fails, so Milt and Ellen arrange to throw Harry off the bridge. When, after considerable difficulty, Harry finally does land in the water, Linda dives in to save him. His body comes in contact with hers and Harry realizes true love has come to him at last. Harry, still the born loser, decides to live. Running Time: 95 Minutes OFFICIAL BILLING COLUMBIA PICTURES Present 25% JACK LEMMON 100% A MARTIN MANULIS PRODUCTION 25% LUV 100% Co-starring PETER FALK ELAINE MAY 1x NINA WAYNE « EDDIE MAYEHOFF 3s Screenplay by ELLIOTT BAKER 25% Based on the play by MURRAY SCHISGAL 25% Produced on the stage by CLAIRE NICHTERN 15% Music by GERRY MULLIGAN 25% Executive Producer GORDON CARROLL 25% Produced by MARTIN MANULIS 25% Directed by CLIVE DONNER 25% PANAVISION® EASTMAN COLOR 25% Page I5