Luv (Columbia Pictures) (1967)

Record Details:

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LUV is fun...try and make it! ACCESSORIES e 24 SHEET e SIX SHEET e THREE SHEET e ONE SHEET ae e RADIO SPOTS cae ¢ TV FEATURETTE ae e TV TRAILERS ce ¢ INSERT CARD e WINDOW CARD PRS het JACK LEMMON iV Anu nus pooueron ow. ES PETER BFAMUES | ERA! BVUALY hina wotne an cD Maret ° 22 x 28 sono v ELLIOTT BAKER ance seson MURRAY SCHISGAL siti sc GERRY MULLIGAN. nnn GORDON CARROLL sso» MARTIN MANULIS: ness CLIVE DONNER: ee —— COLOR & e SLIDE e EIGHT I! x 14's 24-SHEET + TRAILER RE A Be aa e 40x60, 24x 60, as = 24 x 82, 30x 40 LUV is fun...try and make it! » STILL SETS (Color and B/W—Color, for lobby and store displays; B/W stills for newspaper planting) Order from National Screen 6-SHEET LUV Is fun...try and make it! a COLUMBIA PICTURES Presents aS 7 <JACK IENIMON ae” NS : . IN A MARTIN MANULIS PRODUCTION cat? A Agar AY | yore Bee a cracked up . FelER EL{'NE Broadway . FAK MAY med by aia Colc EASTMAN a oJACK IENIMON From the hal ied aaa hilarious Weezy = aw coun = NER ae Fat MAY NINA WAYNE ax EDDIE MAYEHOFF [ aici BKER | MURRAY SCHIAL | CLARE. NCHTERN| GERRY MULAN CORON Saar [Ma aN MANULIS|CLIVE DOAN pele lass COLOR ED mecrrmemien] |G) 1-SHEET 3-SHEET LUW is fun... a e & 4 ATGVL ad Luv Those Selling Aids! icy make itt 16mm TELEVISION FEATURETTE shold“ nren news 5 ia See Page 16 See Page 14 TELOPS TELEVISION SPOTS Information about telops, styles and prices, Roe hae may be obtained by writing direct to: See Page 14 QQ Title Card Co., 247 46th St., Se New York, N.Y. 10036 = — THEATRE TRAILER nee NATIONAL FLAG 3 pe. Streamer, $21.50; De Luxe Sectional ing Lan y ‘Ww Valance, $2.15 per running foot—minimum tat RADIO SPOTS length, 10 Feet; Usher Badges, 50c; 9' x 12' —y FA —_ 60-Second, 30-Second, 20-Second and two Flags or Wall Banners, single-faced, $80., [NINA WAYNE «EDDIE MAYEHOFY F | euiott sien | muersy scHsca |-Second spots! double-faced, $145. CLAIRE NICH alge RY MULLI oot fs oe IVE DONNER Order from National Screen Order from National Screen aa PRINTED IN U.S. A.