Mackennas Gold (Columbia Pictures) (1969)

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COLUMBIA PICTURES PRESENTS CARL FOREMAN’S VIACKENNA'S SOLD CO-STARRING "FELLY GAVALAS ili NH MAR: (AVILA SPAR-KEENAY WIN TED CASIO 2,725 SNE LER J. COBB-RAYMOND MASSEY: BURGESS MEREDITH-ANTHONY QUAVLE-EDWARD (. ROBINSON: BLE WALLACH Directed by J. LEE THOMPSON : Screenplay by CARL FOREMAN : Based on the novel by WILL HENRY Music by QUINCY JONES [ra] MATURE audiences Produced by CARL FOREMAN and DIMITRI TIOMKIN * SUPER PANAVISION?® [iear José Feliciano sing the “MACKENNA’S GOLD” theme] Be au TECHNICOLOR®: STEREOPHONIC SOUND _ [‘Sle Turkey Buzzard” on the RCA soundtrack album and single. sta ieee oan Ad No. 503—965 Lines—5 Cols. x 1034 Inches Also Available as Comparable Ad No. 408—528 Lines—-4 Cols. x 934 Inches Also Available as Comparable Ad No. 31!—285 Lines—3 Cols. x 7 Inches Page 11