Mackennas Gold (Columbia Pictures) (1969)

Record Details:

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Ad No. 310—369 Lines (including imprint space) 3 Cols. x 834 Inches AGIANT OF AMOVIE And when you've lived the quest for Mackenna’s Gold, you've lived the entertainment saga of a lifetime! COLUMBIA PICTURES PRESENTS Grecory / O oF C a CARL FOREMAN'S. \ CO-STARRING "TELLY SAVALAS “JULIE NEWMAR CAMILLA SPARY KEENAN WYNN TED CASSIDY Wee : and THE GENTLEMEN from HADLEYBURG in alphabetical order LEC COBB RAYMOND MASSEY BURGESS MEREDITH ANTONY QUAYLE EDWARD 6. ROBINSON Ell WALLACH Directed by J.LEE THOMPSON : Screenplay by CARL FOREMAN : Based on the novel by WILL HENRY: Music by QUINCY JONES Produced by CARL FOREMAN and DIMITRI TIOMKIN * SUPER PANAVISION®TECHNICOLOR® STEREOPHONIC SOUND Hear José Feliciano sing the “MACKENNA’S GOLD” theme Suggested for MATURE audiences IG] (parental discretion advised). . “Ole Turkey Buzzard” on the RCA soundtrack album and single.| @OOSS99O999099999% Ad No. 212—202 Lines 2 Cols. x 714, Inches Also Available As Comparable Ad No. 21 1—172 Lines 2 Cols. x 6!/g Inches 19 009999909090990009. MOVIE ; © OOOOOOOOOHOOOOS! : Ad No. 213—82 Lines PICTURES 2 Cols x 3 Inches OOOOOOHOOOOOOO OS! TECHNICOLOR® STEREOPHONIC SOUND ED [M] se’ Grecory Peck /(QMAR SHARIF CARL FOREMAN'S Sar JMACKENNAS GOLD 2 Page 13