Mackennas Gold (Columbia Pictures) (1969)

Record Details:

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Quincy Jones’ exciting musical score for ''Mackenna's Gold" is available on a soundtrack album recorded and distributed nationally by RCA Records. The song, ''Ole Turkey Buzzard,'' sung by Jose Feliciano on the film's soundtrack, is included in the album and has also been recorded by RCA Victor as a single. Contact record company's representative for cooperation in mutually beneficial promotions. Soundtrack Album <> | e Provide a credit placard, posters, art and scene stills on the picture for every record sales outlet. e Have all record outlets participate in a co-op advertising campaign in newspapers, via throwaways, etc., ad-lined ''Hear the Music, See the Picture." e Plant records on all juke boxes in town with theatre and picture mentions on sticker labels on the machines. e Arrange for "'Mackenna's Gold" albums as prizes in newspaper, radio and theatre contests. e Display the records in the foyer and play the music on your pa system in advance. RCA RECORD DISTRIBUTORS RTA Distributors, Inc., 991 Broadway. ...........::ccssssscsssseseseeccescnevsseseesseeeereenss Albany, N. Y. 12204 RCA Distributing Corp., 1500 Marietta Blvd.. No We cee Atlanta, Ga. 30302 Interstate Distributing Company, 457 Daniels ...0.0..0000 ee >. eee Billings, Mont. 59102 Eastco, Inc.,.620° Memorial Drive: .s::...:.:..9:..h-e eee ae ee Cambridge, Mass. 02139 Southern Radio Corp., !625 W. Morehead St. oo... oc ccceeceettcteceees Charlotte, N. C. 28208 D & H Distributing Co., 2500 Schuster Dr. oo... ccceeeeeeenenees Vie Cheverly, Md. 20781 Ohio Appliances, Inc., 7624 Reinhold Drive oo... cette Cincinnati, Ohio 45237 Main Line Cleveland, Inc., 1260 East 38th Sto oooc.cccccecceceeeeeeeeeeee Cleveland, Ohio 44114 Adleta Company, Inc., 1914 Cedar Springs Ave. oo. ......ccccecccceseesstetseseeeeees Dallas, Texas 75201 GALECTRON# 460" Talberh “Aves <5 a..dls... cess teat ee Daly City, Calif. 94014 Ward=Teny: &(CompanyiceBox. 869 6 ::02:-chce ar eee Denver, Colo. 80201 RCA-Victor Dist. Corp., 424 E. Howard St. oo... Die. 3c Des Plaines, III. 60018 Sea Coast Appliance Distributors, P. O. Box 546 0. oo. .cccceccececeetenteees Hialeah, Fla. 33011 Radio-TV Corp., RCA Record Dept. 432 Keawe St. oo... Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 Art Jones & Company, incs. Ps-©:.Box, 27°. . 32 se ee ee Houston, Texas 77001 Associated Distributors, Inc., 210 S. Meridian St. oo... ccc. Indianapolis, Ind. 46225 McGlung Appliances, P@. Box 3266.0 2.2. .t ee ee Knoxville, Tenn. 37917 RCA ‘Distributing ‘Gorp:, 6051) Telegraph Rdt.-22 21-42 Los Angeles, Calif. 90022 McDonald Brothers Company, Inc., 994 South Bellevue ooo... Memphis, Tenn. 38102 Taylor Electric Co., 4080 No. Port Washington Rd. ooo. Milwaukee, Wis. 53212 FleilicheruBros...Inc:,, 7600. WayzatouBIVd nrcsn cot cee Minneapolis, Minn. 55426 Krich--New Jersey, Inc. 428 Elizabeth Ave.™ ...:..6..0...-..cccc0csceeced crsssoccnen Newark, N. J. 07112 McDonald Sales Corp., 5500 Jefferson Highway .............. ef pie ee ER Ane Re New Orleans, La. 70123 Bruno '-' New. York, linc.,.460° West 34th Stii.2).0ee ot dee New York, N. Y. 10001 Dulaney:s, HOORN:We 44theSt.o8...0..02 buen Bed ve Wastes Oklahoma City, Okla. 73118 Sidless@ompany,, 7 S0ZeRacitcg Sho mrte Wen whoree ek a ne ene ne eee pees Omaha, Neb. 68114 Raymond Rosen & Co., Inc., 5ist St. & Parkside Ave. ..... ... Rn ere cey tien Philadelphia, Pa. 19131 Hamburg Brothers, Inc., Office Building, 24th & A.V.R.R. oo, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15222 Comimencial Wisthibutors; 00 Diamond iste ss oe eee Portland, Me. 04101 Interstate Supply Co., Record Division, 2218 S. Jefferson St. ................ St. Louis, Mo. 63104 Huish Distributing Co., 2525 S. 8th W, P. O. Box 15038 20.0.0... Salt Lake City, Utah 84115 Fidelity Northwest, Inc., 5301 Shilshole Ave. .0.....0.cccccccccccceeseeeees Seattle, Wash. 98107 RCA Distributing Corp., Old Santa Fe Trail, 102 St. 0. Shawnee Mission, Kans. 66215 Morris Distributing Co., 1153 W. Fayette St. oo. ete tek em Syracuse, N. Y. 13201 RGA® Distninuting Corpey 2700 mrolioyIDrivielis.. 0060s ec eee Taylor, Mich. 48180 oorte ISIC FROM THE SCORE OF THE MOTION PICTURE VICTOR Gre REM COMPOSED AND CONDUCTED BY QUINCY 3 [ SELIG the Vivid Artistry oe = | soseFELICIANO __| SLE SM RES 4 PRESENTS Jose Feliciano One of the most versatile and popular of today's singers, Feliciano's recordings permit a special ''Mackenna's Gold" air show featuring his recordings, with appropriate picture credits and a reprise of his Ole Turkey Buzzard." Record and music stores could advertise and window-display Feliciano's albums and singles, with stills and posters for the film. A listing of Feliciano's RCA recordings appears below. ALBUMS SINGLES LSP-3581 "Fantastic Feliciano” 47-9714 "My World Is Empty LSP-4045 "Souled" Witieay vou “Hey! Baby” LSP-3957 "Feliciano" a 47-9665 "The Star Spangled Banner" LSP-5303 "A Bag Full of Soul'' "And | Love Her’ (Folk, Rock and Blues) 47-9641 "Hitchcock Railway" LSP-3358 "'The Voice and Guitar of "Hi-Heel Sneakers" Jose Feliciano" 47-9550.."'California Dreamin’ '' oe "Light My Fire’ 47-9739 "Ole Turkey Buzzard" "Marley Purt Drive’ "Mackenna's Gold" soundtrack composer Quincy Jones explains how he worked to meet the various moods of the film, musically, ai "Ole Turkey Featurette i Department 71i Sth Ave ‘Feliciano—Quincy Jones’ Bersoie Tie-Up! Pictured here is Still No. Fashion 4, with Camilla Sparv modelling the Bersoie Western-style vest. This still is available from National Screen Service for window and counter display and fashion page use. Additional information may be obtained by writing direct to: Jack Berizzi, Bersoie, 5&6 West 57th Street, New York, N. Y. kenna's Gold." Page 14 ‘MACK The Indian map drawn on parchmer his band of cutthroats to the hidden Art 2, available at National Screen S on cardboard, tint with transparent e Post on a large lobby board, with ribbons from guide points on the map leading to scene stills from the picture, such as: Peyote Rocks, (Still No. 110); Sugar Loaf Rock (Still No. 123); The Circle of Rocks (Still No. 108); The Badlands (Still No. 117); The Hidden Pool (Still No. 104); Three Tepee Mountain (Still No. 137); Yellow River (Still No. 149) and Shaking Rock (Still No. 152). Duplicates of this map-scene still board can be spotted in store windows, with all credits, as backgrounds for merchandise. e Work with Boy Scouts or similar organization on "Indian" activities around your film, with special attention paid to a contest for an "'Indian"-type of map covering local landmarks from their own headquarters to your theatre and '"Mac e Arrange for a local artist to paint on stretched canvas a large-scale model of the "'Mackenna's Gold'' map, in advance theatre lobby. About mid-way in your engagement of this giant of a movie, artists’ map might be auctioned or soldoff, with the proceeds going to charity. Auction permits additional publicity.