Mackennas Gold (Columbia Pictures) (1969)

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-YOU CAN WIN A TREASURE _OF GOLD-FILLED PRIZES IN OUR Dacca ceca securiiis ccs soot ~ SEE FREE ENTRY BLANK FOR DETAILS AND RULES "icc owoseoaoenssenacnnannnnnannanneoansvoonatoaeneoataneas Senne ae SUE NEWMAR C8 aa Ho see bee go HAN OL AME EDWARD GRUB SPAR Kee MOND UWE) ALLACH This 8!/, x 1134 full-color display piece is the one used by the national Gold-Filled Manufacturers Association in conjunction with their Goldstakes promotion, on a number of first dates. Display may be used in local "Mackenna's Goldstakes'’ promotions. Available FREE—as long as supply lasts — from: Exploitation Department, Columbia Pictures Mackenna’s Goldstakes Contest Jewelers, gift shops, boutiques and stores that sell gold, gold-filled or gold-colored articles such as pens, pencils, jewelry items, etc., can tie-in with your ''Mackenna's Gold" playdate via a sweepstakes promotion... The Mackenna's Goldstakes! These local "gold" outlets provide the prizes in the contest and publicize the event in news stories, co-op advertising, radio and TV tieins and general exploitation. Cooperating stores display sweepstake information placards, window streamers, scene stills and posters from the picture. Contest sponsors can share cost of printing entry blanks or provide plain index cards on which entrants sign names and addresses. Remember, there can be no real or implied charge for the entry blanks. Plug the promotion via theatre lobby boards, marquee signs and lists of cooperating dealers. Display merchandise prizes with credits to individual stores. All entries are to be deposited at the theatre where a cardboard box, with an opening in the top, should be the center of a contest display. Copy can read: "Official Entry Box — 'Mackenna’'s Goldstakes!' "' Wi A GOLD-FILLED PRIZE IN OUR BIG ’ MACKENNA’S GOLD Stakes a | IT’S FUN! | READ THESE RULES | IT’S FREE! = tion rea IT’S EASY! arly you full ame, complete address, telephone number and other Informa space provid ry blank or a reasonable facsimil rwise in roperty of Columbia Pictures to u will be the full responsibility of the prize-winners final and no correspondence concernin| COLUMBIA PICTURES PRESENTS FORE excite’ GOLD TELLY SAVALAS HPI VEWMIAR CAMILLA SPSRIKEENAN WYN TED CASNIDY 292.2 SSNELEME oor LEB J. COBB RAIMOND : ist Belge MEREDITH:A ti i WE ‘i CLM tUMALAY I HOMPSON : Screenp! By by CARL F by Ol ed by CARL FOREMAN and DIMITRI cole 1+ SUPER PANAVISION' rECENICOLDR ict mas THEATRE IMPRINT SPACE | NAME___ 30 gE shew a = ee ADDRESS M 2 ne Sa te RETAIN On 2 city __ : =e 5 STATE ZIP CODE TELEPHONE = + AREA CODE. es THIS ENTRY MUST BE DEPOSITED BEFORE (DATE) Illustrated above is the entry blank used in a number of "'Mackenna's Gold" first dates by the national Gold-Filled Manufacturers Association. This entry blank, with its rules, can be adapted to meet the local situation. Corp., 711 5th Ave., New York, N. Y. 10022. CAPITALIZE ON GIANT ‘MACKENNA’S GOLD’ PRE-SELL! Carl Foreman's ''Mackenna's Gold" has achieved something of a new high in publicity, even as it proves itself a giant in screen entertainment! Newsmen and others have found much of interest in the sweep of location filming (four States!) ... the spectacular cast... the action-filled story! Following is just some of the pre-selling activity; it can be used to advantage locally, as suggested below: e PUBLICITY— a barrage of publicity breaks in the syndicates @ STUDENT FILMS—rour 16mm color films were made by cineand wire services, international press and magazines, columns and ma students from USC and UCLA, on location with Carl Foreman's trades accompanied the production of "'Mackenna's Gold," ''Mackenna's Gold."' One of the films, ''6-!8-67'', by George Lucas is keeping up with the release of this giant of a film! of USC, was selected by the National Student Association for inclusion in its collection of award-winning films from the Third National Student Film Festival. These films, including ''6-18-67,"' were shown at colleges and universities across the country. Other films e "Carl Foreman—Film Maker," "J. Lee Thompson—Director" and ''Mackenna's Wranglers."' Any or all of these are available from Exploitation Dept., Columbia Pictures, 711 5th Ave., New York 10022 and now e Work with local newspaper on a special display ad, plugging its coverage of the movies (as exemplified by its "Mackenna's Geld" breaks!}, which also can be blown-uo for A-frame display, in advance of your engagement of this spectacular adventure film. e Also, work with newspaper business or advertising manager on a Classified Ad pages contest, around the line: “You Can Find 'Mackenna's Gold’ In Our Want Ads!’ Paper scatters film title around amongst the classified ads, and offers guest tickets to the Carl Foreman production to first readers who find them all. March FAMILY HEALTH May 27 LOOK (Regional Los Angeles e Local cinema students and movie-makers can supply a new approach to theatre promotion of ''Mackenna's Gold," through their knowledge and understanding of what goes into the making of a film. Arrange for television and radio panel discussions, student press articles, etc. July TV RADIO-MOVIE GUIDE MY SECRET LIFE TV RADIO MIRROR COPPERTONE—JULIE NEWMAR and San Diego) More than 200 million readers have seen the sensational full-color, full-page aor nay June 10 Coppertone advertisement with its photo of Julie Newmar and credits for PHOTOPLAY " ' Tae of . . TRUE CONFESSIONS LOOK (National) Mackenna's Gold," since it first appeared in some |2 magazines and 69 yal. @TARY TRUE ROMANCE TRUE EXPERIENCE MOTION PICTURE MOVIE MIRROR TV & MOVIE SCREEN newspapers in 60 cities last summer. Now, Coppertone is using the ad over June again, on an expanded magazine schedule. Listed here, right and left, are 7 lal the magazines and their dates in which the Julie Newmar-Coppertone ad is WOMEN’S DAY appearing. In addition to this spectacular readership, Coppertone last SEVENTEEN summer carried the message of ''Mackenna's Gold" across the country via TV PICTURE evan MAGAZINE a saturation radio campaign! Tae aeneee VOGUE i : : : MODERN LOVE STORY MOVIELAND & TV TIME Obtain copies of this ad from one or another of the magazines SECRETS REAL STORY listed, for your own information and for use in promoting a SECRET ROMANCES REAL ROMANCES MY LOVE-SECRET— CONFESSIONS UNCENSORED CONFESSIONS HAIR-DO & BEAUTY "Mackenna's Gold''——Julie Newmar—Coppertone tie-in with drug stores and supermarkets. REVEALING ROMANCES DARING ROMANCES CONFIDENTIAL CONFESSIONS EXCITING CONFESSIONS Page 15