Mackennas Gold (Columbia Pictures) (1969)

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REWARD = $15,000 # IN GOLD COIN Will be paid for the apprehension of Wanted for Murder, Robbery, Horse Stealing and other acts against the peace and dignity of the U.S. G.P MACKENNA MARSHAL, HADLEYBURG, ARIZONA TERRITORY FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, SEE A COLUMBIA PICTURES Mis MACKENNA’S GOLD ©2522" FOREMAN'S TECHNICOLOR”* ‘Wanted’ Poster Make it up locally, and in quantity, for posting on fences, poles, walls, bulletin boards, etc. Poster shown here is modelled after an 1870's Southwest original, and it uses Still No. 9 (Omar Sharif). Western Action Exploit the giant Western action in "'Mackenna's Gold," including the thrilling highadventure, Indians, bandits, the U. S. Cavalry, the Southwest scenery, a lost gold mine and to-the-death battles. e Interview Indians and those of Indian descent on radio, TV and the press. Invite to opening show and photograph for lobby board. @ Provide stills and credit cards for department stores, hat dealers and shops featuring western clothing in window displays. @ Have a" 'Mackenna's Gold’ Western Night’? at the theatre, with patrons garbed in appropriate outfits, and prizes awarded the best dressed. e Offer photographic prizes for best amateur camera shots of the Western scene and display on a lobby board. e Have a deejay play Western tunes in honor of “Mackenna's Gold," with promoted prizes to first listeners identifying the titles. e Lecal libraries can display books on the West and distribute book marks made from one-column ad mat. In a radio or newspaper contest, entrants can compete for promoted prizes by identifying famous Western films from brief clues. 1. Based on a classic Japanese picture, this film starred Paul Newman. a. "Hud" 2. The hero in this film faced deadly odds on his wedding day. b. "Shane" 3. Three famed gun fighters of the West join forces in ac. "Mackenna's deadly battle. Gold" 4. Filmed several times, the original motion picture starred John Wayne. d. "High Noon" 5. Automobiles provided transportation in this modern western. e. "Stagecoach" 6. A stranger's six-gun settled a range war for some early f. "Gunfight at seHlers. O. K. Corral” 7. Desperate men and daring women seek a fabulous for USE THE GOLD IN ‘MACKENNA’S GOLD! @ Spray a quantity of pebbles with gold paint, place in glass container and spot in store window or theatre lobby. Offer guest tickets to those guessing the number of ''Mackenna's Gold" nuggets. @ A deejay can sponsor a treasure hunt for other gold-colored ''nuggets,"’ buried in an empty lot. He can cue their location and offer promoted prizes to finders bringing "Mackenna's Gold" nuggets to theatre. ® Send an armored truck around town with the banner: "This Truck Carries 'Mackenna's Gold'."" Arrange photo news coverage. @ Stencil "14K," in gold paint as a teaser on sidewalks in advance of playdate with credits added later. A rubber stamp of the symbol can be used on publicity mailings. e Send a girl bally dressed completely in gold, with a gold face mask, through town carrying an imitation pickax and prospecting pan with sign on her back: "Gold! Gold! Gold! It's 'Mackenna's Gold!’ State Thea tre!" @ ''Mackenna's Gold'-Tint hairdos and "“Mackenna's Gold-en Glow'' make-up promotions might be worked through beauty shops and salons. @ Have a weight scale in the lobby to tell patrons how much they're worth in 'Mackenna's Gold."' A pound of gold is worth $510.42 and there might be a table listing values of gold: by ounces, one pound, 25 pounds, 50 pounds, !00 pounds, etc. Patrons can figure their own gold-values. e A deejay contest can have listeners send in postcards with expressions including the word "Gold," such as: "Good as Gold," Heart of Gold," "All That Glitters is Not Gold,’ etc. @ Local banks can display gold coins in window displays, an assayer's scales and ingots of gold, if available. Provide scene stills. e If there are any gold-colored cars in town, borrow them for your premiere, banner appropriately and use to transport V.I.P.'s. @ Go all-out in gold at the theatre via goldcolored lights, gold carpet, gold sidewalk, costumes on staff, gold or gold-colored merchandise displays, etc. @ Gild a number of bricks for your girl bally to deliver to media people with an invitation to see picture. Copy can be: ''A Golden Reminder to See 'Mackenna's Gold!’ " @ All stores in town should feature ''Mackenna's Gold Week," or ''Mackenna's Golden Opportunity Sale,'' with newspaper advertising and store displays, a week in advance of playdate. Ad copy can be: ''We're on the Mackenna's Gold Standard This Week at Stones!"' Stores use gold-colored price tags on merchandise or rubber stamp tags in gold ink: ''Mackenna's Gold Special!"' e Jewelry stores should feature their stock of gold jewelry items in window displays with picture scene stills and credits. e Work with largest soda-shop chain in town on a Giant 'Mackenna's Gold’ Sundae, whose ingredients might include tangerine or orange segments, crushed pineapple, orange or pineapple syrup, etc. ‘MACKENNA’S GOLD’ EDUCATIONAL GUIDE Reach the schools — the teachers and the students — with this giant of an Educational Guide, on ''Mackenna's Gold"! Educational Guide is 16 pages, 8I/, x II, filled with material on the film and on the Southwest during the 1870's . .. place and time of the giant Carl Foreman production. Prepared hy: Murray Breunstein English Deparimant NYC. High Schoo! of Performing Arts Cover of Educational Guide (shown in "rough" Copies are available FREE, as long as the supply lasts, by writing direct to: Exploitation Department, Columbia Pictures Corp. 711 Fifth Avenue, New York, N. Y. 10022 tune. g. "The Outrage” ANS. !-g, 2-d, 3-f, 4-e, 5-a, 6-b and 7-c Page 16