Mackennas Gold (Columbia Pictures) (1969)

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THE BOOK "Mackenna's Gold," Will Henry's exciting novel upon which the picture is based, has been distributed nationally in a paperback edition by Bantam Books. The front cover features, in color, the art used in the advertising campaign while photos of the stars and picture credits appear on the back. Local playdates of "'Mackenna's Gold" will be supported by the publisher's local distributors. Contact them early in your campaign for a mutually beneficial promotion. $4361 & “PESO * A BANTAM BOOK Bo He FAMOUS NOVEL THAT SET A NEW PEAK IN HIGH ey MACKENNAS GOLD BY WILL HENRY WS WI ORS SOMEWHERE .. . SOMEWHERE IN 100,000 SQ. MILES OF WILDERNESS WAS THE FABLED LODE KNOWN AS MACKENNA’S GOLD. BRAVE OR BEATEN, OUL LS 10 POSSESS. uM INNOCENT OR EVIL, T Arizona is ''Mackenna's Gold" own... other Western states. BOBar motion pletsa: a PECK OMAR SHARIF : LASPARY KEENAN WYNN . JUUE NEWAIAR COBB RAYMOND MASSEY BURGESS MEREDITH ~ ANTHONY QUAYLE EDWARD 6. ROBINSON EL! WALLACH TELEVISION FEATURETTES e “ON LOCATION WITH ‘MACKENNA’S GOLD’” Broadcast April [0th over the CBS-TV Network, and now available to local television stations around the world! It's l6mm., in color! e “(MAR SHARIF” Concentrating on Sharif during filming of ''Mackenna's Gold," but also containing scenes of the star in such films as "Lawrence of Arabia" and "Funny Girl!" © ‘FELICIANO—QUINCY JONES’ See Page 14 for details. Any or all of these featurettes may be obtained by writing: Exploitation Department, Columbia Pictures Corp., 711 5th Avenue, New York, N. Y. 10022. Specify the featurette wanted, the station and program using it, and time of broadcast. ACCESSORIES Regular Trailer Use this regular theatre trailer through sev ; 24 SHEET e WINDOW CARD eral advance program changes; it has that SIX SHEET s°29°% 28 kind of giant excitement that makes adPEIREE SPIER Ve ati ix fa vance audiences want to see ‘'Mackenna's ONE SHEE) Avcing TRAILER “4 a HE T "pr Gold."' Order Regular Theatre Trailer from BE ace ncn © 24x60, 24x82, 30x40 National Screen. SIL gel (Color and B/W—Color, for lobby and store displays; B/W RADIO. SPOTS: .* TEASER TRAILER Radio Spots TV TRAILERS stills for newspaper planting) , : t INSERT CARD © 40x 60 "A" Variously-timed, and varied enough to apTITLE DISPLAY ¢ 40x 60 "B" peal to every member of the radio-listening audience! Order Radio Spots from National Screen Service. HI-RISE STANDEE « 40 x 60 "C" Order From National Screen which the giant adventure was filmed, but Arizona made starting with the American premiere of the Carl Foreman production in Phoenix, hosted by Arizona governor Jack Williams and attended by governors and dignitaries from Arizona and ‘Mackenna’s Gold’ country. Utah, California and Oregon are other states in '"Mackenna's Gold" uniquely its Illustrated here, the 30"’ x 40" full-color poster distributed by the Arizona Development Board to airlines, bus companies, railroads and travel agencies across the country. As long as the limited supply lasts, copies of this poster may be obtained by local showmen FREE by writing direct to: Exploitation Department, Columbia Pictures Corporation, 711 5th Avenue, New York, New York 10022. Plant these ''Arizona—'Mackenna's Gold' Country" posters in store windows, tied-in with Western merchandise or other display items keyed to the film. Posters might also be used in public and school libraries, along with stills and other art from the picture, in a display of books about ''Arizona—'Mackenna's Gold' Country", specifically, and the West, generally. Radio Interviews e Gregory Peck! e Omar Sharif! e Telly Savalas and Camilla Sparv! These interviews are by Dick Strout, and are being aired on almost 850 radio stations via his "Hollywood Profiles’ program. Check the stations in your territory. If the interviews have been used, arrange for re-broadcasting, with your credits. If they have not been broadcast, and station wants to use any or all of them, order FREE from: Dick Strout, Inc., P.O. Box 907, Beverly Hills, Calif. TV Trailers Two sets—one concentrating on the action and adventure that is ‘Mackenna’s Gold," the other aimed at the giant screen entertainment that is '"Mackenna's Gold." Each set consists of one 60-second spot, one 20-second spot, one 10-second spot. Order from National Screen Service. Teaser Trailer For advance use and cross-plugs! Order Teaser Trailer No. 3 from your National Screen Service exchange. Page 17