Marooned (Columbia Pictures) (1969)

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'MA@ROONED IS “EXCITING! A MOST INGENIOUSLY DEVISED MOTION PICTURE! —Ethel Colby, Journal of Comme “A SPACE ADVENTURE THAT IS INDEED SPECTACULAR!” Angeles Herald-Examin ONE Ne. “JUST PLAIN THRILLING! A VID EXPERIENCE!” “TREMENDOUS FASCINATION! A REAL THRILLER!” , Redbook HELLUVa" “THE MOST EXCITING ee MOVIE OF THE YEAR! —Jeff Millar, Houston Chroni @ “TRULY MARVELOUS SUSPENSE!” — if “A CLIFF-HANGER, PLANET-HANGER!” GREGORY PECK RICHARD CRENNA... DAVID JANSSEN os: JAMES FRANCISCUS-GENE igs MAROON Shenae MOvIEe! Panavisione -Eastmancolor -starring LEE ei Lice oe Hoare lad Se creen ola y by MAY Produced by M. J. eed eh irecte a : on oo es Columb ia Pictures Ad No. 408-R—444 Lines—4 C Also Available as Ad No. 307-R—249 Lin “DAZZLING! A VIVID EXPERIENCE, THRILLING! A CLIFFHANGER IN SPACE!” —L.A. TIMES oe ch aha aon y