Marooned (Columbia Pictures) (1969)

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THE LADIES LOVE p PRESS GAIL PATRICK JACKSON be FRANCES TAY LOR, CiJSPENSE! oe Bicaae “TRULY MARVELOUS Is it aga Consistently exciting! A ie sag that springs Irom reality: MARY KNOBLAUCH, —cnicaco rovay Marooned’ is a picture your kids will love, full of suspense and action, Lee Grants a knockout in her farewell scene with her astronaut husband. A solid adventure story.” ETHEL corp “THRIL YOURNAL OF COMMERCE crTINgi NS! Fascinaning EX DEVISED Notiow Piereet jOUSLy = SOMERS, —*8°°°" TREMENDOUS FASCINATION! Real thriller! A powerful story avelops real suspense: I~ F i A FRANKOVICH-STURGES PRODUCTION GREGORY PECK RICHARD CRENNA... DAVID JANSSEN rcscoue, JAMES FRANCISCUS-GENE HACKMAN MAROONED «. LEE GRANTNANCY KOVACKMARIETTE HARTLEY Panavisione + Ea Screenplay by MAYO SIMON Based on the novel by MARTIN CAIDIN Produced by M. J. FRANKOYICH Directed by JOHN STURGES From Columbia Pict Utility Mat No. 1 e Ad No. e Ad No. e Ad No. ¢ Ad No. 208 e Ad No. 210 Publicity I-B Publicity 2-B 102 103 206 Ad No. 309—279 Lines—3 Cols. x 65 Inches ——_=__D '‘MAROONED'’ IS UP THERE WITH EER FRANKOVICH-STURGES PRODUCTION * RICHARD CRENNA.. DAVID JANSSEN js. 0:2 “Marooned is dazzling! 4 NS RAS Avivid experience, just j seem), MAROONED plainthrilling! Aclifff siemstynimm stcuneccnaarncn hanger in space!” # —Charles Champlin, Los Angeles Times Ad No. 208—94 Lines—2 Cols. x 334 Inches