Marooned (Columbia Pictures) (1969)

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4x5 FOOT Poster 4500 A&P Windows! Shown here, a rough of the 4 x 5 Foot poster which is appearing in the window of some 4500 Atlantic and Pacific stores throughout the country! Poster is in full-color, of course. : : wm | : : a = e : Production tor Cotembia Pintures In addition, the giant chain has prepared and distributed thousands of 11'' x 14" full-color posters for in-store use. This spectacular Jane Parker Donuts contest tie-up, with guest tickets for "Marooned" among the contest prizes, is showmanship-plus! Contest closes March | 5th, but theatremen playing ''Marooned" after that date may work other promotions with local A & P store managers §00 “APOLLO I FLIGHT \ TO THE MOON” STEREO RECORDS Actial voice jranemissions af man’s Arrangements for the redemption of guest tickets can be made through aot the local Columbia exchange. STORE HOURS: (INSERT DAILY STORE HOURS HERE) ( DEALER _ invites you toa“GALANIGHT AT THE MOVIES" — By special arrangement— to SEe (CITY NAME) PREVIEW V @ AT (THEATRE NAME) a Y JANUARY OOth sis ae cane x x oo 08 ling GEOR PEK, RUARD CEN, DAM ANSSEN sf ogy Pere ead x JAMES FRANCISCUS and GENE HACKMAN EE % A FRANKOVICH-STURGES PRODUCTION from Columbia Pictures + THEATRE TICKETS + — tothefirst Philco-Ford Ties-In With ‘‘Marooned’’ Thousands of Philco dealers throughout the country have been alerted to the possibilities of "Marooned" as a merchandising promotion—and have received special photoready advertising art for their use. Shown here is a Philco suggestion, a co-op newspaper ad keyed to a guest-ticket ‘ giveaway, with the dealer acquiring a block of tickets from * . 000 * the theatre for this purpose. o buy 4 = . +4 e;e . . . . . rocoLo TV * aay Henesoie, Caper enn a 30a Sur Poe In addition to this promotion, with its newspaper advertis* newspaper co-op ad, as su ted by Philco + ; ‘ ‘ 5 . PHILC dnext *% ees é poseable eee ing potential, work with local Philco dealers on window * thisW ek an 00) : its dealers across the country, using the photo ’ , Ps ; : * ~~ anuary 00 thru ae * sade art work Wade evdabliciadhon: Oy the displays and radio/television spots. Use the various avail* usto * ° * —2tickets to each Cl * company. The remainder of the page carries able art elements and repro art in brochures, flyers and * i = i i i ist . ele * . information and photos of Philco television sets. streamers for dealer's use. Arrange for a special mailing, . ine sf Local Philco dealers, in cooperation with ''Mai rooned'' showmen, can work out their own ar * (Dealer Name) Stores x * * * using the Philco dealer's customer list, and a special theatre 1 rangements for the guest ticket distribution party for the dealer's best customers. Smm Featurette! Columbia Pictures’ 8mm Film Deparmtent has prepared a special "Marooned" featurette for sale or rent through retail centers marketing such products—including national chains like Sears, Montgomery Ward, J. C. Penney, etc. The short is a natural for home showings, and for school science clubs. Also available from Columbia are 8mm films of the new-historic flights of Apollo 11 and Apollo 12. Study Guide Available in limited quantities, FREE, as long as the supply lasts—one of the most exciting Study Guides ever prepared for a motion picture! This "Marooned" Study Guide, when unfolded, opens out to a 22" x 38" item for school library and bulletin board display. One side of the Study Guide carries a glossary of space terms, silhouettes and compara tive sizes of various manned rockets, research guidelines and references and an outline history of manned space missions. Reverse side, illustrated with scenes from the Frankovich-Sturges production, lists the cast and explains the film in both motion picture and scientific terms. Obtain Study Guides by writing direct to: Among 8mm outlets planning special Marooned" theatre co-operation are: Mass. Motion Pictures (a Boston Radio Center), Boston; Ritz Camera Company, Washington; Gibson's, New Orleans; Higby's, Cleveland; Cook's Denver; White Front Stores in San Francisco, Seattle and Portland and both the White Front Stores and Camera Craft in Los Angeles. Exploitation Department, Columbia Pictures 711 Fifth Avenue, N. Y., N. Y. 10022 Page |0