Marooned (Columbia Pictures) (1969)

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Title Stunts The title "Marooned," in its association with space exploration, should be utilized in newspaper/radio contests and TV panel discussions or audience participation shows. e What might happen if American spacemen found themselves ‘'Marooned” in outer space, is a subject for editorial comment and air discussion shows. e A deejay-sponsored contest could have listeners send in postcards with the title 'Marooned" written the most times, for guest tickets. e Stencil the title at street corners, on walls of abandoned buildings around town, etc., in advance of playdate. ¢ Work with local police traffic officials on street-crossing posters which read: ‘Don't Be Marooned in Mid-Traffic! Cross With the Lights to See ''Ma rooned’', etc." e That same “Don't Be Marooned" approach might be used to key a major co-operative advertising campaign on the part of a local service station or automobile accessories chain: "Don't Be Marooned on the Highway! Fill Your Tank With Ourgas" (or, "Let Us Check Your Fan Belt Now!" or, etc.) Space-Age! Marooned" is the ideal film for a ''spaceage’ approach to virtually every type of merchandise, and to virtually every type of store! Space-age kitchens, space-age furniture, clothing, music, fabrics, etc., all can be fitted into a major merchandising campa‘gn. Wherever there is a newly-designed product, "this year's model," or a new product, it can be given a "space-age" promotion. Spacemen! Send one or more '‘astronauts,"' garbed very much as are the spacemen of "Marooned," into main shopping districts, the vicinity of schools, playgrounds, parks, etc. Signs on their backs plug the film, of course, as do their herald hand-outs. 708 & ie we 4 PANTAM 800% =B = Five real Astronaut Space Suits — complete with helmets — right from the set of the super-movie “MAROONED,” a Frankovich-Sturges Production for Columbia Pictures. Made by ICL to exactly duplicate suits worn by the men who set foot on the moon! 250 pairs of Tickets to 'MAROONED'"'—the fantastic space film starring Gregory Peck, David Janssen, and James Franciscus. 500 “‘Six-packs” of top Revell kits. 300 1/48 scale Apollo Lunar Spacecraft Kits. lllustrated above are the "Marooned" and “space” elements used by Revell, Inc., in all display and other material promoting their new Sweepstakes Contest. One of the nation's largest manufacturers of authentic model assembly kits—including such "space" items as the Apollo 1! Columbia and Eagle, which made the moon flight; Tranquility Base, Gemini and Mercury spacecraft and spacemen, etc.—Revell, Inc. is tieing-in with the release of ''Marooned" via its nationally-advertised promotion, ''Pick-Your-Own-Prize Sweepstakes." Five real space suits from ''Marooned,"' duplicates of those worn by astronauts who landed on the moon, and 250 pairs of tickets to the picture are prominently featured among the prizes offered in the Revell contest. Arrangements for the redemption of guest tickets can be made through the local Columbia exchange. In December, Revell launched a huge pre-selling contest campaign in a variety of magazines including Life, Boys’ Life, 30 national comic magazines, Scholastic and Hobby Magazines, etc., and leading toy and hobby publications. More than 42,000 standees and posters with ‘'Marooned" credit copy have been distributed for point-of-sale displays, plus 5,000,000 entry blanks also carrying "Marooned" credits. Some 22,000 stores are participating. Contact all stores selling Revell Authentic Kits in your area for additional information on the sweepstakes and work with them on mutually beneficial promotions. Provide Marooned" stills and credit placards for window displays and arrange for stores to mention your playdate of "Marooned" in their newspaper, radio and television advertising for the contest. Promote Revell Space Flight kits as special prizes in other contests and exhibit models. The Book Marooned," the best-selling novel by Martin Caidin, has been published as a paperback by Bantam Books in an updated version to conform with the motion picture script. In an introduction to the new edition, Caidin has added movieoriented "author's notes.’ Bantam Book representatives will participate in promotion stunts with local showmen. e Make up a bookmark, using a pressbook ad, plus credits, and a merchant's ad on the reverse to share printing costs. e Provide stills and posters for book outlet window and in-store displays, with credit cards, as well as all school, public and other libraries. e Promote copies of the book for first patrons on line, as contest prizes, presentation to media people, etc. e Rubber stamp picture-theatre-playdate credits on separated pages of the book and distribute generally. Page ||