Marooned (Columbia Pictures) (1969)

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Radio Interview Program The front of this colorful sleeve (shown) tells all about this special half-hour "Marooned" Radio Interview disc, with its interviews of the stars and film-makers! Back Cover has scenes from the film and billing credits. These interviews originally were serviced to key radio stations, nationwide, in July, for immediate use. Check with stations locally to see if they have the disc and will re-broadcast it with theatre and playdate credits. If they do not have this "Marooned" Radio Interview platter, and want to use it, order it direct from: Dick Strout, Inc., P.0. Box 907 Beverly Hills, California OTHER SELLING AIDS 16mm Color TV Spots Television helped the world to see man's first step on the moon, and it can help your community to want to see "Marooned," via these eye-compelling visual and attentionholding audio of these television trailers. Complete set, for every type of program, consists of two 60-second spots (A and B), two 20-second spots (I and 2) and one 10second spot (X). Order direct from National Screen Service. Regular Trailer A trailer that hurls audiences into the outer space excitement of Marooned" ... and brings them back wanting to see all of the Frankovich-Sturges production! Play it early and often! Order from National Screen. Radio Spots Broadcast the excitement of your '"'Marooned'' message! Variously-timed radio spots with emphasis on the epic adventure of three American astronauts stranded in the hostile beauty of space! Set consists of three 60-second spots, three 30-second spots and one 10-second spot. Also included are three Review Spots: one 60-, one 30and one 10second spot! PLUS! Three Women's Review Radio Spots—quotes from women's magazines, read by the women—one 60-, one 30-, one 10-! Order from National Screen. picture. dising tie-in people. ‘Marooned’ Souvenir Book A beautiful Souvenir Book is available for your promotion of "Marooned." Inside colorful covers are 24 pages of black and white and color photos, anecdotes and articles about the stars and behind-the-scenes stories about the Use Souvenir Book as a lobby and outside-boxoffice sales item, for distribution to communication and media VIP's, local group sales contacts and merchanHave copies on NATIONAL SCREEN ACCESSORIES e 24—SHEET ¢ 3—SHEET e |—SHEET ¢ RADIO TRANSCRIPTIONS e TELEVISION TRAILERS ¢ INSERT CARD ° 22 x 28 e EIGHT II x 14's e TRAILER e TEASER TRAILER e UTILITY MAT « WINDOW CARD e 40 x 60, 24 x 60, 24 x 82, 30 x 40 TITLE DISPLAY HI-RISE STANDEE STILL. SETS (Color and B/W — Color, for lobby and store displays; B/ W stills for newspaper planting) Teaser Trailer Also useful in cross-plugging. Order from National Screen Service. sale and display in stores, hotels and in all libraries — public, school, college, hospital, service installation, etc. Single copies of the Souvenir Book are available for $1.00 plus 25 cents for postage and handling, and arrangements for sale of the book in quantity can be made with the publishers. For additional information, write direct to: National Publishers, Inc. 1472 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 10036 Outside Boxoffices Set up away-from-the-theatre boxoffices in hotels, department stores and restaurants in your situation. Arrange with cooperating agencies to mention the ready availability of tickets at their locations in all their newspaper, radio, television and direct-mail advertising. Bellringer Award Marooned" was named recipient of Scholastic Magazines’ "Bell Ringer Award" for January. In addition to receiving the coveted award, several stills from the film appeared on the cover of the January 26 issue of Scholastic Voice magazine and a rave review also was included in the issue. The aggregate circulation of the periodicals carrying the ''Bell Ringer Awaard" reaches more than seven million subscribers between the ages of 10 and 19. The award, according to the publishers, "is given only to motion pictures that meet Scholastic Magazines’ standards of excellence in direction, acting, photography and subject matter." Marooned" showmen are advised to capitalize on this valuable pre-selling aid, calling attention to it in their letters and other contacts with educators, parent and youth groups, etc. Copies of the award and of the Scholastic Magazine review might be used in school bulletin board and other displays, and an out-front advance blow-up can help call attention to the picture. Page 13