Mission over Korea (Columbia Pictures) (1953)

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as eS |] ARMED FORCES Rally Korean as well as other | 7 wee © ae : ) Tell it to the Army! Tell it to the veterans to put over your camBo | Navy! Tell it to the Marines! paign with these slugs: | A Suggest the following: REUNION: Make your opening A-BOARDS: Make up special e night a Korea Vets posters for the A Reunion night. Serve the vets—and their boards and other poster boards con Wiis = cates ie thanlbemne If there trolled by the armed services or snipe are not enough Korea vets in town to the regular posters to say “Join the Big make it a capacity affair, turn it into a Men in Small Planes! See ‘Mission Over reunion for vets of all wars. Promote Roreail “@lter tree fiekets to.every view recruit and his date for opening day. PARADEArrange a parade to e photo coverage of the event. 1) erense ora: i your theatre. Don’t the reunion in the press. Arrange to have local heroes and civic celebrities attend. Provide for newspaper and forget a uniformed fife and drum corps to lead the parade. HONORS: Honor the Korea e medal winners of your city with a special lobby display. RECRUITING: Put a recruiting e Issue a public call for their medals, picbranch office in tures and records for a Korea Heroes’ your lobby during the run of the picture. Exhibit. Keep the story alive in the press Plant pictures of the boys signing up for with lists of names of heroes as they sede sti EXHIBITDress up your lobby @ porters and photographers. Tie the with as many new turn up. Make them special guests at a Korea Heroes’ Night. Cover it with re occasion up with the recruiting, blood weapons as you can get from the Armed and bond drives. Precede medal winServices. Glamorize them with brightly ners’ appearance at the theatre with colored battle flags and ‘‘Mission Over interviews on TV and radio programs. Korea’’ posters and banners. Help them remember LETTERS: boys overseas! Put a table in your lobby with your theatre stationery and invite the public BOND SALES to write to the boys in the service. If Maks “Mission Over Worcs” they have no friend or relative of their your town’s mission by tie own in the ranks offer to address letter ing up the current bond at random to names supplied by your draft board. Suggest that they start drives to your picture. Carry the message on the air and their letters saying ‘‘We have just seen ie thes band. eaiheemes’ Mission Over Korea’ and... ."’ Arrange news stories and posters. to photograph prominent localites writ ing to their soldiers. | a Hit Song “Gomen-Nasai” (Forgive Me), a Japan ese song which made the American hit parade, is heard in “Mission Over Korea. It is sung by Richard Bowers who also recorded the tune with English lyrics by Benedict Mayers. The Columbia record (No. 39954) was sung by Bowers with Columbia Tokyo Orchestra accompaniment. Sammy Kaye has recorded “Gomen Nasai”’ for Columbia (39957) with vocal by Jeffrey Clay. Page 2 Aids Film! Go after window, counter and co-op advertising around the Columbia record and “Mission Over Korea.” Have disc jockeys play the record with plugs for your engagement. Plant the disc in juke boxes with credits. Play the song on your p.a. system with announcements. See if Columbia distributor has “Gomen-Nasai” streamers for music store windows, or prepare your own locally for display by the stores.