Mission over Korea (Columbia Pictures) (1953)

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CALL ATTENTION TO ‘MISSION OVER KOREA’ WITH AID DRIVE FOR ORPHANS OF KOREA! @ Help ‘‘Mission Over Korea” ride the wave of public favor by making your theatre the headquarters for the collection of clothing, candies, toys—not cash!—for homeless Korean orphans. Swell the drive started by the ‘‘Mission Over Korea’ company when it was shooting sequences for the film in Korea itself! @ The children—more than 700 of them ranging in age from two years old up—are in the Orphans’ Home of Korea on Cheju Island in Korea. They need cloth, thread, knitting needles, yarn, old clothes, toys and hard candy. @ Send the bundles contributed by your audiences to Cheju Island Orphans’ Home, in care of Senior Advisor, KMAG, Replacement Training Center 1, APO 102 c/o PM, San Francisco, California. The army post has adopted the children and will see that they get whatever contributions you collect. Still No. Exp. 11: Aldo Ray and Audrey Totter Here's What You Can Do: Ne s 1) Announce your ‘‘Mission Over Korea”’ drive in the press, over the air and on TV. Tell what's needed and where it’s going! 2) Build up a lobby supply depot, decorating it with stills showing Audrey Totter and Norma Randall (from the picture) collecting gifts. In addition to the stills at the right, other useful stills are Nos. Exp.:'f SExp: 2, Exp: (3; Exp. 7, Exp. 9 Expy, 10; Exp. 12, Exp. 14 and Exp. 15. All stills are available at National Screen Service. 3) Plant the above stills, and also pictures of local dignitaries making contributions, in your daily papers. Still No. 7 4) Urge the public to ‘‘Join Hollywood's Drive for Korean Orphans! — Make Korea's Orphans Your ‘Mission Over Korea'!"’ 5 Call for volunteers to push the drive. Invite all ) women's clubs, veterans’ organizations, children's groups, school and PTA organizations to join. This drive is a natural for total-community participation. 4 Send daily progress reports to the papers to) gether with pictures of contributions as they mount. See to it that radio and television station directors also plug the campaign, and the picture, in every way possible. which are the flying eyes of the artillery. Honor the small plane fliers of your city! They may not be numerous, but they are newsworthy! Still No. Exp. 5: Norma Randall SELL ‘MISSION OVER KOREA’ WITH LOCAL AMATEUR PILOTS @ ‘Mission Over Korea” glorifies the big men who fly the small planes Junior Aviation If your newspapers are con @ Stage or join in sponsoring any scheduled air shows. Help CD and other public officials to get plane volunteers for the Civilian Defense program. ducting junior aviation clubs, invite the aviation editors to see and comment on the fliers in the picture approach them for picture and why every one should learn to fly. If your lobby size warrants, exhibit mention and cooperation on lobby displays of models, a small plane in cooperation with a plane sales firm, or the Army. Try the countless other small plane stunts that may come to your mind and don't contests and special matinees. overlook the publicity value of such stills as Still Nos. 7, 10, 14, 30, 35, 48 and 49 used in conjunction with photographs of local plane owners and Contact other kids’ aviation clubs through toy _ stores, their aircraft. All stills suggested are available at your nearest National schools, etc. Still No. 35 Screen Service exchange. Page 3