Mission over Korea (Columbia Pictures) (1953)

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‘SEE’ BOARD Sell the roaring, slam-bang action and the laugh ing, loving romance of this picture with a ‘‘See”’ board using the following stills which are avail able at National Screen Service: St ANoscZ0F cece tie. ih SU re ener ee Target for Victory! DHUING Sri Ai. tees teen teen cee . Hill-Hopping Rescue! Stl Nos 612. ..:..: Sa eR ae aaa i ate Time Out for Romance! Still NO. 45 2c Ga I Saas yl tee .. Flaming to Glory! SHENG 27 2b es eae Too Bold to Grow Old! SHHING. 369.4. orcs coca east aaa Saving the Lost Patrol! SITING 220 ose cc ee tee She Lives From Kiss to Kiss! G. |. WIVES Whip up interest over the women the boys left behind, as typified by Maureen O'Sullivan in ‘‘Mission Over Korea," by getting women’s pages and radio and TV programs to discuss the problems of G.I. wives. Plant Still Nos. 19, 26, 55, 58 and 60 on this subject. Suggest interviews with G.l. wives of your town, featuring their reactions to the picture. SPIN GLOBE Promote a giant globe of the world mounted on a revolving pedestal. Over it affix a stationary arrow containing the words ‘‘Mission Over Korea.” Invite people to spin the globe for guest tickets, if the globe-pictured peninsula of Korea stops beneath the arrow. Try to plant a photo in your local newspaper. BATTLE NOISES Sound the real roar of a Korean battle to draw people to your lobby! Get this recording of actual battle noises and play it to the crowds on the street over your p. a. system. Order it for $2. plus postage direct from: Thomas J. Valentino, Inc. 150 West 46th Street, New York, N. Y. Page 4 Plane on Marquee! Flaming planes crashing into your marquee should make an arresting display that highlights the promise of blazing action in the film. Use colored blow-ups of Still No. 6 (illustrated at left) to turn your theatre into a Korean battle ringside. Play flashing red lights on the blow-up to give the spectacle added realism. For even greater realism, Still No. 6 might be used as a model for a sign shop construction of a wrecked plane. KOREAN TROPHIES Nothing can be timelier than a Korean War Museum in your lobby made up of trophies brought back by local heroes from their personal ‘‘Mission Over Korea."’ Issue a call through press, radio and TV to ‘All Korea Veterans! Exhibit the Trophies of Your Mission Over Korea at the Blank Theatre's Showing of Columbia's Historic Production, ‘Mission Over Korea’!'’ Photograph donor heroes as well as trophies for newspaper planting, and arrange radio, TV and newspaper fea ture interviews. MARCHING SONGS Start them marching into your theatre to loud and lusty parade music played over your p. a. system. Get a collection of marching songs or the official songs of the various services and play them as a salute to ‘Mission Over Korea.” RADIO SPOTS Sell the excitement of ‘‘Mission Over Korea”’ over your radio stations with these announcements spotted before and after local adventure and news programs: 15-SECOND: Fly with the flying eyes of the artillery on a thrill filled ‘Mission Over Korea!"’ Join the flak-happy big guys in small planes who raid the enemy's rear lines! For excitement, action and love under fire don’t miss ‘‘Mission Over Korea" now at the State Theatre! 30-SECOND: See Korea as the flying-eyes of the artillery see it! Follow the big men in small planes on the greatest adventure of all! Thrill with the hill-hopping, flak-happy hellions for excitement, action and love at the front in “Mission Over Korea."’ It's Columbia Pictures’ cavalcade of glory starring John Hodiak, John Derek, Audrey Totter and Maureen O'Sullivan! ‘‘Mission Over Korea” is sky-high with thrills! For Korea's greatest ack-ack action-packed adventure see ‘‘Mission Over Korea” starting tomorrow at the State Theatre. MILITARY INSIGNIA A colorful display can be made out of service ribbons, unit insignia and other military decorations. Obtain colored illustrations of them from your local Defense Department offices and also as many of the real things as are available. Arrange them for an identification contest—give them numbers in your display and invite contestants to name them by number with prizes going to those handing in closest correct lists. TRAILER, STILLS A double-punch trailer that should get the men with its action and the women with is romance is ready at National Screen Service. Order these four still sets there, too: 1) 25 flat stills; 2) 20 uprights; 3) art set of 3 (photos of key ad and poster art); 4) publicity-exploitation set (stills used in publicity and exploitation campaigns). Theatre Accessories N s Sy JOHN * JOHN COLUMBIA PICTURES ‘¢ MAUREEN \ O'SULLIVAN NG f TOTTER ~~]. va ~~ ‘HODIAK 5 DEREK _ is LLALA ny Fen pero] tag ChE [TEES * << /fnd VALANCE: Fluorescent sectional valances of glowing satin in three colors. * Order this eye-stopper in any size to fit your marquee at the price of $1.50 per running foot. (Minimum size: 10 feet.) FLAGS: A variety of American flags and red, white and blue bunting for use * around your theatre. The flags range in size from 2’ x 3’ ($3.00 each) and up in cotton, rayon or nylon. For information, write direct. Order All Items Direct From: NATIONAL FLAG COMPANY, 43 West 2lst Street New York 10, N. Y. Telephone: ORegon 5-5230