Mission over Korea (Columbia Pictures) (1953)

Record Details:

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“C'mon! A good kissing “= never hurt anyone.’ AUDREY JOHN JOHN HODIAKDEREK starring wi Harvey Lembeck Richard Erdman Richard Bowers Screen Play by JESSE L. LASKY, JR., EUGENE LING and MARTIN L. GOLDSMITH Produced by ROBERT COHN Directed by FRED F. SEARS A POLUMBIA PICTURE Page 6 MAUREEN TOTTER: DOULLIVAN . They’re the pen e dogs” of the Artillery — th gallant guys who go behind enemy lines to spot the tar: ets for our big guns! The C.0.: On the ground and in the air— a great guy to follow! He had to be shot down to grow up! “lp = of love—for keeps.” She's in love with a wonderful G.l. BIG MEN IN. | SMALL PLAN ES ... They're the “seeing eye dogs” of the Artillery— F the flyers who spot the targets fo starring JOHN JOHN ain TOTTERO'SULLIVAN with Harvey Lembeck Richard Erdman Richard Bowers A COLUMBIA PICTURE : Screen Play by JESSE L. LASKY, R., EUGENE LING and MARTIN L. GOLDSMITH Produced by ROBERT COHN + birected by FRED F. SEARS 444-Line Ad Mat No. 302—3 Cols. x 148 Lines (See front cover for 4-column size of this ad.) Ad Mat No. 105—140 Lines Note! Be sure to see 804-Line Ad Mat No. 402 (4 Cols. x 201 Lines) shown on the front cover of the pressbook. This ad is also available in 3column size, shown at left on this page.