Murderers' Row (Columbia Pictures) (1966)

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MATT HELM OUTDOES MATT HELM IN HIS NEW ALL-OUT ADVENTURE! More guns, more girls, more great action and more grand fun than “The Silencers”! COLUMBIA PICTURES Presents An IRVING ALLEN Production DEAN ANN MARTIN MARGRET | ‘ | URDERERS ROW I, | co-starring | Introducing DINO, DESI and BILLY Featuring the “Slaygirls” Screenplay by HERBERT BAKER | Based on the novel by DONALD HAMILTON Music by Lalo Schifrin Produced by IRVING ALLEN @S Directed by HENRY LEVIN -A Meadway-Claude Picture -TECHNICOLOR’ x | Ad No. 403—608 Lines—4 Cols. x 107% Inches ‘Murd ” Advertisi urderers Row Advertising Total Lineage Ad Size Ad No. Total Lineage Ad Size Ad No. i Ren ea dere ae PSE MOVIN oes.) yc WAC 601 Be Pe ena. tate SES) EE eC ae AA RE Nee 305 Y ic = eae PS eee Te Bee UG SPAN pct wea a 50! 12, lala eee ae Be ie eee PCO ee abner) NSE hc a ae 302 7 5 1S ee ae ave bie de Deer eee Ce oe eo 17 | 8 | aa a nae pee oe 502 5 bit SR Se LRG GS Ne aa ot BR SRE Tl Ge an Se A rE 301 Re en eee oe OR Elo eve lin sie, eee ene es Ss 602 Dee fs. TREE ee Pe MN Ss ONE oe scngts, aie Ue aeaesahe 202 BOE ta ee fe rae Ro. Urs ccccne ke eyes 403 Pea oas hoc, hi ee OE POO es eee 201 BOOt ru akc ee eee: 2.x 20741456 la.) os... Aa ae 304 BOS ils he ee oe 7 LS RE "8 ara i en ey SR 203 Op ap hay let Meee he Be LAR VOU) Sas cose. ceva chass Wicksakes 402 NO ee ea cre Doe BOS is Afi ts divdin pa cae 204 Br hae ther Viet: ot eets rs aks © ta 2 el ea 404 TA oe Re ee [seers Pee dad 5 22s 5 eee ee 101 BR tec Maat oe AXON OU ice. ot, 406 ee ee nie, cd De Ze Ae WA he ea eens. 205 io ea ar ir et 4 Te AB in) el ae 40! A tee SEES. Opies Sor Pi ae te Se Se ee Se 102 WOOD 9. ans 2 See ee a ee 4 x AOG AT ordi). 2s ee Oe ee 405 TO... Ronnie eteeey. SP) SS OMA oes ee ble cae 103 Se ee ae eee, Bae al eS aed a Tamat 303 Page 4