Murderers' Row (Columbia Pictures) (1966)

Record Details:

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COLUMBIA PICTURES Presents An IRVING ALLEN Production DEAN MARTIN. iit si ANN The name of the game is Matt Helm and everybody's Playing! . LA oA GAME GCOORY: BEVERLY ADAMS ss Sing sd co-starring iM Screenplay by HERBERT BAKER Based on the novel by DONALD HAMILTON: Music by Lalo Schifrin Produced by IRVING ALLEN Directed by HENRY LEVIN -A Meadway-Claude Picture TECHNICOLOR’ iG Ad No. 402—576 Lines—4 Cols. x 1014 Inches Also Available as Ad No. 302—321 Lines—3 Cols. x 75 Inches ‘Murderers’ Row’ Star Interviews! with Available on a 12" LP disc. One side carries open-end interviews, with scripts for use by local commentator; flip side carries complete interviews, with commentator! a Dean Martin and Karl Malden These interviews are by Dick Strout, nationally famed for his lively radio pro gram, and are being aired on almost 850 stations via Strout's "Hollywood Pro: files'’ program! e Martin, Ann-Margret, Malden, a . | | Check with the radio stations in your territory. If the interviews have been Camilla Sparv and Beverly Adams broadcast, arrange for re-broadcasting, with your credits. If they have not been broadcast, and station wants to use any or all of these interviews, order FREE 8 Karl Malden! disc direct from: . Bick Sicuk Inc ees @abos 90 ¢ Camilla Sparv! | s Bovey Hil, a Page 5