Murderers' Row (Columbia Pictures) (1966)

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‘Slaygirls’ Calendar Pre-Sells ‘Murderers’ Row’ A. full-color 1967 calendar, with the 12 Slaygirls from Murderers’ Row'' each representing a different month of the year, as she does in the film, has been distributed to more than 1000 film editors and radio and television personalities across the country! Miss JANUARY Slaygirl “Still No. Sp. 9 Plant in fur shop windows. Miss FEBRUARY Slaygirl Still No. Sp. 2 Valentine's Day promotions. Miss MARCH Slaygirl Still No. Sp. 5 How many sequins?" contest, in lobby. Miss APRIL Slaygirl Still No. Sp. 11 Umbrellas, boots, rainwear tie-ups. Miss MAY Slaygirl Still No. Sp. 3 Florists’ windows, natch! Miss JUNE Slaygirl Still No. Sp. 8 June weddings, June brides. Miss JULY Slaygirl Still No. Sp. 12 Could you sponsor a fire works display? Miss AUGUST Slaygirl Still No. Sp. 6 Dance contests, of course! Miss SEPTEMBER Slaygirl Still No. Sp. 10 Fall harvest festival displays. Miss OCTOBER Slaygirl Still No. Sp. | Halloween tricks and treats! Miss NOVEMBER Slaygirl ~~ Still No. Sp. 7 Autumn and Thanksgiving. Miss DECEMBER Slaygirl “Still No. Sp. 4 Perfect street bally costume Slaygirl Calander Pages Shown Here Run Clock-wise with Miss January At Top Right. A ‘Slaygirl’ Sell-Campaign Promotes ‘Murderers’ Row’! "The Slaygirls'' are back and Dean Martin has them, once again, in Murderers’ Row," the star's newest film based on the exciting Matt Helm stories. The group of twelve voluptuous lovelies had a tremendous impact on the public's fancy when they made their sensational debut in "The Silencers."" Now, alert your community to their return appearance in ''Murderers' Row!" e Well in advance of playdate work with a cooperative deejay ona stunt to find your town's twelve ''Slaygirls.'’ On his program he is to ask local feminine listeners to submit photos of themselves, then each night for twelve nights before opening, announce the name of one of the winners. The twelve girls finally selected are to receive VIP treatment including transportation in bannered cars, promoted dinners at restaurants, gowns and merchandise at fashion shops, make appearances on local TV, be interviewed on radio programs, visit the Mayor, etc. Enlargements of girls’ pictures are to be displayed in the theatre lobby with patrons given the opportunity of voting for their favorite "Murderers' Row" girl. Special promoted prizes should be presented, at the end of the picture's run, to the girl judged the most attractive. e Make a super-enlargement of Still No. 30, the Slaygirls and Beverly Adams posed with Dean Martin (see Mat 3A in publicity section of this pressbook) for a special lobby or marquee-top, or a full window, display well in advance of your Murderers’ Row" playdate. OH, BOY! GIRLS! Dean Martin as Matt Helm isn't the only attraction to be found in "Murderers' Row’... there also are girls! Specifically, Ann-Margret and Camilla Sparv, and the 12 Calendar "Slaygirls."" The "'Slaygirls" stills (without the calendar setup) may be obtained from National Screen Service, with the Ann-Margret "mod" stills on following page, and the Door Panels shown on back cover of this pressbook. Obtain—and use!—them all! Slaygirl of the Month! In Murderers’ Row," the 12 Slaygirls each represents a different month of the year, and is dressed accordingly, as shown on the calendar page reproductions at left. The following might be worked: e Obtain a complete set of stillk—The Slaygirl set of 12 still—from National Screen for use in a special lobby, window or out-front display. Each still should be appropriately captioned: "Miss January Slaygirl,"" "Miss February Slaygirl,"' etc. Include production scenes of Dean Martin as Matt Helm, and a top-line like: "There's Action Around the Calendar When Dean Martin as Matt Helm Meets ‘Murderers’ Row!’ " e Same set of stills might be planted instead of numbers, on the face of a simulated lobby "clock,'’ whose "hands" need not keep time, but should move from one still to another. Here, accompanying line could read: ''There's Action Around the Clock, etc." e Stills can be blown-up, mounted and silhouetted for effective use atop your marquee, in your lobby, and on stairs; color-in wherever possible, and add glitter, fur, silks or whatever other fabrics apply. e Astrip of these Slaygirls stills might be fitted side by side in the shaft of a huge paper arrow, which runs along one wali and points to a poster and playdate credits from the picture. Same approach might be used on a stair wall, with arrowhead and poster on the upper landing. e There are 12 Slaygirls, and there are 12 letters in the title, Murderers’ Row." Your blown-up, cutout stills might be mounted atop of, or in a frame with, the title letters for a unique title treatment. e If Murderers’ Row" is your Christmas attraction, much can be done in the way of "'Sleighgirl'’ promotions! Page 11