Murderers' Row (Columbia Pictures) (1966)

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Still No. Pub. 13 Still No. 136 Still No. Pub. 21 Camera Angles Dean Martin as Matt Helm is a commercial photographer in ''Murderers' Row.'' He takes pictures of scantily-clad beauties when he isn't engaged as a secret agent. Contact all of your town's photographers, the amateurs as well as professionals, and get their cooperation in promoting your playdate. Too, go after all photo stores and photo service outlets, offering stills of the Slaygirls for window spots, with suitable film credits, and ideas for tie-in contests and stunts. e All professional photographers have files of "pin up" photos, pictures of beau tiful girls. Check your local studios and borrow the best glamor shot from each photographer for a special lobby board, with credits. e Get your town's top photographers to appear on a radio or TV panel show on which they exchange their ideas on taking glamor shots and tips on how they would pose the Slaygirls. e You might arrange for a photographer to take pictures of patrons in the theatre foyer, offering prints at special prices. e Another theatre stunt would be to have a bikini-clad girl pose for amateur photographers the opening night of the picture. a a One-Of-A-Kind Camilla Camilla Sparv's first name is the only one of its kind used by a motion picture star. Use this as the basis for a contest sponsored by a local deejay in which listeners are offered guest ticket prizes for sending in on postcards the longest listings of other feminine stars having one-of-a-kind first names. Here's a partial listing of them for guidance: Samantha Eggars Cyd Charisse Greer Garson Lilli Palmer Siobhan McKenna Ursula Andress Glynis Johns Tuesday Weld Mala Powers Mai Zetterling Sheree North Mercedes McCambridge Viveca Lindfors Zsa Zsa Gabor Betta St. John Ginger Rogers Page 12 Ann-Margret’s ‘Murderers’ Row’ Garb Is Strictly for Sure-Fire Showmanship! In 'Murderers' Row," vivacious Ann-Margret plays a hip-swinging, ultra-mod member of the discotheque set on the French Riviera, a girl who is something of a helo—HELP!— to Dean Martin as Matt Helm. It's a role that permits the red-headed beauty a wide range of costumes and, on her, they look good. e Plant these stills (available from National Screen Service) wherever teenfashions are in order . . . not only on counters and in window displays, but in soda shops, discotheques and everywhere eise the younger set may be found. Women's page and teen column fashion publicity, too! e Make up an out-front 40 x 60, using these stills of Ann-Marget with a topline along the order of: Make the Chic Scene With Ann-Margret in ''Murderers' Row';" Add full credits. e Use these stills in a newspaper or television caption-writing contest (or work it with a college newspaper), calling for brief descriptions of the garments worn by Ann-Margret. For example, Still No. 109, below: "For the Late, Late Show!" ¢ Go after women's page and teenfashion publicity around these stills, and local-origin television commentary and display. In addition, try for a teen-fashion show sponsored by department store or other fashion shop at your theatre. Still No. 109 Still No. Pub. 3 Obtain stills of Ann-Margret as she appeared in several of her earlier films, number each photo and post on a lobby board. Have a cooperative deejay tell listeners they can win guest admissions to her newest film, ‘Murderers’ Row," if they send him postcards correctly identifying the film titles from the stills, winners to be selected in a sweepstakes. Panel Promotion The six colorful, traffic-stopping door panels available for theatre display on 'Murderers' Row" (see back cover) may be used in a number of showmanship ways in addition to their use on your own theatre doors. — 3 L e All store windows in town are excellent opportunities for planting one or more of the panels, with theatre /picture/playdate credits imprinted at the bottom. Be sure to get them in every vacant store window as well. e Back the panels with cardboard and cut out the figures. Stand them in the advance lobby and on stair risers, with full credits at the bottom. e Have one or more of the panels, cardboard-backed, carried around town by ballymen and displayed at busy sections in town. e Have a store contest in which girls dress in the same costumes worn by the girls in the panels, and pose with their film counterparts on TV. Still No. Tl Still No. 127 Still No. 106 Dean Martin Dean Martin, a top star in the field of entertainment as a result of his motion pictures, TV shows and recordings, again stars as super-agent Matt Helm, in ''Murderers' Row," and he should be promoted extensively as part of your campaign on the picture. e A deeiay can offer guest ticket prizes to the first ten or twenty contestants sending in postcards listing all of Dean Martin's previous films. e Have a large-size postcard, addressed to Dean Martin in Hollywood, spotted on an easel in the lobby with a message: "Dear Dean, We Love You as Matt Helm!" Leave room for patron names! e Anyone in town with the first name of Dean? Invite the first ten to answer a newspaper query, as namesake guests. If you run across one or more residents named Dean Martin, give them VIP treatment, arrange full coverage. e Offer guest ticket prizes to residents having the biggest library of Dean Martin recordings, to be displayed in lobby. e A radio stunt can present promoted prizes to those giving the best imitations of Dean Martin's speaking and singing voice. The contest could also be held on the theatre stage opening night. Incidentally, Dean Martin talks about '’Murderers' Row" on his NBC-TV show, December 15, 22 and 29. He may also be scheduled for television—his own or some other show, or in a motion picture re-run—before or during your engagement of the film. Be sure to get your message in and around such television programming! STREET BALLY Send a pretty girl, dressed in one or another of the costumes shown here, to main business and shopping streets, shopping centers and wherever else crowds may be found, to hand out locally-printed cards reading: "Warning! Dean Martin as Matt Helm Says Watch Out for ‘Murderers’ Row!''' Girl might even be garbed in black raincoat, drooping hat, dark glasses . . . she's a spy! = = — ===