Murderers' Row (Columbia Pictures) (1966)

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Mat 2B; Still No. 64 Discotheque dancing with vivacious Ann-Margret can be almost as dangerous as battling an international terror ring, Dean Martin as Matt Helm learns in the course of "Murderers' Row," new spy adventure in color by Technicolor. The Columbia Pictures release also stars Karl Malden and Camilla Sparv, and co-stars James Gregory as Matt Helm's diffident boss and Beverly Adams as his very private secretary. Featured in the suspense comedy are the 12 calendar "Slaygirls,"' and the popular recording team of Dino, Desi and Billy. The Slaygirls Half the fun—and there are those who claim it is much more than half! —of the modern-day screen spy spectacular can be found in the pretty girls who contribute to the action and excitement of the story. Which probably is why “The Silencers,” with Dean Martin as Matt Helm, was so well received as first of that counter-espionage agent’s screen adventures, and it certainly is a reason for the success of Dean’s second Matt Helm film, ‘Murderers’ Row,” now at ia enh toes rrr a are Theatre in color by Technicolor. ‘Murderers’ Row” also stars Ann-Margret and Camilla Sparv, it co-stars Beverly Adams in a repeat of her role as Helm’s very private secretary, and it includes 12 devastatingly lovely young women billed collectively as “The Slaygirls.”’ In costume and Technicolor, yet! In the Columbia Pictures release the dozen American beauties are Corinne Cole, Mary Jane Mangler, Amedee Chabot, Luci Ann Cook, Marilyn Tindall, Dee Duffy, Jan Watson, Dale Brown, Mary Hughes, Lynn Hartoch, Rena Horton and Barbara Burgess. Earl Wilson, nationally-famous syndicated columnist regarded as one of the nation’s leading experts on beautiful women, joined forces with film producer Irving Allen and chose the 12 beautiful, talented young actresses for their “Slaygirls” calendar roles. Karl Malden, James Gregory and Beverly Adams also star in “Murderers’ Row,” which introduces Dino, Desi and Billy. Henry Levin directed the spy spoof from a screenplay by Herbert Baker. Music for the film is by Lalo Schifrin. ——— Camilla Sparv Beautiful Camilla Sparv, who made her motion picture debut in “The Trouble with Angels” as a dedicated, spiritual nun, currently is starring as a femme fatale in “Murderers’ Row,” the new Matt Helm thriller starring Dean Martin as a super-spy. Columbia Pictures release at the...... Theatre, “Murderers’ Row” also stars AnnMargret and Karl Malden and co-stars James Gregory and Beverly Adams. The Irving Allen production is in color by Technicolor. Camilla’s beauty, seen on the front pages of a Swedish periodical, took her from her native Stockholm to Paris where, for two years, she worked as a high fashion photographer’s model. Then she moved to New York City. She quickly was rated as one of the five most-in-demand models in the country. Producer-director David Swift, admiring Miss Sparv’s portrait in a leading style magazine, set the machinery in motion which led to a screen test for Camilla, a long-term contract with Columbia Pictures and her acting debut in “The Trouble With Angels.” When she was brought to Hollywood for the screen test, she viewed “the whole idea as one big joke. Because I had never taken an acting lesson in my life nor been in a play, not even in school,” she pointed out. “So, naturally, I never expected anything to come of it.” But it beat modeling and she decided to sign the proffered contract. In “Dead Heat On a Merry-goRound,” the statuesque, blue-eyed and ash-blonde charmer played a gullible Boston secretary; now, in “Murderers’ Row” she’s an international beauty with character—most all of it bad! OFFICIAL BILLING COLUMBIA PICTURES 25% presents An IRVING ALLEN Production DEAN MARTIN as Matt Helm in MURDERERS’ ROW 25% ANN-MARGRET KARL MALDEN 100% 75% 100% 100% Co-Starring CAMILLA SPARY JAMES GREGORY BEVERLY ADAMS Introducing DINO, DESI and BILLY Featuring the ''Slaygirls"’ Screenplay by HERBERT BAKER Based on the novel by DONALD HAMILTON Music by Lalo Schifrin Produced by IRVING ALLEN Directed by HENRY LEVIN A Meadway-Claude Picture TECHNICOLOR® 75% 25% 25% 25% 25% 25% 25% 25% 15% 25% He’s Matt Helm The role of Matt Helm, America’s super-spy, who makes his_ second screen appearance in ‘Murderers’ Row,” spy adventure thriller produced by Irving Allen and now at the...... Theatre in color by Technicolor, fell naturally to Dean Martin—who else? It is, as his first film, “The Silencers,” showed, the sort of role that happily combines tongue-in-cheekiness rugged action drama. Based on the scrappy—but suave— hero of Donald Hamilton’s novels, Matt Helm emerges in the Columbia Pictures release as an urbane, sophisticated type, ready with a wisecrack or a wallop—be it with an enemy agent or a beautiful girl. Martin, who has all of these qualities in his makeup, also has a physical side of him that makes his Matt Helm believeable. Dean, is seldom if ever, ruffled. But the star is also a man who, despite his relaxed demeanor, goes where the action is; expecially the outdoor kind. He wields a mean golf club and knows his way about the fairways as well as any man, but he also likes the more robust type of action as well, which explains his enthusiasm for roles in western and other action films, and his special delight in “Murderers’ Row” and its Matt Helm predecessor. Martin is an all-around sportsman, He rides horseback, is an excellent swimmer and a skilled motorcyclist. And, liking anything on wheels, he’s a sports car fancier. He enjoys nothing better than to take his favorite speedster out in the desert flats and really let her rip. A skilled and resourceful driver, he knows every trick in the book in keeping a car hugging the road. And another thing that fits Martin for the Matt Helm role, is his splendid physical condition. A former professional pugilist, Martin is naturally endowed with quick reflexes that make his physical combat sequences in “Murderers’ Row,” wholly credible. Martin has studied judo and karate. Starred with Dean Martin as Matt Helm in “Murderers’ Row” are AnnMargret, Karl Malden and Camilla Sparv; James Gregory and Beverly Adams are co-starred. Dino, Desi and Billy, Hollywood’s hot new recording: trio, make their debut in the film and the “Slaygirls” are featured. Singing Trio It is not unusual in Hollywood for the offspring of famous entertainment personalities to follow in the parental footsteps. So it is not surprising, then, to see that two of the three young men in Hollywood’s newest swinging and singing sensation trio, bear world-renowned names. The team, going by the name of Dino, Desi and Billy, makes its screen debut in the Irving Allen production, “Murderers’ Row,” a Columbia Pictures release starring Dean Martin as Matt Helm and Ann-Margret at the...... Theatre in color by Technicolor. Also starred are Karl Malden, Camilla Sparv, James Gregory and Beverly Adams. Dino is the son of Dean Martin; Desi, the son of Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball. Billy, third of the trio, is the son of a Los Angeles realtor. with Karl Malden It’s a long way from steel puddler to “actor’s actor” but Karl Malden, an alumnus of the Gary, Indiana, steel mills, has a score of hit Broadway plays, an Oscar on his mantle, and an impressive list of screen credits to prove it can be done. A hefty six-feet-two, with distinctive features, Malden is recognized for his ability to play a wide range of characters, and make them believable, which makes it easily understandable why producer Irving Allen signed him for the co-starring role as the head of a world-wide terror ring in “Murderers’ Row,” chronicling the further adventures of America’s super-spy, played by Dean Martin as Matt Helm. The Columbia Pictures release at the Scaae Saatere Theatre also stars Ann-Margret and Camilla Sparv and co-stars James Gregory and Beverly Adams in color by Technicolor. Malden was born Mladen Sekulovich in Gary. He attended Emerson High School where he starred in basketball and baseball, then attended Arkansas State Teachers College for a year on an athletic scholarship. Forced to leave because of financial difficulties, Malden returned to his home town and the steel mills. In time, though, he studied dramatics at Chicago’s Goodman Art Institute, playing pro basketball at night to pay the tuition. After graduation, he went to New York and a promised part in a Broadway play. The play was postponed but Malden landed an occasional bit part. finally joining the Group Theatre. It was during this period that Malden made several long-lasting friends: Richard Widmark, Elia Kazan and Marlon Brando. He also gave himself a new name, changing Mladen to Malden and prefacing it with Karl—“a name I like.” Malden and Kazan worked together as actors on two plays, “Golden Boy” and “Gentle People.’ When Kazan branched into direction, he cast Malden in “A Streetcar Named Desire,” and “All My Sons” on Broadway, and in “Boomerang,” “Streetcar,” “On the Waterfront” and “Baby Doll’ in films. Malden first worked with Brando on Broadway in “Truckline Cafe.” He costarred with him on the screen in “Streetcar,” which won Karl his Oscar, and in “On the Waterfront.” On Broadway, Karl’s other notable hits include “Key Largo,” “Counter Attack,” “Desire Under the Elms” and “The Desperate Hours.” Among’ his screen credits, Malden numbers “The Gunfighter,” “Halls of Montezuma,” “Take the High Ground,’ “Gypsy,” “Cheyenne Autumn,” “How the West Was Won,” “The Cincinnati Kid,” “One-Eyed Jacks” and “Bullwhip Griffin.” Swedish Beauties By a curious coincidence, the two leading feminine stars of ‘Murderers’ Row,” the new Matt Helm spy-spoof comedy in color by Technicolor at the Aa areeainy? ibs. Theatre, are of Swedish extraction. Ann-Margret, who co-stars with Dean Martin as Matt Helm, is originally from Sweden, while Camilla Sparv, beautiful fashion model-turnedactress, also is of Swedish ancestry. ——— = = Mat 2A; Still No. 74 A drink or a bullet seems to be the choice Dean Martin as Matt Helm is being offered here by lovely Camilla Sparv, the blonde femme fatale of "Murderers' Row," in color by Technicolor. In the new Columbia Pictures release, Dean battles an international terror ring, headed by Karl Malden, with the dubious assistance of vibrant Ann-Margret. James Gregory and Beverly Adams, playing Dean's very private secretary, co-star. The spy adventure features the 12 calendar "Slaygirls" and introduces the recording team of Dino, Desi and Billy. Page 15