The Big Gusher (Columbia Pictures) (1951)

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P GOLUMBIA PICTURES presents | May i Preston FOSIER | PAULE.BURNS-EMMETT VOGAN sceenpiayby DANIELULLMAN | Produced by WALLACE MacDONALD = Directed by LEW LANDERS Ad Mat No. 102—31 Lines v “COLUMBIA PICTURE’ Man MORRIS Presto at 516 GUSHER vw Dorothy Sal PAUL E BURNS » EMMETT YOGAN Screen Play by uf tulle Produced by WALLACE MacDONALD + Directed by LEW LANDERS COLUMBIA PICTURES presents WAYNE PRESTON wrw Dorothy PATRIGK PAUL E. BURNS EMMETT VOGAN. SCREEN DIRECTED BY DANIEL ULLMAN « WALLACE ‘MacDONALD + LEW LANDERS Ad Mat No. 101—18 Lines Official Billing COLUMBIA PICTURES — 25% presents WAYNE PRESTON MORRIS FOSTER THE BIG GUSHER with DOROTHY PATRICK ~— 50% PAUL E. BURNS . EMMETT VOGAN — 25% Screen Play by DANIEL ULLMAN — 15% Produced by WALLACE MacDONALD e Directed by LEW LANDERS — 15% 180-Line Ad Mat No. 301—3 Cols. x 60 Lines PA BLAZING GUSHE OF THRILLS! starring WAYNE PRESTON MORRIS-FOSTER porori PATRICK gure Le i PAUL E. BURNS EMMETT VOGAN . screen pLay sy DANIEL ULLMAN + PRODUCED BY WALLACE MacDONALD « pirecTeD By LEW LANDERS 32-Line Ad Mat No. 201—2 Cols. x 16 Lines CAST Wayne Morris Jim Tolman Preston Foster Bartender Dorothy Patrick Sheriff Paul E. Burns CREDITS Screen Play by Daniel Ullman; Story by Harold R. Greene; Directed by Lew Landers: Assistant Director, Jack Corrick; Director of Photography, William Whitley; Art Director, Harold MacArthur; Film Editor, Aaron Stell; Set Decorator, Frank Tuttle; Musical Director, Mischa Bakaleinikoff; Sound Engineer, Lambert Day. Produced by Wallace MacDonald. A Columbia Picture. STORY (Not for Publication) Oil workers Kenny Blake (Wayne Morris) and Hank Mason (Preston Foster) want to start their own drilling enterprise. On a drinking spree with Betsy Abbott (Dorothy Patrick), Hank buys a piece of worthless oil land from a sharper named Tolman (Emmett Vogan). Cappy Groves (Paul E. Burns), a famed diviner, locates oil on the property. Betsy arranges to rent drilling equipment from Tolman, with the stipulation that if they do not strike oil in sixty days, the lease reverts to Tolman. Oil is hit, just within the deadline. Kenny Blake Hank Mason Betsy Abbott Cappy Groves Emmett Vogan Eddie Parker Fred F. Sears (Running Time: 68 Minutes) Page 3