The Big Gusher (Columbia Pictures) (1951)

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Put Merchants Behind ‘Big Gusher’ There are several ways in which valuable merchant tie-ups might be made in connection with “The Big Gusher.” By lining up merchant co-operation and arranging setups as indicated below, you should garner some excellent publicity for “The Big Gusher.” Try these: CLOTHING STORES: Still Nos. 7, 11, 15, 41 and 75 show the men who work in the oil fields wearing the clothes required by those persons having rough, tough jobs. Playdate cards together with some of these stills placed in the shops or windows of stores selling work clothes can prove a strong selling angle for both the store and your engagement of the picture. GAS STATIONS:Set up window displays of Still Nos. 2, 12, 15, 17, 20, 26 and 50 which show the various activities in the oil fields. Mount them on playdate posters bearing the following copy: “There’s Drama Behind the Gas You Buy! See ‘The Big Gusher’.” Oil trucks might also be fitted up with one-sheets and tie-in banners on their sides. DEPARTMENT STORES: Emphasize economy in making purchases and at the same time plug “The Big Gusher,” via merchant windows with credit cards and Still Nos. 16, 20 and 52 showing oil wells, etc., around the slogan, “You Don't Have to Strike a Big Gusher to Shop at Blank’s.” "BIG GUSHER’ SUNDAE: Arrange to tie in with a local soda fountain in advance of playdate of “The Big Gusher.” Have them concoct a special “Big Gusher” sundae, from ingredients chosen by the cooperating store, and announce the sundae with a window and lobby display featuring stills and playdate credits. Also arrange for the first 25 or 50 patrons on opening day to receive a special “Big Gusher” certificate entitling the bearer to a free sundae. COLOR-IN MAT COLOR IN ——_. } STATE THEATRE THE BIG GUSHER FRIDAY Use this color-in mat in a newspaper or as a throwaway herald contest. Local merchant might share costs by printing message on back of herald. Order Mat 2-B (4 x 4’) from National Screen Service. LOCAL HISTORY If there has ever been any oil drilling in your community, successful or otherwise, arrange for a newspaper to print a story on the subject. Be sure to get credits. RADIO SPOTS These radio spot announcements should be planted before and after adventure and action programs on your local radio station. 15 SECONDS: Watch the _ screen gush over with thrills! See oil field wildcatters fight and love in Columbia Pictures’ new drama, “The Big Gusher.” “The Big Gusher” starts at the State Theatre Friday starring Wayne Morris and Robert Preston. See “The Big Gusher” at the State Friday. 30 SECONDS: “The Big Gusher”... blazing gusher of screen thrills! See Columbia Pictures’ “The Big Gusher” at the State Friday. Wayne Morris and Preston Foster star as a pair of oil-drilling wildcatters. Dorothy Patrick is featured as the wildcat blonde who spends their money faster than they make it. Watch the girl carry a romantic torch into the oil fields! Watch the wildcatters drill for oil and battle dangerous oil fires! Yessir, there is wildcat excitement and wildfire love in “The Big Gusher,” at the State Theatre Friday. STREET BALLY Dress a man in an oil driller’s outfit (work clothing and round work helmet), and have him walk through the main business streets of your community with a divining rod, a forked stick with the branches, held in each hand. Bally man wears a sign on his back stating, “I Am Searching for ‘The Big Gusher’ at the State Theatre Friday.” Too, in advance of your playdate, have theatre ushers and doorman wear work helmets with appropriate copy. ESSAY CONTEST Stage a newspaper, radio and/or school essay contest on “The Importance of Oil to America,” making sure that your picture, theatre and playdate credits figure prominently in all publicity. Limit entries to 100 words or less, and award guest tickets to “The Big Gusher” for the best 20 letters submitted. Teachers, newscasters and newspaper editors might serve as the judges. Letter judged best should be printed in cooperating newspaper, or read over the air. Page 4