The Happy Time (Columbia Pictures) (1952)

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: Columbia Pictwrws prosoncs Stonkoy Kramers production of starring I a [ gd ) <P of 1,” AUNT -ASUNA — CHAISTANOAD OWA and BOBBY DRISCOLL a TT tiv 5 A so fr EARL FELTON : Y, oe the Ply by SAMUEL A. TAYLOR ant the Bonk ty | | eel a ———J | gE df 2 ROBERT FONTAINE * Produced on the stage by IGHARD RODGERS ani OSCAR HAMMERSTEIN | usic Composed and Directed by DIMITRI TIOMKIN —sociate Producer EARL FELTON Directed by RICHARD f LEISCHER with Marsha Kur oan hy At es ee Bs Me Ps ha ey ibs ey yi ae ao oe i zene bf + Ra ey f * si % + ae se fr 2 opyright 1952 Columbia Pictures Corp.