The Happy Time (Columbia Pictures) (1952)

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Pee ee ee ee es ee eee es 2 2 | a se eo oe ee ns ss nS SE SE EERE EERE EERERERERERRERE REEL LCLLL LL e s eae Meee "eae a MaMa eae aaa aan aaa ee CAST POC URES \BORRADE 58508 oie es oye cach a Charles Boyer CAGE CIN ORO a Guia og oS hols Louis Jourdan USO ONMGIE kad vif 50h a ov gw wes Marsha Hunt oi aad BS lel ot User ae a Rd Kurt Kasznar Mignonetie Chappuis .........:... Linda Christian Pee eee ath Pe ch tee las Gs 8p Bobby Driscoll Grindpere Bonnard 4 See As oe Marcel Dalio eee Aaah, Cok 2 wv. da eg eis ici ae Sires Jeanette Nolan BT AOE er ites he ue we yeh oie n6: wa Jack Raine FEO CIPO eee, ed Sil ee Richard Erdman PCO PR ise Wag sie BC OES Marlene Cameron PROUIEV TSN OD Cts live eR ENS Coo Gene Collins aE eR eet ete Puc Oa Nia oa, hes as ie Ann Faber PE AD I. MS ras anne ai Kathryn Sheldon THe CregeGOSPart So eee 2 sine aoe Maurice Marsac Petr Marenatia i ee. oie Gigs Will Wright Monsieur Lafayette soo Ge oe. tse Eugene Borden CREDITS Sereen Play by Earl Felton; Based on the Play by Samuel A. Taylor and the Book by Robert Fontaine; Directed by Richard Fleischer; Assistant Director, Milton Feldman; Produced on the stage by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein; Music Composed and Directed by Dimitri Tiomkin; Song, “The Happy Time”, Music by Dimitri Tiomkin, Lyrics by Ned Washington; Production Design, Rudolph Sternad; Kditorial Supervision, Harry Gerstad; Production Manager, Clem Beauchamp; Gowns by Jean Louis; Director of Photography, Charles Lawton, Jr., A.S.C.; Art Director, Carl Anderson; Film Editor, William A. Lyon, A.C.E.; Set Decorator, James Crowe; Makeup by Clay Campbell; Hair Styles by Helen Hunt; Sound Engineer, Russell Malmgren; Associate Producer, Earl Felton; A Stanley Kramer Company Production. A Columbia Picture. STORY (Not for Publication) Jacques Bonnard (Charles Boyer) and his wife Susan (Marsha Hunt) employ as a maid lovely young Mignonette (Linda Christian). Their son Bibi (Bobby Driscoll) falls in puppy-love with her; Bibi’s philandering Uncle Desmonde (Louis Jourdan) also is attracted to Mignonette. Susan disapproves of the Gallic frankness towards romance of the male Bonnards— Desmonde, Grandfather Bonnard (Marcel Dalio) and Uncle Louis (Kurt Kasznar)—but Jacques understandingly teaches the boy the difference between love and desire. Uncle Desmonde persuades Mignonette to marry him. Bibi, wearing his first pair of long pants, kisses the girl his own age next door—to the horror of Susan and the sympathy and pride of Jacques. (Running Time: 94 Minutes) Page 2 Mat I-A; Still No. 150 CHARLES BOYER Mat I-B; Still No. 199 LOUIS JOURDAN it’s about GG DOY e463 just old enough to wonder Mat I-D; Still No. 184 BOBBY DRISCOLL what big girls are made OPES ak oe Mat I-C; Still No. 118 LINDA CHRISTIAN ‘Happy Time’ Delightful Comedy Based on Sensational Stage Hit (Review) A joyous, warm and tender romantic comedy, Columbia Pictures’ “The Happy Time,” the Stanley Kramer production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s frank and funny Broadway hit, opened yesterday at the ........ Theatre. “The Happy Time” is as happy as its name, a buoyant film that treats of a subject eternally full of wonder and tenderness: a boy’s coming of age and his first wide-eyed awareness that the world is filled with beautiful things—all women! A wonderful cast that obviously delighted in carrying through their assignments is headed by Charles Boyer and Louis Jourdan and they have stalwart support from Marsha Hunt, Kurt Kasznar, Linda Christian, Marcel Dalio, Richard Erdman and Bobby Driscoll. “The Happy Time” is a delightful, tender story of the springtime in a boy’s life, when the very act of being alive is a thing of sheer delight. In this case, the boy is young Bobby Driscoll, who is busy watching, and learning from, the uninhibited manner in which his elders live their lives. He sees his father, leader of an orchestra in an Ottawa theatre, rescue Mignonette, an attractive young woman, from the advances of the magician for whom she works. He sees his handsome Uncle Desmonde, the girl-chasing wine salesman, become attracted to Mignonette when she is installed as a maid in their household. The boy sees his Uncle Louis turn philosophic under the influence of wine which he drinks like water. He sees his grandfather friskily pursue his amours with casual disregard for his age and disrespect for the opinions of the doctor. More important, the boy sees his own mother in eye-twinkling disagreement with the lessons in romance he might learn from his frankly Gallic uncles and grandfather, though she knows that they—and he—are essentially healthy. And, of course, the boy becomes involved in a puppylove affair with Mignonette. Boyer is thoroughly enjoyable as the warmly sympathetic father whose son emerges from childhood to the brink of man’s estate. In one of the most tender mo ments of the film, the star gives a delightful, delicate delineation to his son of the true meaning of love. As the dashing lover who collects garters from burlesque queens until he falls in love, Jourdan also gives one of the best performances of his career. The splendid supporting cast includes Miss Hunt, who loves her husband and his family but looks a trifle askance at their Gallic frankness towards romance; Kasznar as_ Boyer’s’ bibulous brother; Miss Christian as the seductive young Mignonette; Dalio, as the still-amorous grandfather; Erdman, as the reluctant suitor of Kasznar’s silent daughter and young Bobby Driscoll, who successfully conveys the bewilderment and enchantment of a young boy growing into awareness. “The Happy Time” was written for the screen by Earl Felton, who also served as associate producer. The comedy is based on the play by Samuel A. Taylor and the book by Robert Fontaine. Dimitri Tiomkin composed and directed the movie’s music. Richard Fleischer directed. Charles Boyer, Louis Jourdan Star in Kramer’s ‘Happy Time’ (General Advance) “The Happy Time,” Columbia Pictures’ delightful and flavorsome comedy of a boy’s wide-eyed and wonderful emergence into young manhood, will have its local premiere at the ..... Theatre on Aas ygahtae Charles Boyer and Louis Jourdan are starred in the romantic Stanley Kramer production of Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein’s frank and funny Broadway hit. The supporting cast includes featured players Marsha Hunt, Kurt Kasznar, Linda Christian, Marcel Dalio, Richard Erdman and Bobby Driscoll. Reportedly told with verve and tenderness, “The Happy Time” traces a boy’s discovery that the world is full of beautiful things— all women! This discovery, joyously accented with the bittersweet happenings of youth, takes place in a French-Canadian family in Ottawa in the early 1920’s. When a lovely young woman enters the family household as a maid, she creates havoc. Both the boy and his philandering uncle fall in love with her. “The Happy Time” dwells at length on such universal and lovable incidents as the youngster’s first infatuation, his first kiss, his first pair of long pants, a heart-to-heart talk on the meaning of love that his sympathetic father has with him, and his final acceptance of a girl his own age. Boyer, in one of the most delightful roles of his distinguished career, plays the father who sees his son emerging from boyhood and helps him understand his new feelings and experiences. Jourdan co-stars as the uncle whose hobby is collecting the garters of burlesque queens, until he falls in love. Miss Hunt plays the boy’s mother, whose prim Scottish soul is somewhat appalled by the Gallic frankness of the family’s males. Other members of the cast include Kasznar, who repeats his performance in the _ original Broadway cast as the wine-drinking uncle terrified of butterflies; Dalio, as the widow-pursuing grandfather, Erdman, as the reluctant suitor of Kasznar’s daughter and Bobby Driscoll as the boy. “The Happy Time,” penned for the screen by Earl Felton who also served as associate producer, is based on the play by Samuel A. Taylor and the book by Robert Fontaine. Dimitri Tiomkin composed and directed the music, including the title song. Richard Fleischer directed “The Happy Time.” ‘The Happy Time’ Columbia Pictures’ “The Happy Time,” Stanley Kramer’s happy screen production of © Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein’s frank and funny Broadway hit, OPENS! Mane i Me hers 65 ve % Theatre with Charles Boyer and Louis Jourdan starred. Featured in the large cast are Marsha Hunt, Kurt Kasznar, Linda Christian, Marcel Dalio, Richard Erdman and Bobby Driscoll. Earl Felton, who wrote the screen play, also served as associate producer of “The Happy Time.” The film is based on the play by Samuel A. Taylor and the book by Robert Fontaine, Dimitri Tiomkin composed and directed the music of “The Happy Time” and Richard Fleischer directed.