The Happy Time (Columbia Pictures) (1952)

Record Details:

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900-Line Ad Mat No. 601 6 Cols. x 150 Lines See page 10 for 4column size of this ad. A VERY DELIGHTFUL COMEDY ' ON A VERY TOUCHY TOPIC ...cxct-crge-/ Ea Eee eee eee er ee ee ie pee EE ese ee +) (ae ie Ce gina eis, am @¢¢e@e¢e808f08f#e8e8e+8i8 Cobimiies Pictwws prudenta starring CHARLES BOYER “LOUIS JOURDAN ..titastaw. stv and BOBBY DRISCOLL + screen Play’ by EARL FELTON Based on the Play by SAMUEL A. TAYLOR and the Book by ROBERT FONTAINE + Produced on the stage by RICHARD RODGERS and OSCAR HAMMERSTEIN + Music Composed and Directed by DIMITRI TIOMKIN + Directed by RICHARD FLEISCHER Se SS See eee Sees SS Page 9