The Happy Time (Columbia Pictures) (1952)

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Let Merchants hnow “Happy Time’ Ahead! Never, but never, has there been a motion picture title more appropiate for merchants’ use than “The Happy Time,” a title which can be used to sell every type of merchandise from rompers for baby to an easy chair for Grandpa. As soon as your playdate is set, get busy on the merchandising values of the title. 00-0P: Contact the most ima portant department store in town and give it the exclusive right to use “The Happy Time” to promote any items in the store—if it will play up its promotions with ads, displays and directto-customer heralds, all boosting your playdate. Use a line like: “Make This ‘The Happy Time’ for Your Family With These Stacey Specials.” As an alternative, arrange a full page of cooperative advertisements along the line suggested above. Please avoid direct or implied endorsement of any product or service. PRE-SOLD: A full-page ad on " “The Happy Time” is being carried, in advance of opening date, in the Pictorial Review section of the following newspapers: N. Y. Journal-American, Chicago Herald-American, Detroit Times, Boston Advertiser, Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph, Baltimore American, Milwaukee Sentinel, Los Angeles Examiner, San Francisco Examiner, Seattle PostIntelligencer. If one of the newspapers listed is sold in your community, obtain copies of the ad when it appears, for use in a lobby display with the banner-line: “You Read About It in the (name of newspaper). Now See it di ees ss Theatre.”’ PARTY: Ask the distributor of a cola or other soft drink to sponsor a “The Happy Time Party” in a leading restaurant or hotel of your community. As your guests invite editors of school publications and leading students, as well as representatives of “‘Y’s,” settlement houses and other youth organizations. Publicize the affair via press and radio. Ask the editor of a local teen-age newspaper column to act as host at the party. CORSAGE: Mignonette, the se ductive young woman played by Linda Christian, causes most of the romantic excitement in “The Happy Time.” Sell her provocative role by giving away mignonette-and-rose corages to the first 25, 50 or 100 women attending your opening show —depending on the number you can promote from a local florist. SUNDAE: Get the leading soda fountains to feature “The Happy Time Sundae”—a confection to be shared by a boy and girl. The ingredients aren’t important—each store can have its own version—but make sure that the item is promoted in every possible way. Pata ee eee ee eee es ee se ses se eee EE ELLER ELE EEE RERERELEERRELERERERELE LER EEE eee : Inspired by the beret worn in "The Happy Time" by Linda Christian, Walter K. Marks is creating a group of hats, including a Happy Time Beret, as shown here. The Happy Time Beret is to be advertised in such publications as ''Wo men's Wear," ''Millinery Research'’ and other hat magazines, Advertising mats and glossy prints will be sent to 3000 dealers throughout the country. Contact local stores handling the Happy Time Hats and arrange cooperative advertisments and window displays. For name of local dealer and other details, write direct to: Walter K. Marks 42 West 39th Street New York City, N. Y. HAPPY TIME SUITS Branell Originals, noted women's wear stylists, have created a group of Happy Time Suits, inspired by the picture title. A fullpage advertisement in the September issue of ''Vogue"' shown here in rough is to be reprinted and sent to Branell outlets throughout the country, along with a letter urging cooperation with local showmen. For details, and the name of local dealer, write direct to: Alice Berman, Branell Originals 530 7th Ave., N. Y. C., N. Y. ee ee eee ee ee Yes se ee 8 ee ne "a aa en ee aan oe ee 2” HAPPY TIME HATS Ree EE ORS SS Se ee ee ee a a, ee So a"a"a™a" a” M, 2”, a” a” ase ee ee 8 ee ee ee ee eee “Happy Time’ Based On Bway Stage Mit! 9 *“The Happy Time,’ written as a play by Samuel A. Taylor, was produced by Rodgers and Hammerstein, the two most famous names in the contemporary theatre. Every playgoer, every student of the drama in your town will be interested in the fact that ‘““The Happy Time” is now a Stanley Kramer motion pic ture production. Use every idea on this page to let °em know the film is coming to your theatre. REVIEWS: If the stage version of “The Happy Time” was presented in or near your city, get newspaper reviews and mount them in lobby with copy like: “From the Frank, Funny Rodgers and Hammerstein Broadway Stage Hit! Now a Terrific Stanley Kramer Motion Picture!’ Ask newspaper and radio play reviewers to review the picture. MAIL: Obtain mailing lists of local " theatres which house stage shows, and notify them of your playdate of “The Happy Time,” stressing that it is based upon the frank, funny Rodgers and Hammerstein stage hit. The letter suggested on page 15 might meet your requirements or use a short er version for postcard mailings. "at 9 local printHANDOUT: °° 9 r make up several thousand ‘“‘tickets” like the one shown here. Ask the local merchant to share printing costs by placing his message on the back. i$ WHAT THEY PAID TO SEE $ RODGERS AND HAMMESSTEIN'S ‘ bd FRANK, FUNDIY STAGE SUCCESS NOW A GREAT SCREEN COMEDY! At Remains Moxie Prices? Seiuitias Heley geen: STREET BRAMISS cueietige ct } THE HAPPY TIME Slang CHARLES BOYER LOUIS IQURDAN dived GAIN Wil AddVH HHL Order Mat 2-F (4” x 11%”) from National Screen Service. BOOK: “The Happy Time” is based on the play by Samuel A. Taylor and the book by Robert Fontaine. As soon as your playdate is set, arrange library bulletin board displays and book store windows’ boosting “The Happy Time” volumes and your playdate. Print several thousand bookmarks carrying a “Read the Book, See the Movie!” message. Shown here is the Dell Book 25c reprint of “The Happy Time.” Contact the local distributor of Dell Books and work out a mutually-beneficial campaign (tack cards, dis plays, truck posters, etc.). Page 13