The Happy Time (Columbia Pictures) (1952)

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Find Town's Happiest! A search for the happiest people in your community should get newspaper or radio sponsorship—or both! Adapt the following suggestions to your situation: PRIZES: Contact the biggest department store, tell the manager about your promotion, and ask him to furnish prizes for the “happiest man” and the “happiest woman” in town. NEWSPAPER: The search can take the form of a letter-writing contest, whereby claimants for the “happiest” titles write in and tell why they are happy. Or, a committee, headed by a reporter, interviews people and selects the winners. BRA WDE: Whether or not you get newspaper sponsorship, a local disc jockey should be glad to join in the search. Ask him to interview candidates for the “happiest” titles, Illustrate your “Happy Couple” publicity with Still No. 208, illustrated above. HONORS: The “happiest people in town” should be guests of honor at your opening. Arrange for newspaper and radio interviews, and a party at the leading hotel in town. The department store which furnishes the prizes will also wish to honor them. LOVEBIRDS IN LOBBY Promote a pair of lovebirds and present them to a “lucky couple” on opening night. Display the lovebirds in your lob by next to a poster announcing the give a en nn ee Song Hit A lilting new song, "The Happy Time," is heard importantly in the delightful new Columbia comedy. The tune was written by Dimitri Tiomkin, with lyrics by Ned Washington, and published by Laurel Music Corporation, 1619 Broadway, N. Y., N. Y. Check with local music shops to see if recordings are available. Arrange window and counter displays. Distribute copies of the tune to local bands, vocalists, etc., for use in their performances—with your credits! MEDAL-PINNERS In "The Happy Time," Louis Jourdan pins medals on beautiful women. Suggest to a local disc jockey that he become the medal-pinner of your town. He announces in advance of the stunt, that, inspired by your playdate, he is going, on a particular afternoon, to pin medals on the prettiest girls he meets around town. Improvise cardboard medals for the stunt. Recipients of the medals should get guest tickets, if they present their medals at the box-office! Plant photos of the medal-pinning in local newspaper. FIRST KISS’ Plant a radio or newspaper contest which offers guest ticket awards for the most interesting essays on the subject: "My First Kiss." Contest copy should link the contest with "The Happy Time," which happens on the day a boy discovers the world is full of beautiful things—all women! TRANSCRIPTION The radio transcription on "The Happy Time" includes 15-, 30and 60-second open-end spot announcements. Place it on local radio stations, use it in your lobby and during show breaks. Order transcription from your Columbia Pictures’ exchange. It will be shipped from New York. DERE LER EREEE LER E RELL ELEC ee SHE HAPPY TIME RADIO SPOTS Following are special announcements to sell your show. 15 SECONDS: Just think of it! A comedy about what everybody thinks about —shh! ... that urge! It's Stanley Kramer's romantic production of "The Happy Time," new Columbia picture starring Charles Boyer and Louis Jourdan. See "The Happy Time" at the State Theatre starting Friday! 30 SECONDS: From the frank and funny Rodgers and Hammerstein Broadway hit! "The Happy Time!" For the happiest time of your life, you'll want to see Stanley Kramer's romantic production of "The Happy Time," which opens Friday at the State Theatre. "The Happy Time" is Columbia Pictures’ bright and tender new story. "The Happy Time" is about a boy just old enough to wonder what big girls are made of . . . and just bold enough to find out! "The Happy Time" stars Charles Boyer and Louis Jourdan and has a tremendous supporting cast. See it at the State starting Friday! HAPPY SONGS’ "The Happy Time" is not a musical, but it can inspire disc jockeys to devote programs to ''Happy Time Songs.’ Offer tickets in a "Happy Time Songs'' memory contest. "a a SELES ee eee ee ee se ee ee ee ee ee Stage Special Kamily Night” “The Happy Time,” in which three generations of a family are pictured, can inspire a “Family Night’? promotion involving various generations of your community. As soon as your playdate is set, launch a “Family Night” promotion in the following way: GUESTS: [nvite a family in which there are three or even four genera tions to be your guests of honor opening night. Plant group photos in local newspapers in advance of playdate, with captions crediting your showing of “The Happy Time.” GIFTS: Promote valuable gifts for every member of the family from the biggest and best department store of your town. Arrange a newspaper advertisement in which the members of the family endorse the store’s merchandise. Get full picture, theatre and playdate credits. BANQUET: Arrange a special affair for the honored family in a leading restaurant or hotel of your town, immediately preceding your opening night showing of “The Happy Time.” Too, arrange a_ special radio or television interview of the family immediately following the show. Offer free admission to the first 25 three-generaIllustrate your “Family Night’ promotion with tion family groups who Still No. 175. shown here. come to your theatre opening night Or, offer free admission to all grandparents who come to the theatre with their grandchildren. In either case, publicize the offer in local newspapers, on the air, and via lobby display. HAPPY TIME’ FORUMS Your showing of “The Happy Time” can inspire radio and television discussions on the achievement of happiness. Invite local airwaves executives to your advance sereenings of the picture, and ask them to arrange programs where the film and the achievement of happiness are discussed. Local newspaper colum nists—yes, and editorial writers, too!—may want to write along the same lines. Be sure they see “The Pan" away and “Wait Till You See the Love 9999 . ee eee ee ee ee ee ay, s ° 99 birds in ‘The Happy Time Sa aaa aaa aaa" aoa aaa aaa atta Mata Happy Time. Page 14