The Happy Time (Columbia Pictures) (1952)

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eee EEE SE PEE EEE REBEL EEE EREEEE EEE EEE Eee STILL NO. 263 can be used as shown here for a lobby display, as individual life size star blow-ups in portrait frames around theatre or for blowup of Miss Christian holding real feather duster. A SETS: 1) 25 flat stills; 2) 25 uprights; 3) art set of 4 (photos of key ad and poster art); 4) publicity exploitation set (stills used in publicity and exploitation campaigns). Ce ee ee ee ee ee ee kk nnn bonne e a nen nn tna tntatetatatatatatatatatatatetetenet ae ee Put Stills to Work! 4 STAR: Still Nos. 249 (left), 232, 233;°236,. 236; 237: 240, and 242, photos of Linda Christian as the seductive Mignonette, can be used as is or blown up for lobby and store windows or planted with local newspapers. The photos are especially adaptable for cutouts. Have your local sign shop do the work. ‘ACTION’: The special action poses and composites used in the ads and posters are available in still form for all-around use. Order Still Nos. 264 (shown at the left), 220, 260, 261, 262 and 263. PHOTO STORY: 4 "in Pi tures (stills with captions) is available for newspapers. If you will cooperate, write Publicity Dept., Room 901, Columbia Pictures Corp., 729 7th Ave., N. Y. The material will be mailed to the paper and your theatre's name will be mentioned. re ee eee ee neg ee ng agg gene a gag ang gta a ne ane ahahaha tata atptata*ate"a'ahatata'atatatotatatatatoMatatatatatatatatetetematenen Spread Happy Word About “Happy Time! Speak to as many as possible of your patrons in ad vance of opening day and tell them that they are guaranteed a happy time when they see “The Happy Time.” Show them stills from the picture and tell them about scenes that you yourself saw and loved. Let your theatre staff see the picture in advance and arrange special screenings for PTA members and opinion-makers of town. Generate enthusiasm— ‘*The Happy Time” is worthy of every ounce of per sonalized showmanship you can muster! MANAGER'S LETTER Dear Patron: It is with great delight that we announce Columbia Pictures’ “The Happy Time” will have its local premiere .......... at the sleet seatecaiec Theatre. “The Happy Time” is a Stanley Kramer production. In our opinion, it surpasses in sheer entertainment value such of Kramer’s previous hits as “Champion,” “Home of the Brave,” “Cyrano de Bergerac” and “Death of a Salesman.” “The Happy Time” is a very delightful comedy on a very touchy topic—that urge! It happens on the day a boy discovers the world is full of beautiful things—all women! “The Happy Time” stars Charles Boyer and Louis Jourdan and features Marsha Hunt, Kurt Kasznar, Linda Christian, Marcel Dalio, Richard Erdman and Bobby Driscoll. Their performances are warranted to give you the happiest time of your movie-going life! “The Happy Time” is based on the play by Samuel A. Taylor and the book by Robert Fontaine. The play was produced by Rodgers and Hammerstein and was a joyously frank and funny Broadway stage hit. The book was a best-seller which delighted millions. As a motion picture, “The Happy Time” will please you and every member of your family. We urge you to see it. Theatre Manager ATMOSPHERE Create a happy atmosphere for your showing by decorating your front and marquee with balloons, pennants, pin-wheels, bunting, flags, etc., that will help announce that an important motion picture is being shown at your theatre. Post a “starting time” clock near your boxoffice. Flank it with blowup of Linda Christian (see 3sheet), and top your display with the line: “ “The Happy Time’ be ol t 99 GUIS AE acerntc beta ka 2 TRAILERS FOR ADVANCE SELLING Regular: The regular National Screen trailer carries a special punch— star Charles Boyer giving lessons in love, in a sequence especially photo eraphed for this selling aid. Order from National Screen Service. Teaser: Charles Boyer stars in a specially-photographed theatre teaser trailer. Order the teaser trailer from your Columbia exchange for use in advance of the regular National Screen trailer and for cross plugging. ae eo: Let ‘Em All Know! : From Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Frank & Funny Broadway Hit Columbia Pictures THE presents VALANCE: Sectional, in three colors of fluores cent satin. $1.50 per running foot, made up in any size to fit your space. ng Stanley Kramer’s production of TWIRLER : Two inch alu minum twirlers in red, green, blue or gold and aluminum. State colors when ordering. |0-foot length $1.45; 20-foot length: $2.85; 30-foot length: $3.95. From Rodgers & Hammerstein's Frank & Funny Siekteuny BADGE: These fluorescent Hit " badges are priced at 40c each. PENNANTS: Cotton bunting streamer, approxi mately 40 feet long with 12 20” x 30” pennants. $3.75 per streamer, 12 for $39.00. Fluorescent 17” x 28” pennants, ten to a string, approximately 40 feet long. $4.75 per string, 12 strings for $50.00. THEATRE | Columbia Pictures presents Stanley Kramer's production of i ui} gee MAPPy tine = | NOW| BUMPER: Fluorescent 6” x 40” satin strips. $1.00 each with minimum $15 order. Order from: National Flag Co., 43 W. 21 St., N. Y. 10, N. Y. Telephone: Oregon 5-5230. 3 ee aaa a aaa aaa ann aa aaa naan aaa an nan naan aa aaa a aa aaa aan aaa" a"a aaa "a aaa aa aa"a eae" a "aa"a "aaa "aa"a"aa" aaa" el aaah aaa al aaa aaa" : : Pe ee ee ee ee ne ee a »