The Happy Time (Columbia Pictures) (1952)

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et lie ee a ee Happy Time Garters Sell ‘Happy Time! Frilly, frothy feminine garters play an intriguing role in ‘““The Happy Time” and Hortense Hewitt, publicized in Life Magazine as the “‘Garter Queen,” is cooperating with all engagements of the picture by selling her famous garters at greatly reduced cost. The garters, each pair of which is attractively packaged in a transparent acetate box stamped ‘‘The Happy Time,”’ come in two different styles, one of which is illustrated here. The price is $7.20 per dozen pairs, which is well below the wholesale cost. Order the quantity you estimate you need for your own “Happy Time Garters” campaign, and send check or money order to: Hortense Hewitt, Inc., 37 West 39th Street, New York City Here’s Your Follow-Up Campaign: GARTER QUEEN: In conjunction with a local department store or ladies’ apparel shop, run a contest to find your town’s “Garter Queen,” that is, the young woman with the loveliest legs in town. Arrange to have entry blanks picked up at the participating store, thus bringing customers into the shop. “Leg” photos of the contestants, along with entry blanks should either be mailed back to the store or to the theatre, with judges selecting semi-finalists. Stage the finals on-stage, opening day, with audience applause deciding the winner. “Garter Queen” should be outfitted by the store with a complete outfit from head to toe, as befitting a queen. Naturally, the theatre publicizes the contest via lobby and/or screen, and the store reciprocates by devoting one or more windows and ads to the contest. Use Still No. 233 in all publicity and be sure to get complete picture, theatre and playdate credits at all times. GARTER GIFTS: Purchase or promote a sufficient number of pairs of fancy ladies’ garters for giveaway to newspaper editors and columnists and radio and television commentators. With each pair of garters, send a brief note stressing your picture, theatre and playdate credits and the fact that similar garters play an intriguing role in “The Happy Time.” TAPPER re oe actress and plant her on a number of local TV shows to give away garters to the various m.c.’s on behalf of Linda Christian. The girl should be dressed as Miss Christian is in a number of scenes (see Still No. 233); with several garters around her leg. The m.c. is invited to take one, as Louis Jordan does in the picture. GIVEAWAYS: Here’s the perfect giveaway to entice the feminine sex into your theatre. Offer a pair of garters to the first dozen women who enter the theatre open ing day. Or you may make the offer to those women who arrive — first with a male escort. TIE IPS: Contact local retail outlets which handle Hortense “ Hewitt garters and arrange window displays fea turing plenty of stills as well as full credits. Copyright 1952 Columbia Pictures Corp. Printed in U.S.A. SE STILLS! Shown on this page are ue stills from the picture in which feminine garters figure importantly. ‘ Use these stills in connection with your “gar 29 ter” stunts. Stills (available at National Screen Service) and their descriptions are: STILL No. 39: Louis Jourdan displays a girl’s garter, newest addition to his collection, to Bobby Driscoll and Kurt Kasznar. Jourdan stars with Charles Boyer in “The Happy Time.” Stitt No. 56: Marsha Hunt indignantly confronts Charles Boyer with “evidence” of his brother’s romantic antics in “The Happy Time,” while Bobby Driscoll and Marcel Dalio look on. Stitt No. 115: Louis Jourdan and Bobby Driscoll admire the former’s collection of girls’ garters. In “The Happy Time,” Bobby looks forward to the day when he too will be grown up. STILL No. 233 (above): In “The Happy Time,” Linda Christian takes time out, during her work around the Charles Boyer household as a maid, to adjust a garter ... and to ensnare the philander ing Louis Jourdan. Stitt No. 39 Stitt No. 56 Stitt No. 115