The Juggler (Columbia Pictures) (1953)

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‘ Be sure fo see | BIB OOUGLAS ees gh PO Se RSS Pee JLStsLee with MILLY VITALE A Stanley Kramer Productian A Columbia Picture STILL BLOW-UP Put Kirk Douglas—The Man of Passions—out in front where he can play on the passions of every passerby on the street. Blow up and cut out the eyestopping montage of Douglas in Still Art No. 4 and plant it on the sidewalk where his cocked rifle can cover the street, selling the passions illustrated in the still's foreground — “His Love — Too Deep! His Rage — Too Violent! His Hate — Too Hot!” PICTURE STORY A story in pictures (stills with captions) is available. If your local newspaper will cooperate, write to the Publicity Dept., Columbia Pictures Corp., 729 Seventh Ave., New York 19, N. Y. The material will be mailed to the newspaper and your name will be mentioned. Page 2 F “Excitement and suspense... ' @ remarkable novel.” : gg 800! JUGGLING Give the kids a chance to show off in a juggling, ventriloquism and magic contest. Screen them out at a Saturday children’s matinee and save the winners as an added attraction for an evening performance. Tout the event in the press and on the air. Get plenty of photo coverage for the spectacle of local boys—and girls, too — making good. TRAILER, STILLS A powertul trailer for a powerful picture! Order it and the following four still sets from your nearest National Screen Service exchange: 1) set of 25 flat stills; 2) set of 25 uprights; 3) art set of 6 (photo reproductions of key ad -and poster art); 4) publicity exploitation set (stills used in publicity and exploitation campaigns). Dell Book Reprint Helps Sell Picture “The Juggler” based on Michael Blankfort’s sensational best-seller of the same name, hits the nation’s newsstands in a new 25¢ edition day and date with the film’s national release. Dell Publishing Co. has alerted its distributors to cooperate in mutually advantageous promotions. In most cities, the book is being distributed by the American News Co. In others, it is handled by local independents. Call American News first: if it is not handling it, find out who is from your newsdealer. Dell has agreed to trade newsstand tack cards plugging the film in exchange for a lobby poster plugging the book. The theatre must prepare the lobby poster and Dell will take care of the tack cards. Dell requires three weeks’ advance notice and has placed a limit on the offer, so write at once, giving theatre name and playdate, to: MR. MALCOLM DELACORTE Dell Publishing Company 261 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. Other Book Angles: Ist EDITION: cana cop ies of the first edition of “The Juggler” for presentation to V. A. hospitals, welfare organizations, etc. Offer guest tickets for each copy turned in. GROUPS: Get eens talk for your playdate by writing about it to literary groups, women’s clubs, teachers and organizations that might discuss the book. DISPLAYS: ?'s2! stills in book stores, libraries and all book dealers not already covered by the Dell Pubblishing Company tie-up. CONTEST: 2122! = see paper or radio contest on theme “Great Books Make Great Movies!” Offer tickets for the longest lists of books made into movies last year. GIVEWAY: Give copies of the reprint book on opening day to every 50th (or some other figure) ticket buyer. Publicize the giveaway widely. SELL IT: Sell the reprint book at the candy counter or set up a stand in the lobby and sell it as a combination come-on and souvenir program. Offer it at a discount for each ticket stub. Women's Endorsement The General Federation of Women’s Clubs has given ‘‘The Juggler’ its special commendation and asked its hundreds of thousands of members to see and recommend it. Every phase of the production was unstintingly praised. Contact your local women’s clubs; let them know you have booked the picture and furnish them with material to include in their next mailing.