The Last Horseman (Columbia Pictures) (1944)

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Publicity THRILLS COMING IN HAYDEN HIT (General Advance) Russell Hayden will be seen in one of his typical roles of outfighting and outsmarting a double-crossing outfit of landgrabbers when Columbia’s new western, “The Last Horsemcn” OpeltSa att hes. ser. sae. Theatre ONE ee to a series of thrills, sorgs, ‘and. laughs which include “Lucky” (Russell Hayden) and his cowboys masquerading as women. Ann Savage provides the feminine glamour in a featured role. Dub T.ylor, Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys are also featured. William Berke directed. FAST WESTERN TOP THRILLER (Review) “The Last Horseman,’ Columbia’s latest western starring the eta. Russell Hayden at the ume, Leathe, 1s;abangbang ‘story of blistering gunfire in which this daring son-of+thesaddle outfoxes a pack of bandit wolves attempting to make a land-grab. By wild riding, clever wits eal indomitable couraye, the star with the asistance of Dub Taylor, Bob’ Wills and His Texas Playboys and Ann Savage makes justice win in as thrilling and song-’ filled a story as these players have been in for many a day. The action-filled story was written by Ed Earl Repp and produced by Leon Barsha. William Berke directed. SHORTS Bob Wills, featured player in Columbia’s western, “The Last Horseman” starring Rusell Hayden and now playing at the Siete Theatre, recently left the studio to report to the United States Army for induction at Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ann Savage, Columbia contract starlet, now appearing in a featured role in the Russell Hayden western, “The Last Horseman,” ath Gta Aen ee Theatre, always wanted to be a jewelry buyer like her mother. Then she was bitten by the theatre bug. Russell Hayden, star of “The Last Horseman,’ the Columbia western now playing at the Jina tame Theatre, was born on a 640-acre ranch near Chico, California, 2 Col. Scene Mat TLH-1B HERE RUSSELL HAYDEN GOES INTO ACTION in one of his typical “Lucky” roles as the fighting foreman of the Bar W Ranch in Columbia’s new western thriller, “The Last Horseman,” ee: ae rr Theatre. Bob Wills, on the right, helps the star round-up a pack of vicious outlaws in this action-crammed drama of the plains. STORY (not for publication) Lucky Rawlins (Russell Hayden), foreman of the Bar W Ranch, sells a herd of cattie and is returning with a check for $12,000 for his boss. A trio of bandits lures him to the place where they have his boss tied up, and by torturing him they foree the ranch owner to sign the check. They give it to Cash Watson (John Maxwell), the town banker, who plans to take over the Bar W Ranch when its owner can’t pay off the notes. When Watson refuses an extension on the notes, Saunders (Forrest Taylor), kindhearted manager of the bank, offers to help. Watson overhears Saunders and plans to kill him. Meanwhile, Lucky eatehes up with the bandits and has a terrific fight with them. Then he and friends plan to sell another herd to get the money for the notes. At a dance that night Lucky learns from Judy (Ann Savage), his sweetheart, who Works in the bank, that Watson wants the Ranch to sell at a big profit to the railroad, At the same party Saunders is shot and_ killea. Lucky’s boss is charged with the murder. Watson tries to stop profitable deals at the ranch by sending a fake inspector to quarantine the cattle. Lucky lets it be known that an official vet is coming on the stagecoach to examine the cattle and, just as he figured, Watson has his men hold up the coach. They are amazed to find Lucky and the boys ready for them, disguised as women. They roundup the outlaws and capture Watson as he is about to escape after robbing the bank. CAST touchy — Rawlins. Ae eibsais RUSSELL HAYDEN Cannonball ...ccs.s: Dub Taylor ESOS we cas iy ccanevucteeeasteiees Bob Wills Judy Ware ........... Ann Savage Cash Watson .. John Maxwell RRANCC! WALMIAMS ic. cccescoscsdecers Frank La Rue WC ATD oacecctstenctse Nick Thompson SSG Ge 157, cea cea cscteaanecounes oanoasacees J. P. “Blackie” Whiteford CWT OW ssc eae tes ctenase Ted Mapes Bert Saunders ..Forrest Taylor & STAFF Story and Screen PLAY “DY sick Ed Earl Repp Directed by .. William Berke Assistant Directors ............. William O’Connor & Earl Bellamy Director of Photography ... George Meehan, A.S.C. Film Editor .... Jerome Thoms Art Direction .. Lionel Banks Associate ............ Perry Smith Interior: Decorator 222... Robert Priestley Sound Engineer ..Lambert Day Produced by Leon Barsha A COLUMBIA PICTURE now showing FILM ANIMALS TREATED WELL @eature),, There’s no rationing on thrills, so western fans are getting as much of their hard-hitting horsemen, fist fights, forest fires and cattle stampedes as they did before the war. But in spite of their search for new thrills, the picture companies are all careful about protecting the animals which play such a vital part in satisfying the demands of western fans. For instance. The stampede of cattle in Columbia’s “lhe Last Horseman” now playing at (i RIS ee as Theatre was made with the greatest care and preparation so that no animal wouid be injured. This the studios would do for their own protection if they were not under obligation to the American Humane Society to see to it that there are no injuries. WESTERN STAR IN NEW DRAMA “The Last Horeman,” the new Columbia :western starring Russell Hayden in another of his famous “Lucky”. roles, opens on ere at the . Theatre. Featured players include the lovely st. rlet Ann Sayage, Dub Taylor, Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys. 1 Col. Star Mat RH-7U00A Also Available in Thumbnail Size (1” x 14%”). Order Mat RH-77 RUSSELL HAYDEN, popular western star, packs a mean wallop in his newest “Lucky” role in Columbia’s action drama, “The Last Horseman,” now showing at the ........00.. Theatre. Ann Savage, lovely blonde actress, adds glamour to this one.