The Pirates of Blood River (Columbia Pictures) (1962)

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BLOOD-THIRSTY PIRATES STORMING ASHORE... RANSACKING A LOST TROPIC ISLAND... FOR A FABULOUS IDOL OF GOLD! Skull-and-Bones Sev aaeeyEngulfs the Screen! STARRING AND MUA CAT DIRECTED BY FROM A STORY BY PRODUCED BY JOHN HUNTER and JOHN GILLING + simmy sancster ANTHONY NELSON KEYS JOHN GILLING: A HAMMER FILM PRODUCTION A COLUMBIA PICTURES RELEASE Ad No. 501—555 Lines (including imprint space) CAST I Official Billing JONATHONG 2... KERWIN MATHEWS vs Pes ss al ce ce GLENN CORBETT COLUMBIA PICTURES 25% || PeRO we 3 oe CHRISTOPHER LEE at presents et eee ee ee, MARLA LANDI SeOckIig be. et OLIVER REED nt THE P| RATES OF JASON STANDING =o... ANDREW KEIR | | i Be Net fe. ior cers, ee PETER ARNE + 6 LOOD RIVE R 100% Ag ee MICHAEL RIPPER | | RADON op). 3. cee, JACK STEWART 14 eoeae ul SU Aly ee ae a Seen DAVID LODGE mM KERWIN i MAGGIE. foo cee MARIE DEVEREUX it | MARGARET BLACKTHORNE...DIANE AUBREY rs M AT H EWS 100% * COMMANDANT «oo occ cece: JEROLD WELLS | Tiere we kee DENNIS WATERMAN i GLENN CHRISTOPHER © :: MARTHA BLACKTHORNE. .LORRAINE CLEWES a4 SND SEPTRLERS ek JOHN RODEN ** COR BETT LE E 100% +. BLACKTHORNE ....... DESMOND LLEWELYN d SILAS +0... eeeeeeeeseeeecetees KEITH PYOTT MARLA LANDI 715% SEYOOUR®..2... Soo RICHARD BENNETT | MARTIN S........0MICHAEL MULCASTER s: Screenplay by JOHN HUNTER and JOHN GILLING |5%_ |! Se Al. Seek. ee DENIS SHAW | From a story by Jimmy Sangster 10% er ee a | MICHAEL PEAKE "! Produced by ANTHONY NELSON KEYS =| 5% Ree NAC = rege eee, Stic) Bete, JOHN COLIN Directed by JOHN GILLING 15% CARE, os i ore Ese. DON LEVY as A HAMMER FILM PRODUCTION I5% PENAL COLONY GUARD...... JOHN BENNETT EASTMAN: COLOR MEGASCOPE 25% POG Bass Soe Save do ores: RONALD BLACKMAN sep See See Se ey Se ee Copyright © 1962. Columbia Pictures Corporation. All Rights Reserved. CREDITS Screenplay by John Hunter and John Gilling from a story by Jimmy Sangster; Directed by John Gilling; Assistant Director, John Peverall; Music Composed by Gary Hughes; Musical Director, John Hollingsworth; Director of Photography, Arthur Grant, B.S.C.; Production Designer, Bernard Robinson; Supervising Editor, James Needs; Production Manager, Clifford Parkes; Editor, Eric Boyd-Perkins; Art Director, Don Mingaye; Camera Operator, Len Harris; Sound Recordist, Jock May; Sound Editor, Alfred Cox; Continuity, Tilly Day; Make-Up Artist Roy Ashton; Hair Stylist, Frieda Steiger; Wardrobe Supervisor, Molly Arbuthnot; Wardrobe Mistress, Rosemary Burrows; Casting, Stuart Lyons; Special Effects, Les Bowie; Horse Master and Master at Arms, Bob Simmons; Produced by Anthony Nelson Keys; Executive Producer, Michael Carreras. A Hammer Film Production in Megascope; Eastman Color by Pathe. A Columbia Pictures Release. STORY (Not for Publication) One-eyed pirate captain LaRoche and his freebooters trek through the jungle to capture an island settlement off the coast of South America. While blindfolded pirates duel with cutlasses for possession of lovely Bess, his half-sister, Jonathon Standing and his friend Henry, Bess’ fiance, escape their bonds. Henry and others flee with Bess into the jungle; Jonathon stays behind with his father, settlement leader who refuses to tell LaRoche the hiding place of the settlement’s vast wealth. LaRoche discovers that a larger-than-life painted statue of Jonathon’s grandfather is made of pure gold. The pirates drag the statue through the jungle .to their ship; Jonathon joins Henry and Bess in ~ aitabushes and other jungle guerilla tactics. As the pirates try to raft the statue to their ship, Jonathon and Henry launch their last desperate attack.