The Pirates of Blood River (Columbia Pictures) (1962)

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| ! Selling Aids Displays: 9’ x 12’ single face flag, $45.00; double | | face: $75.00. Badge: 40c. Streamer; 17’ long, ii .« $16.50 each. Valance: $1.65 per running foot, | minimum length 10-foot. 12 pennant string: 30° | -« long, $3.50. Bumper strip: $1.00 each, minimum order 15. Order from National Flag Co., 43 W. 21st «: St., New York 10, N. Y. ! Two Telops: Style A, theatre and station identification. Style B, theatre advertising only. Prices: +: $5.00 without imprint; $7.50 with imprint; $2.00 !! | for each additional slide or telop. Specify telop style jj : and copy desired when you order direct from: QQ 1! Title Card Co., 247 W. 46th St., New York 36, N.Y. PIRATES.... e Send pretty girl in pirate costume on a street bally and VIP-visit campaign. e ‘Treasure chest" in lobby or cooperating store window, with passersby invited to try one of their own keys; if it unlocks chest, they win guest ticket. ® Lobby-display of swords, including the pirate cutlass, borrowed from local museum or private collectors. e Pirate flag atop marquee and elsewhere around theatre. e If yours is a waterfront community (ocean, lake or river!) put picture title and your credits on the sail of a boat which cruises about off-shore. e Rig up a ship's bell, to be rung by a pirate-costumed usher at regular intervals, in theatre lobby or atop theatre marquee. e Pirate ship model contests for youngsters. _AND PIRANHAS! Piranhas are the deadly South American river fish which can strip a human to a skeleton in minutes. They figure importantly in "The Pirates of Blood River." e If local pet shop can provide a tank containing piranhas, wonderful! Display ‘em in your lobby and take 'em around to TV programs. Handle with care, of course. e If no piranhas are available, place a well-stocked fishbowl in lobby with a sign: " 'The Pirates of Blood River' Feared Only the Dread Piranhas! See It Here!" ACCESSORIES f ONE SHEET I. EIGHT 11x 14's I © 22x 28 || TRAILER |. UTILITY MAT | SHEET Ae pressbook set, art set) ae 82 ries at change {Mat 2A) Kerwin Mathews, left, wields a cutlass against one-eyed, coldblooded pirate chief Christopher Lee in Columbia Pictures' "The Pirates of Blood River," new Hammer Film production in Eastman Color and Megascope. Glenn Corbett and Marla Landi also star. (Kerwin Mathews) Handsome young Kerwin Mathews, former Beloit, Wisc., drama instructor who decided it was more fun to act than to teach, currently stars at the Ae eRe Theatre in Columbia Pictures’ “The Pirates of Blood River,” in Eastman Color and Megascope. Also starred in the film are Glenn Corbett, Christopher Lee and Marla Landi. “The Pirates of Blood River” brings Mathews back to costume adventure after a one-picture excursion into modern drama; he played a young priest with Spencer Tracy and Frank Sinatra in “The Devil at 4 O’Clock.” Other of his recent pictures include “The 7th Voyage of Sinbad,” “The Three Worlds of Gulliver” and “The Warrior Empress.” Mathews was born in Janesville, Wisc., and attended school there and in Beloit. He studied and taught drama at Beloit College; his rugged good looks and his abilities as both an actor and an athlete attracted Hollywood attention. “The Pirates of Blood River” is based on a story by Jimmy Sangster and a screenplay by John Hunter and John Gilling. (Marla Landi) Marla Landi, once a favorite model of a British Royal family photographer named Jones, has been described as “one of the ten most beautiful women in the world.” Her smoldering, darkeyed brunette beauty made her, as Marla Scarafia, one of the world’s top international fashion models. Now, in Columbia Pictures “The Pirates of Blood River,” the Italian-born beauty plays a pirate-pursued West Indies settler whose troubles are many and varied; they involve such uncommon pursuits as: Being the prize for whom blindfolded buccaneers duel to the death with cutlasses; Fleeing through the jungle in blithe disregard for the thickets which tear her clothing and skin; Racing across a piranhafilled river; Joining with ee settlers in surprise attacks, snakeand bamboo-staked pits and other other guerilla traps designed to kill off pirates expediently and unpleasantly. Also starred in “The Pirates of Blood River” are Kerwin Mathews, Glenn Corbett and Christopher Lee. ’ (General Advance) Everybody knows what pirates are, but the buccaneers in Columbia Pictures’ “The Pirates of Blood River,” opening ....... at GH Cys ciscercuavehews Theatre, reportedly are just about the deadliest ever brought to the screen. Filmdom is said to be enthralled by their deep-dyed villainies in the new Hammer Film production, which stars Kerwin Mathews, Glenn Corbett, Christopher Lee and Marla Landi. “The Pirates of Blood River” includes, in its other scenes of heart-stopping excitement, sequences showing the deadly South American piranha in fleshtearing action. The piranha, for those who don’t know, is a small South American fish so vicious and so voracious it can turn a being into a skeleton—stripped of all the bones—in minutes. Pirates and piranhas, they join their terrors in a breathless story of the freebooter assault upon a small West Indies island settlement supposedly possessed of a vast hidden treasure. The corsairs seize the town and immediately turn their attention not to the loot but to the ladies. Blindfolded pirates have at each other with cutlasses in a freefor-all to the death; the survivor gets his choice of girl. Mathews, last seen as a young priest in “The Devil at 4 O’Clock”, here appears as a young adventurer who joins forces with the settlers. Corbett plays his friend and future brother-in-law; Miss Landi, the girl the pirates go for. One of Britain’s finest screen menaces, Christopher Lee, is the one-eyed pirate chief whose paralyzed, black-gloved hand is a grim reason for his contempt for life, his own and others. “The Pirates of Blood River” was directed by John Gilling from a screenplay by John Hunter and Gilling, based on a story by Jimmy Sangster. Anthony Nelson Keys produced the drama. (Advance Notice) “The Pirates of Blood River” stars Kerwin Mathews, Glenn Corbett, Christopher Lee and Maria. Landi at the... \..52¢: Theatre beginning ........ A Hammer Film production in Eastman Color and Megascope, “The Pirates of Blood River” is based on a screenplay by John Hunter and John Gilling from a story by Jimmy Sangster. Gilling directed and Anthony Nelson Keys produced the film. (Review) Blood, lots of it, is to be found in Columbia Pictures’ breathless new costume adventure, “The Pirates of Blood River” in Eastman Color and Megascope at the seats Theatre. The pirates are as unhealthy a crew of cutthroats as ever tangled with innocent West Indies settlers, and the film’s grisly goings-on include a number of sequences in which piranhas—those voracious South American fish — strip people into skeletons in minutes. “The Pirates of Blood River” is a Hammer Film production starring Kerwin Mathews, Glenn Corbett, Christopher Lee and Maria Landi. Lee plays the oneeyed, hand-paralyzed pirate chief determined to wrest from a captured village the treasure he knows is hidden somewhere near. While waiting for the village elders to abandon their stubborn refusal to talk, he will cold-bloodedly hang them two at a time; between hangings, his men will disport themselves with the village girls with Miss Landi, survivor’s prize in a wild freefor-all, in which blindfolded pirates desperately flail away at each other with their cutlasses. Mathews plays a young adventurer and Corbett, as a villager, is another derring-do hero with sword and jungle warfare. “The Pirates of Blood River” is based on a screenplay by John Hunter and John Gilling from a story by Jimmy Sangster. Gilling directed and Anthony Nelson Keys produced the film. (Glenn Corbett) One of Hollywood’s most talented young actors, Glenn Corbettas starmmedcat the ....02...1 Theatre, in Columbia Pictures’ “The Pirates of Blood River,” a Hammer Film _ production in Eastman Color and Megascope. Kerwin Mathews, Christopher Lee and Marla Landi also star. Corbett plays a cutlasswielding, fast-shooting and hardriding young settler in early-day West Indies when peaceful villages near the Caribbean were invaded by buccaneers seeking gold and girls. Corbett’s present role is a far cry from his more modern, if equally dramatic, performances as a murder-involved druggist in “Homicidal,” a World War II sergeant in “The Mountain Road” and a Marine Corps medic in “All the Young Men.” (Mat IA; Still No. 40) Glenn Corbett and Marla Landi star with Kerwin Mathews and Christopher Lee in Columbia Pictures’ "The Pirates of Blood River," Hammer Film production in Eastman Color and Megascope. Printed in U.S.A