The Gospel According to St. Matthew (Continental) (1964)

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LIFE REPRINT A four page 8 X 10 two color reproduction on fancy paper of the magnificent LIFE magazine review, the highly laudatory NEW YORK TIMES review and a special quote ad. (Ideal for mailing, it folds to fit a #10 envelope. ) HAILS: “ONE OF THE GREAT MOVIES OF ALL TIME!” $3.00 per 100 vendor: SID COOPER SCOOP PRINTING 315 W. 47th St. N. Y. 10036 (212) 247-3140 THEATRE PROGRAM STUDY GUIDE Catholic Film N i ioaee sete (Catholic Film Newsletter Supplement) folded) program with woodcut (ad logo), cast and credits and . ; ; brief description of Study Guide covering the history of the production. Dereligious films, the history of St. signed for in-theatre = $=Matthew’s Gospel, full discussion of distribution. _ the film, the director and his techniques. Includes supplementary read ing lists and study questions. (Suit able for mailing in a #10 envelope.) $1.00 per 100 $2.00 per 100 vendor: vendor: SID COOPER se ale N SID COOPER xi Wy} SCOOP PRINTING ae Lares 315 W. 47th St. ey N. Y. 10036 UX. pas 212 2 ee 247-3140 247-3140 : SOUVENIR erenes | BOOKS ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SCORE Mainstream This 18 page book has a soft cover and cov “the Gospel. coy ‘ ers every aspect of the ACCORDING to ae eet director, ost AM a a _ producer, distributor St. Matther y i Fe : Se _ and technical crew Onc AINE _ both in pictures and in stories. In addition to its use for theatre sales, the Souvenir Book can be used as a es j aNd PN sere men NG) Wy y G in ne Soe Re Mae : promotional tool and IN NONE AA Wf, ay as a handout to critics, We sale ‘Smeal ‘f school administrators, ay y) nia religious heads, etc. NU) % At: Sa A Film by Pier Paolo Pasolini Produced by Alfredo Bini f NEY os “a vendor: AR y win ARTHUR KLAR Rk Ra PROGRAM 5) PUBLISHING COMPANY 1492 Broadway New York, N. Y. (212) u BRyant 9-9125 Distributed by CONTINENTAL, a division of Walter Reade-Sterling, Inc. (I) MAINSTREAM deluxe album available on 3314 monaural and stereo _ 2 iN with woodcut (ad logo) on front cover, scene stills and story on inside _ ‘ A p covers and painting of St. Matthew on the back cover. Perfectly suited for music store window displays. Highly original and acclaimed score is ideal for radio promotion. Contact local distributor.