Cool Breeze (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) (1972)

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Judy Pace stars as Obalese, Travis’ main squeeze, whose only concern in life is the love and acquisition of her chosen man in MGM's ‘‘Cool Breeze.”’ MAT NO. 1C METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER Presents “COOL BREEZE” Starring THALMUS RASULALA JUDY PACE JIM WATKINS LINCOLN KILPATRICK and RAYMOND ST. JACQUES as Mercer Music SOLOMON BURKE Screenplay by BARRY POLLACK Produced by GENE CORMAN Jim Watkins, in his motion picture debut, stars as Travis Battle in MGM's’ “Cool Breeze.’ Re Directed by lieved from a promising career BARRY POLLACK in pro-football due to a war inMETROCOLOR jury, he amends his frustration by acts of violence. MAT NO. 1G Thalmus Rasulala, who stars as Sidney Lord Jones, the swank and daring mastermind of a $3,000,000 diamond heist in MGM’s “Cool Breeze,’ poses here with two lovely young ladies, (L-R) Mary Hopkins and Renee Gentry, who also appear in the film. MAT NO. 2A Lincoln Kilpatrick stars in MGM’s Mercer, papa hustler and manip“Cool Breeze’”’ as Lt. Knowles, a ulator of the fast buck, who sets police lieutenant who operates himself up as fence for stolen successfully on both sides of the jewels in MGM’s “Cool Breeze.” law, until the suspects in a MAT NO. 1B $3,000,000 jewel heist focus attention on his district. MAT NO, 1D CAST OF CHARACTERS CREDITS SME LAO ONES) is. eins. 5 Pacscasienimrans ¥ THALMUS RASULALA DATECIBUL. DV. c. chteta tes ee Os BARRY POLLACK Obaleseieatons: a ee eee es ai ae JUDY PACE PYOCIteC en octane, toma aes A Ae a ke Se GENE CORMAN WhQitige ee ate Woo a LS, eereans . ee mt MOREE JIM WATKINS SRIMGnpiawtey steer. wets i ae BARRY POLLACK Lt. ren Mrowies cn RR. WP ee LINCOLN KILPATRICK Frome (evermore... Seka Blas fests WM. R. BURNETT Firings. Gage. « eas. deaeee.). Soe: Lee ae SAM LAWS Wire Verma 2 peti oY 4 hie ee SOLOMON BURKE Lank@ee. :. Skeet... arama: Medias. Rey fa MARGARET AVERY Orchestrations by Gene Page MGee eo ee, , . terse .. Seer lee PAMELA GRIER Music Co-ordinated by Jerry Styner Martie Treniisc... Sites. WP E os nes PAULA KELLY Oireceuot Grenorceraphy . 2) os. . i eee ANDY DAVIS Somme... eres: cinones. Geen . weak WALLY TAYLOR Me. a he ke , Laat MORTON TUBOR ORS Sree soe ees, hoes. BeGees * RUDY CHALLENGER rigeecuonwaahawer:.. oa. =. a2. yee ee DON HEITZER CaprencLigva Harmon 10°25). joe. . fas STEWART BRADLEY Pestorait lection... . a fa > ARNE SCHMIDT UNGIBUSEDRIVG lay cho yc ters te coy) 2 ay 08 ee EDMUND CAMBRIDGE PERIOCON Pes 550 ES os bs eee, eee JACK FISK GIA ern. one caters. Sets wl. ae ROYCE WALLACE DONG ies. . wh ee) See eee JEFF WEXLER TU Me i os MN MM I, sg ih ae Mn tah STACK PIERCE Casting Coordmator nice cas 5 Lee CASSIUS WEATHERSBY ee NT RIOT 8. Mee Sy ol els wate oak BIFF ELLIOT ONL RBS ORERING a0 CSRMSRC Sg AER RM nN JOHN LUPTON Meee. 5. i. te OI ae RAYMOND ST. JACQUES