Cotton Comes to Harlem (United Artists) (1970)

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PUBLICITY MATERIAL Still OD-Art 1 Mat 3A The montage of action and amour shown above was inspired by ‘Cotton Comes to Harlem,” which will make its debut this Ries pas at the ....... Theatre through release by United Artists, an entertainment service of Transamerica Corporation. The Color by DeLuxe film stars Godfrey Cambridge, Raymond St. Jacques and Calvin Lockhart. It is based on the famous detectives, “Gravedigger Jones” and “Coffin Ed Johnson” created by Chester Himes. ‘Cotton Comes to Harlem’ Suspense Detective Comedy (General Advance Story ) “Cotton Comes to Harlem,” a suspense comedy based on the novel and famous detective characters created by Chester Himes, is slated for its local debut this ...... st Theatre in Color by DeLuxe. Godfrey Cambridge, Raymond St. Jacques and Calvin Lockhart star with Judy Pace in the feminine lead. Cambridge and St. Jacques play “Gravedigger” Jones and “Coffin Ed” Johnson respectively. The film is being released by United Artists, an entertainment service of Transamerica Corporation. The new film marks the film directorial debut of Ossie Davis, famous for his play, “Purlie Victorious,” currently a hit musical on Broadway (“Purlie”). Davis, together with Arnold Perl scripted “Cotton Comes to Harlem.” The sidewalks of New York’s Harlem, always alive with drama and excitement, were even more so when the cast and crew of the Sam Goldwyn, Jr. production was being filmed there. Hundreds responded warmly to the squeal of tires, the crack of gun fire and the shouts at a “Back to Africa” rally. They responded because they knew it was both fiction and in a sense reality. The musical score for the film was penned by Galt MacDermot, who won “Grammies” for his music in “African Waltz” and the international wow, “Hair.” Noted Fiction Duo on Screen The Harlem detectives “Gravedigger” Jones and “Coffin Ed” Johnson, heroes of Chester Himes’ hilarious best seller, “Cotton Comes to Harlem” are portrayed by Godfrey Cambridge and Raymond St. Jacques in Samuel Goldwyn Jr.s’ screen presentation of Chester Himes’ suspense-comedy novel which opens in Color by DeLuxe aera oe the Se. Theatre as an offering from United Artists, entertainment subsidiary of the Transamerica Corporation. Ossie Davis directed and the music is by Galt MacDermot whose Grammy Award winning music helped make “Hair” the spectacular hit it was and, by latest count, still is. $10 for Laughing Saved Cambridge From Starvation Top night club personality, TV performer, actor and recording artistist Godfrey Cambridge should know his laughs. He began in show business as a professional laugher at ten dollars a night, a stint he varied once to earn fifteen by being the voice of a woman being murdered off stage. At any rate it’s laughs he provides as Gravedigger Jones, Harlem detective, in the Samuel Goldwyn, Jr., presentation of the suspense comedy “Cotton Comes to Harlem” in which he stars with Raymond St. Jacques and Calvin Lockhart and which United Artists, entertainment subsidiary of the Transamerica Corporation brings to iss: i Theatre on ....... in Color by DeLuxe. Film is screen treatment of the Chester Himes best seller prepared for the screen by Ossie Davis and Arnold Perl and which is the first movie directorial stint of the former. Born in Harlem, Cambridge spent his early years in Nova Scotia with his grandparents before returning to New York for a premed scholarship at Hofstra College. He changed his mind in mid course however, and began to haunt off Broadway casting offices, finally hitting it off after a long try as a bartender in “Take a Giant Step.” To keep body and soul together in the long stretches between casting assignments he laughed for a living at the ten per a week, even though his stomach was crying. Besides his fame as an entertainer Cambridge has acquired a considerable reputation in and around New York through his frequent TV appearances. 4 Lift for More Advertising Ossie Davis Bows As Film Director With Samuel Goldwyn, Jr.’s presentation of the suspense comedy “Cotton Comes to Harlem’ one of the biggest names in, on and off Broadway ‘writing, acting and producing steps into motion picture direction in a start which many are hailing as auspicious. The name belongs to Ossie Davis and his first offering, starring Godfrey Cambridge, Raymond St. Jacques and Calvin Lockhart opens Lae tes at the ........ Theatre aS a major attraction in Color by DeLuxe from United Artists, entertainment subsidiary of the Transamerica Corporation. Tale is from the highly successful Chester Himes novel and was filmed in its entirety in New York’s Harlem. While he has appeared in such motion pictures as “The Scalphunters” “The Hall” and “Sam Whiskey,” Davis has been more closely identified with the stage. Davis and Ruby Dee, with whom he starred in “Anna Lucasta,” were married and he added considerably to their fame when he wrote and both appeared in “Purlie Victorious.” It is currently a musical, “Purlie,” packing them in on Broadway. Being black himself, Davis knows his Harlem. And knowing the black entertainment world as thoroughly as he does he was able to pick for the many and varied roles in “Cotton Comes to Harlem.” Brilliant Cast One of the most brilliant casts of black players ever assembled for a major motion picture as signed by Director Ossie Davis for the Samuel Goldwyn, Jr., presentation of the suspense comedy “Cotton Comes to Harlem” which United Artists, entertainment subsidiary of the Transamerica Corporation brings: £0<the <<. 00 ue os Theatre One Eis ic sek in Color by DeLuxe. Cast of this movie treatment of Chester Himes’ best-seller is headed by Godfrey Cambridge, Raymond St. Jacques and Calvin Lockhart and includes some of the bestknown names on New York’s on and off Broadway and on the night club circuit. Still OD-22 Still OD-26 RAYMOND ST. JACQUES The Story The Reverend Deke O'Malley (CALVIN LOCKHART) sponsors a mammoth barbecue in the heart of Harlem to afford would-be investors on opportunity to part with their hard earned savings in his "Back to Africa'’ movement. Believing the situation could stand a little investigating, Coffin Ed Johnson (RAYMOND ST. JACQUES) and Gravedigger Jones (GODFREY CAMBRIDGE) a pair of Harlem detectives, decide to do so. A young fortune is subscribed at the barbecue. But before Deke can get his hands on it Ex-Convict Calhoun (J. D. CANNON) does. But when Coffin and Digger catch up with the pair neither has the money. Junk Collector Uncle Bud (REDD FOXX) who had subscribed to Deke's offer, finds a bale of cotton on a Harlem Street and he sells it to Junk Dealer Goodman (LOU JACOBI). But when he learns that Strip Teaseuse Billie (MABEL ROBINSON) has thought up a novel routine in which she will need a bale of cotton Bud buys it back and gives it to the girl. From there on in the stoy becomes a wild chase all over Harlem during which Deke's girl friend the voluptuous Iris (SUDY PACE) and Mabel Hill (EMILY YANCY) who —well, who just happens to have an apartment,—become involved, and all are out to possess themselves of that bale of cotton. So do some white college students who come down to harass the "'Fascist'' cops for their "persecution" of Deke. It turns out that the lost money is in the bale of cotton, but how it got there is the big question. It's all in the surprise ending—an ending incidentally, which underscores by paraphrase a famous Biblical quotation: The good Lord taketh away. But He also provideth. RUNNING TIME: 97 MINUTES ‘The Cast Gravedigger Jones 200.000.0000... Godfrey Cambridge Coftiy Ed JORIS co2i...6.c6cetheticdand Raymond St. Jacques Reverend Deke O'Malley Calvin Lockhart WS <.ce eee or Mea re Judy Pace en a Redd Foxx ok 4 eer ace cre eee ene sss ea A Beta, John Anderson 4 seen Huriie eee of doi Emily Yancy SZAMNSGH © A. .5.3 -sgcess tari toate SAREE ods J. D. Cannon PNG: ui... alsnee Soh Eepheipnicationn copa Mabel Robinson TIEN 5 cee a cot sts inne seth css eERBECER Aaj latte Dick Sabol Mat 1B GODFREY CAMBRIDGE Stull OD-10 JUDY PACE Mat 1D Still OD-28 CALVIN LOCKHART PAGE 5 Mat 1C