Cotton Comes to Harlem (United Artists) (1970)

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RESTRICTED S ac Parent or Adult Guardi: staring GODFREY RAYMON CHMBRIDGE: ST JACQUES: LOCKHART ih REDD FOXX: JOHN ANDERSON aoid.D. CANNON sos y ARNOLD PERL sos OSSIE DAVIS Gnas tate» CHESTER HIMES sc GALT MacDERMOT ruins, OAMUEL GOLDWYN, JR niece y OOOIE DAVIS COLOR by DeLuxe United Artists Ba I I I A RIOD III I A III INL III IIMA WIAA SION IID NY SIONS 2 Cols. x 100 Lines—200 Lines (14 Inches) APPROVED All advertising in this pressbook, as well as all other advertising and publicity materials referred to herein, has been approved under the standards for Advertising of the Code of Self-Regulation of the Motion Picture Association of America. All inquiries on this procedure may be addressed to: Director of the Code for Advertising Motion Picture Association of America 522 Fifth Avenue, N. Y., N. Y. 10036 RESTRICTED—PERSONS UNDER 16 NOT ADMITTED UNLESS ACCOMPANIED BY PARENT OR ADULT GUARDIAN SAMUEL GOLDWYN, JR. presents [RR] <> COLOR by DeLuxe® ee Arla br Ak... Th, ool United Artists 2 Cols. x 28 Lines—56 Lines (4 Inches) “HD COLOR by DeLuxe” United Artists 2 Cols. x 14 Lines—28 Lines (2 Inches) Both on Mat 201 -Two detectives only a mother could love. Under 17 requires accompanying Keay» FS jan % <—_—_——_—_—_ Also Available as 3 Cols. x 166 Lines 498 Lines (35 Inches) Order Mat 302 <—_———_ I. ee IR] > Tw EA T RE | Col. x 14 Lines (1 Inch) Both on Mat IOI COLOR by DeLuxe’ United Artists The itch kere AQ, 3 HERE Se: | Col. x 28 Lines (2 Inches) Official Billing SAMUEL GOLDWYN, JR. 35% Presents "COTTON COMES TO HARLEM" 100% Starring GODFREY CAMBRIDGE 75% (1) RAYMOND ST. JACQUES 75% CALVIN LOCKHART 75% Co-starring JUDY PACE 35% REDD FOXX 35% JOHN ANDERSON 35% and J. D. CANNON 35% Screenplay by ARNOLD PERL and OSSIE DAVIS 35% Based upon "Cotton Comes To Harlem" by CHESTER HIMES 35% Music by GALT MacDERMOT 35% Produced by SAMUEL GOLDWYN, JR. 35% Directed by OSSIE DAVIS 35% COLOR by DeLuxe® Beiicic/4 UNITED ARTISTS, Entertainment from Transamerica Corp. 35% (1) If Cambridge's name appears on a separate line then St. Jacques’ name shall appear on a separate line. Production Staff 5 SLL RG crear RURatei apres ae nS hc ORE ue: Sl Samuel Goldwyn, Jr. 2 iD os Rate CON RSE SCORER Ost Sonche StMRemi 21" setae Ossie Davis SONMON DIOP B85 0Ai co einsncn das Ossie Davis and Arnold Perl Based on the novel “Cotton Comes To Harlem" by ......0..0.............. Chester Himes Executive in Charge of Production .......................... Stanley Neufeld Director: of Photography ii1.0.0 08 oe, Gerald Hirschfeld Wane by ea ee bed ots foi 2 Galt MacDermot Camera Operator Enrique Bravo Art Director Manuel Gerard Bob Drumheller day: Bg. Rae nue RCT ane amar” ease See apa eee Ries Sabla John Carter Special Etfents keer tg. OG ee a Bie eo Sol "Stosh'' Stern Costumes Designed (by. 85.0000... o.oo shor Anna Hill Johnstone MANOUP SUPEIVIEON 6. 5hi. 53. ccc et ewe Irving Carlton Hairstyles for Judy Pace 20.0... ecceceeceeces. Stunt Coordinator Sound Supervisor ccccszzsee Walter Fountaine Max Kleven Newton Avrustis COLOR by DeLuxe UNITED ARTISTS, Entertainment from Transamerica Corporation —. esses Order Ad Mats From National Screen SPECIAL MAT No. | The following ads and scenes are available on a composite mat at a special low price at National Screen: Ads: 101, 102, 103, 201, 202, 203 Scenes: IB and ID SAMUEL GOLDWYN, JR. presents i SE Od starina GODFREY CHNBRIDGE-ST JMCOUESLOCKHIR COLOR by Deluxe” [HR] United Artists >) Mat 202 2 Cols. x 49 Lines—98 Lines (7 Inches) PAGE 4