Golden Horseshoe Revue (Disney) (1962)

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"WALT DISNEY yesen. | | GOLDEN MORSESHOE REVUE <J Starring ANNETTE GENE SHELDON WALLY BOAG BETTY TAYLOR And also starring ED WYNN Screenplay by LARRY CLEMMONS Directed by RON MILLER Associate Producer LOUIS DEBNEY Director of Photography WILLIAM SNYDER, A.S.C. Art Director ........ CARROLL CLARK Film Editor ROBERT STAFFORD, A.C.E. Set Decorator .......... EMILE KURI Costumer ........ CHUCK KEEHNE Make-up ................ PAT McNALLEY Hair Stylist .......... RUTH SANDIFER MUSIG/39 5.0 Seo eee BUDDY BAKER Songs: “Mr. Piano Man” “Hang A Lantern In Your Window” RICHARD M. SHERMAN and ROBERT B. SHERMAN SOUNG ee tee, Sk ROBERT O. COOK Assistant Director ARTHUR J. VITARELLI TECHNICOLOR® ©1962 Wait Disney Productions Released by Buena Vista Distribution Co., Inc. RUNNING TIME 48 MINUTES Mat GH 2A Annette Displays Multiple Talents In ‘The Golden Horseshoe Revue’ The lovely and popular Annette is given a rare opportunity to display some unusual talents in Walt Disney’s “The Golden Horseshoe Revue.” In the Technicolor featurette, filmed right at the famous Golden Horseshoe in Disneyland, the raven-haired actress does an Indian war dance in full costume, then switches to the outfit of a Wild West dance hall girl for two more numbers, one a ballad and one in ragtime tempo. Add her ability to put over a novelty act to her renowned singing talent, her dancing and her prowess as a serious and comic actress, and you have the Annette that continues to build a bigger and bigger following all over the world. Her most recent film success was her offbeat role as the girl friend of the campus kook in Walt Disney’s “The Misadventures of Merlin Jones.” The picture was a big hit at the boxoffice, and her recording of the title song became a leading disk jockey favorite. It all seems like a wonderful dream to the attractive 21-yearold star. Actually, her meteoric career had its beginning back in 1955, when she was seen by Walt Disney in a youth ballet at the Burbank Bowl in California and was signed as one of the original Mouseketeers on his “Mickey Mouse Club” television show. Out of twenty-four youngsters on the club, Annette was singled out by young viewers as “their favorite.” Her fan mail began to build and by the end of the first season had grown to 6,000 letters a month. ED WYNN, without much difficulty, manages to break up songstress Betty Taylor during one of their pianocycle numbers in Walt Disney’s ‘‘The Golden Horseshoe Revue,” a Technicolor featurette that also stars Annette, Wally Boag and Gene Sheldon. A Buena Vista release. In addition to appearing as one of the regular ‘“Mouseketeers,” Annette was cast in two “Mickey Mouse Club” serials, “Adventures in Dairyland” and “Spin and Marty.” These brought delighted response from her fans, so Disney produced an entire serial around her and tagged it “Annette.” During the heyday of the “Mickey Mouse Club,’ Annette was called on to sing, as well as dance. Her singing so impressed studio executives that the Walt Disney Music Company signed her for records. The vivacious young star crashed the 250,000 sales plateau with such hits as “Tall Paul,” “How Will I Know My Love,” “Dio Mio” and “Talk To Me Baby.” She was then given featured roles in the “Zorro” and “Elfego Baca” TV series on “Walt Disney Presents.” On loanout, she gueststarred on several segments of “The Danny Thomas Show.” Back on the Disney lot, Annette was featured in the hilarious boxoffice smash, “The Shaggy Dog,” with such other alumni of the “Mickey Mouse Club” as Tommy Kirk, Roberta Shore, Tim Considine and Kevin Corcoran. In England she co-starred with Tommy Kirk and Janet Munro in a two-part TV show, “The Horsemasters,” which was seen on Walt Disney’s “Wonderful World of Color” series over NBC-TV. 1962 Walt Disney Mat GH 1A ANNETTE Upon returning to Hollywood, she was awarded a starring role with Ray Bolger, Tommy Sands and Ed Wynn in Disney’s big Technicolor musical feature, “Babes in Toyland.” “The Golden Horseshoe Revue” stars Annette, Ed Wynn, Gene Sheldon, Wally Boag and Betty Taylor. Ron Miller directed from a screenplay by Larry Clemmons. Buena Vista releases. Top Comedians Add Hilarity To Walt Disney Featurette Walt Disney has all but cornered the comedian market with the appearances of Ed Wynn, Gene Sheldon and Wally Boag in “The Golden Horseshoe Revue,” a Technicolor featurette starring Annette. The three zany zealots of mirth keep the comedy carryings-on at a race pace throughout the entire show. Ed Wynn, the 77-year-old show business phenomenon, traces his long theater career for hostesssinger Betty Taylor by means of jokes and props that have convulsed audiences since his vaudeville debut in 1901. He peddles his unique pianocycle with Miss Taylor atop, calmly singing, and clowns with her in a fete of fast costume switching. Comic Gene Sheldon, who can double in brass and a dozen other instruments, plucks out two numbers on his banjo, and entertains the customers with his hilarious pantomine. Wally Boag, a regular member of the Golden Horseshoe cast at Disneyland for the last nine years, is seen as the comedy master of the unexpected, be it balloon tricks, a long-legged stride or engaging in a bar brawl with stunt men.