Golden Horseshoe Revue (Disney) (1962)

Record Details:

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DELUXE TECHNICOLOR TRAILER RUNNING TIME: 2 MINUTES Description: Chorus girls introduce the ‘‘fastest show in the West,”’ followed by short takes of the various stars doing novelty acts and songs: Annette’s Indian dance; Ed Wynn does a sight gag; Betty Taylor sings ‘‘Bill Bailey,’’ Wally Boag chiming in; Gene Sheldon plays the accordion; the saloon erupts into a free-for-all and the audience joins in the riotous fun. ORDER FROM NATIONAL SCREEN SERVICE DISPLAY ACCESSORIES COLORFUL 1-SHEET POSTER Annette as a chorus girl; Ed Wynn on his pianocycle; the entire cast enjoying a Wild West funfor-all—presented colorfully in this exciting, multipurpose accessory (see the front page of this press sheet for black-and-white reproduction). ORDER FROM NATIONAL SCREEN SERVICE BLACK & WHITE STILLS Exciting photographs of the stars dcing their songs, gags and novelty antics, all in a set of 8 black-and-white stills, 8 x 10 inches. A valuable accessory for display and publicity purposes. ORDER FROM NATIONAL SCREEN SERVICE For ‘SO DEAR TO MY HEART’ and ‘GOLDEN HORSESHOE REVUE’ Program 60-SECOND TV COMMERCIAL Puts the program of Walt Disney entertainment in perspective, leading off with highlights of ‘‘So Dear To My Heart,”’ following with hilarious footage from ‘‘The Golden Horseshoe Revue,’’ and finishing with an open end for live local tag. Available from your nearest Buena Vista representative. 60-SECOND RADIO COMMERCIAL Emphasizes the music, fun and star personalities of the Walt Disney program. This commercial is included in the ‘‘So Dear To My Heart’ radio transcription, along with 10 commercials for the feature film. Available free from Buena Vista Distribution Co., Inc., Attn. Specialty Dept., 477 Madison Avenue, New York 22, N. Y. Promote with Annette recorded music. Annette is today’s favorite with the record buying teen-age public. Make her audience your audience. Put up announcements of your engagement in stores selling Annette records and albums. TV SLIDE & TELOP 2 x 2-inch metal encased side and 4 x 5-inch telop, each suitable for overlay of date and theatre, and each combining high impact title treatments representing these two wonderful Walt Disney motion pictures. Order free from Buena Vista Distribution Co., Inc. Attn. Specialty Dept., 477 Madison Avenue, New York 22, N. Y. NEWSPAPER ADS Specially designed combination ads, using key elements of the two individual ad campaigns in the most effective proportions, have been prepared for your use. Ad mats available from National Screen. Ad reproductions on slipsheet in the “So Dear To My Heart’’ pressbook. Play up novelty publi program filled with all-time song favorites; Burl lves and Ed Wynn, two perennial entertainment favorites, on the same program; Nostalgia and Americana interest—Country America and Old West America in one program of entertainment; Two Walt Disney motion pictures on the same program, etc. city angles, such as: A motion picture