Golden Horseshoe Revue (Disney) (1962)

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2 y A WALT DISNEY os vs hp . ee eae ‘ae ue 28 a mee. wr “ec ae in Ly ® Se mY 2 (\ nt ok 50 Be sonno ANNETTE cene Sick | Ls ZS Be ES ae WALLY BOAG BETTY TAYLOR « nd io staring ED WYNN ecnNiCotoe Written by LARRY CLEMMONS « Directed by RON MILLER « Released by Buena Vista Distribution Co., Inc. e ©1962 Walt Disney Productions Mat 302 90 lines — 3 cols. x 30 lines (6 inches) When the WILD WEST comes to eS Disneyland re, Rootin, Toot . . ‘ Naa, Starring a ©1962 Walt Disney Productions , Released by BUENA VISTA DISTRIBUTION CO., INC. Mat 201 56 lines — 2 cols. x 28 lines (4 inches) Starring ANNETTE: * GENE SHELDON: LON: WALLY a0N6 “BETTY oa ED i TECHNICOLOR® Directed by RON MILLER Written by LARRY CLEMMONS Released by Buena Vista Distribution Co., Inc. © ©1962 Walt Disney Productions T H F A if R E MORE ADS Mat 203 150 lines — 2 cols. x 75 lines (11 inches) BEESEKRLOSSESSRAORSSSCS SIS RR SHS SSE RRRY % = A WALT DISNEY pices: GOLDEN HORSESHOE SSPE SSSSERSSSRSD CLOT RK VVEFFSSPSSE SHS TECHNICOLOR® Ne a” vin ANNETTE ene SHELDON WALLY BOAG BETTY TAYLOR String ED WYNN er b Ai Written by LARRY.CLEMMONS « Directed by RON MILLER « Released by Buena Vista Distribution Co., Inc. e ©1962 Walt Disney Proauctions Mat 401 108 lines — 4 cols. x 27 lines (8 inches)