Goodbye Charlie (20th Century Fox) (1964)

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20th CENTURY-FOX = EXHIBITOR’S CAMPAIGN MANUAL SYNOPSIS A wild party is underway on the yacht owned by Sir Leopold Sartori (WALTER MATTHAU). Among the revelers is Sartori’s wife, Rusty (LAURA DEVON) who is dancing with Charlie Sorel. When Rusty and Charlie slip below decks, Sir Leopold follows them with a gun. There is a scream and a burst of gunfire as Charlie dives through the porthole into the water. George Tracy (TONY CURTIS), a friend of Charlie’s, is named executor of his will. After the funeral, which is attended by a few of “Charlie’s Girls,” the epithet given to the women in Charlie’s life, George returns to his home. As he is about to retire, Bruce Minton (PAT BOONE) and a dazed-looking blonde (DEBBIE REYNOLDS) break in through the patio sliding doors. Bruce explains that he was driving down the highway when the blonde, nude, and dripping wet, stopped his car and asked for a ride to George’s home. When Bruce leaves, the blonde tells George that she is the reincarnation of Charlie! George is incredulous, of course, but she tells him various facts only George and Charlie would know. Finally he is convinced, although it all seems incredible. Soon Charlie reconciles herself to her fate, and goes on a real feminine binge. Posing as Charlie’s widow, she now finds herself in competition with all of “Charlie’s Girls,” for all of Charlie’s ex-buddies. George doesn’t quite know what to do with this new Charlie. In spite of himself, he can’t help being attracted to this gorgeous blonde, but when she proposes marriage, he turns her down. Soon Sir Leopold falls in love with Charlie, and one night while he is trying to romance her in a_ beach house, Rusty shows up with a gun, Once again Charlie heads toward the sea with bullets whizzing all about. In seconds she is in the same Pacific Ocean that closed over the all-male Charlie! In order not to spoil your enjoyment of ‘“‘Goodbye, Charlie,” the denouement will not be furnished here. Let it suffice to say that it is as unusual, funny and entertaining as “Goodbye, Charlie” itself. They don’t make girls like “Charlie” anymore(They never did?) “She has all the moveable parts of a girl. And she sure moves them like a girl. But she says her name was once Charlie Sorel. Now Charlie was my best friend— and he got shot dead for making passes. But now he’s back in great shape—HER’S.” Real funny idea! Real funny picture! “tony ; debbie |; pat eurtis reynolds : boone : G LS4 e Co-starring Also starring Cc Joanna Barnes | Laura Devon CS. Hear ANDRE PREVIN'S Original Soundtrack Album On 20th Century-Fox Records! ad ns ciel wal ter matt hau Petctty | ity Smyty Bad apy by Gee COLOR by DE LUXE iy David Weisbart | Vincente Minnelli / Harry Kurnitz | Stage by Leland Hayward | A Venice Productions Picture CINEMASCOPE S 1G MAT—501 120 Lines x 5 Columns (600 Lines) 5 Columns x 85 Inches CAST CREDITS An ee el ete te Ree Re a en eae Tony Curtis ee ee David Weisbart Charlie (female) enn Debbie Reynolds <_< eee ge ae emer ape gee ened s (oars tects iol nnd EE Pat Boone Dit a George Axelrod : Produced on the stave Dy ce Leland Hayward PTE: Oe TR Ec cd oe Joanna Barnes inte le a Agata Pesvin iis) 1e@ Gee. SM a ee Laura Devon Song: “Goodbye Charlie” ; OL Ne. | SEE ME eh PNG 2a Dory Langdon ve 1) lilt en icc hh 2 or rh ae ae Walter Matthau Mate’. eee GPa 1, | “Sets See. Andre Previn Frnny os oe eee se Ellen McRae Hair Styles for Miss Reynolds... Created by Sydney Guilaroff Dirécion of Photography Milton Krasner, A.S.C. IRENE ec Martin Gabel Ant Viretien Jack Martin Smith & Richard Day : Bis F Pat PRC ORI OM Walter M. Scott & Keogh Gleason ahs peaimemmmime cr as eke poee Gene Special Photographic Effects ___L. B. Abbott, A.S.C. & Emil Kosa, Jr. CHAPG UMGIE): ccc ee ea ee Harry Madden I ne David Hall SS Tees ee AO One <P Ue cE c= John W. Holmes Sta tne Myrna Hansen ee er EPA ad NG I acta soccttterconttnc choo nc aeneemnonepmeeeen ee Helen Rose Paicon 5. 2s ee Oe eee Michael Romanoff ee W. D. Flick & Elmer Raguse bee et Nakord sie oe Se. Ser ae mR Aa. Al Woodbury PEN ABE IACMR ne i ee ee ee Himself WR ie i SS ee ee Ben Nye : Ris ghy |) ak. eel, || a aon eee a Margaret Donovan BEE Obie ger teagan re AAtony Hustegt Hair Bigses executed DY. nike enn hgh eee Christine Widmeyer (ee Ot AWE. OS rn ee 5 es Donna Michelle Color by DeLuxe