Goodbye Charlie (20th Century Fox) (1964)

Record Details:

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Paperback Promotion DELL BOOKS will print and distribute the paperback version of ““GOODBYE CHARLIE’ to its many outlets located throughout the country. The jacket illustrations and copy constitute a colorful ad for the picture, and will do much to promote your playdate. The best way to tie in with a paperback promotion is to arrange to plant posters and stills in the paperback outlets, in return for a display of books in your lobby. Dick Strout Radio Interviews Dick Strout, the nationally-famous radio personality, has recorded interviews with Tony Curtis and Pat Boone that will be broadcast on 850 radio stations throughout the country. If these interviews will not be aired in your town, you may order a set of FREE open-end interviews to play on a local radio station. These open-end interviews come complete with scripts plus timing and cues so that your local announcer can participate. ALSO AVAILABLE is a special FREE radio featurette with Tony Curtis, Debbie Reynolds and Pat Boone. This is very interesting and should be easy to plant on a local radio station. ORDER Open-End Interviews and Radio Featurette from: DICK STROUT INC. Suite 404, First Federal Bldg. 1717 North Highland Ave., Hollywood 28, Calif. Radio Spots and TV Trailers Full sets of RADIO SPOTS and TV TRAILERS are available to sell the comedy, color and excitement of ‘Goodbye Charlie.” By taking advantage of this broadcast material, you can reach the largest number of people in your area, and draw them in to buy tickets for your playdate. ORDER FROM: AD-PUB DEPT. 20th Century-Fox 444 West 56th St., New York, N. Y. 10019 Gigantic Music Promotion! “Goodbye Charlie’ will be promoted by not one or two, but SEVEN records and one soundtrack album! The ‘‘Goodbye Charlie’ song has been recorded by the following artists and labels: ANDRE PREVIN sound-track album, 20th Century-Fox CANNONBALL ADDERLY BOBBY DARIN Capitol Capitol PAT BOONE ANDRE PREVIN Dot Columbia MARY MILLER VICKI CARR Tower Liberty JOYA SHERRILL 20th Century-Fox With all of these outstanding stars, you can be sure that “GOODBYE CHARLIE” will get a big play from disc jockeys all over the country. To tie-in your engagement, you should contact the disc jockeys in your area and ask them to mention your playdate credits whenever they play one of the recordings. Also, try to get a record shop in your area to make a display of all the records in a window. You can furnish posters and stills for the display, plus a sign featuring your playdate credits. Before and during your engagement you should play the recordings in your lobby. Regular Theatre Trailer and Special Teaser Trailer In addition to the Regular Theatre Trailer for ‘GOODBYE CHARLIE,” a special Teaser Trailer is also available. This Teaser Trailer should be played as early as possible, to start selling the humor and glamor of this great 20th CenturyFox comedy. ORDER: Regular Theatre Trailer from N.S.S. Teaser Trailer from your local 20th-Fox Branch Fashion Sketches The FASHION SKETCHES shown here are from a set of 13 stills, 8 x 10 black-and-white, which are available for exploitation and publicity. They illustrate the Helen Rose designs for “‘Goodbye Charlie’ and can make a most impressive display when grouped together. They could also be used in window displays for fashion promotions. Tie-in with Helene Curtis A special 12-page booklet and poster on ‘Goodbye Charlie’ have been made up by HELENE CURTIS and will be distributed to 30,000 beauty shops located throughout the nation. It is estimated that one million women per day will read this booklet, which will be given to women as they sit under the dryer or wait for appointments. Also, HELENE CURTIS, is making “GOODBYE CHARLIE” the key to a massive promotion campaign that will feature TV and radio discussions of the hair styles and fashions in the film. ON THE LOCAL LEVEL you can arrange with your local Helene Curtis Representative to give demonstrations of hair-styling in the lobby of your theatre. Perhaps a contest can be arranged with numbered “Lucky Charlie” coupons. These coupons can be given out at the beauty parlors for prizes consisting of free tickets to your theatre, free beauty treatments, and any other prizes that you and your Helene Curtis Representative can promote. The drawing should be held on opening night at your theatre. Telops There are two styles of telops available—one with station I.D. and one without. Specify whether you want slides or telops. This is up to your station contacts — let them decide. Also specify whether you want the “Shared I.D.”’ or “General” slides or telops. If you order the “Shared 1|.D.” include the call-letters of the station involved. This is essential. Specify the title of the film. With Station 1.D...................-...... $6.00 Without Station 1.D........... $5.00 Each duplicate copy... $2.00 These are not furnished free by 20th Century Fox ORDER FROM: QQ TITLE CARD CO. 247 West 46th St., New York, N. Y. 10036