Goodbye Charlie (20th Century Fox) (1964)

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They don’t make girls like ‘Charlie’ anymore (They never did?) “| took it in my stride when she appeared out of nowhere with her girlish goodies gift wrapped” (SEE PHOTO RIGHT) ‘But—you could have knocked me over with a pillow, when she told me... s “...she was once my best friend, Charlie Sorel —who got shot dead for making a forward pass at the 4 wrong dame,.. ‘So now Charlie is going to have to find some new rules for the old games... _.. because this time, Charli 20. Century-Fox presents i P Sfony © debbie © pat curtis reynolds boone Goopeye CnaRL AL. —_ Ces — Co-starring Also starring N nee oanna Barnes | Laura Devon A J / PREVIN'S and re Original Waller MANA ... Soundtrack Album On pereaiced) af ; Directed Bi : Screenplay by f ‘Bised onthe plnvibeiGeorzet Axelrod David Weisbart | Vincente Minnelli | Harry Kurnitz Pradecod on Sigs by Leland Hayoaid 20th A Venice Productions Picture CINEMASCOPE COLOR by DE LUXE Century-Fox Records! Sa MAT—301 163 Lines x 3 Columns (489 Lines) 3 Columns x 115s Inches Sex-wise it’s a swinger! “She comes on like a girl, looks like a girl, and has all the moveable parts of a girl. Yet she says she once was Charlie Sorel, my best friend, who got shot dead for making a pitch at the wrong dame. Now she’s catching instead of pitching!” Real funny idea! Real funny picture! prsemcp nag : tony = debbie | pat curtis ‘reynolds: boone Gacenre re r) eee Joanna Barnes | Laura Devon so walter matthau.... Produced by Directed by Screenplay by David Weisbart | Vincente Minnelli | Harry Kurnitz Based on the play by George Axelrod + Produced on the Stage by Leland Hayward A Venice Productions Picture CINEMASCOPE COLOR by DE LUXE A ae PREVIN'S Original Soundtrack Album On SIG fe Century-Fox Records! MAT—209 158 Lines x 2 Columns (316 Lines) 2 Columns x 1114 inches